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What you need in your period kit for home and back-to-school


This week we had middle school camp/orientation. It’s so crazy to see the differences in kids at the age of 11. With all of those visible changes comes the not so visible. It was high time to make a period kit both for the house and for school so the girls have everything they need when their periods do come.

What you need in your period kit

We are approaching the age in our house. And with four girls, we end up talking a lot about the changes our bodies are making in preparation for monthly changes.

We even read a book together to get us started on our conversation because it was a tough one for me to start for some reason.

But now, the 11 year old and me are all ready for periods and menstrual cycles. Of course, I’m waiting for the “not fair” comments because I know I make those monthly, too!

home period survival kit

Now that we are more comfortable and have discussed feminine hygiene needs, the girls were actually the ones to ask me to get them products so that we are as prepared as we can be when the time comes.

We took a little trip to the store to gather some pads, pantyliners and tampons as well as other things that just come in handy when you have your period.

This way, we have an entire basket in the house ready to go so the girls are comfortable when they need anything.

DIY Home Period Kit

1. Heating pad

Sometimes those cramps are just too much. A heating pad can do wonders for that discomfort.

2. Pain relieving medicine

Along those same lines, sometimes you need even more. a little ibuprofen helps.

3. Chocolate bars

Of course this doesn’t even need an explanation, but put the chocolate in there. The kids might wonder why, but they will quickly understand!

4. Snack food

I went with granola bars for ease, but sometimes you just feel icky and lightheaded and a little snack might help them get through the day.

5. Night dress

Sometimes it’s nice to have something new. A nice comfy and non-binding night dress might be just the thing for overnight discomfort.

6. Water bottle

Everybody can always drink more water, so having a nice new water bottle will encourage more water drinking.

7. Pantyliners

Always pads offer incredible comfort and protection, which gives women the confidence they need during that time of the month from the beginning to the end, and pantyliners are just what you need in those times.

8. Pads

I don’t recall there being a “teen” pad when I first started my period. I really like that Always pads offer incredible comfort and protection, and have them marketed in a fun way to not make girls feel worried or conscious.

They can feel comfortable and confident! We picked these up at Walmart because they offer everyday low prices on all Always products.

9. Tampons

While I’m not certain they will want to use them right away (I know it took me a while), I want the girls to feel comfortable talking about them and looking at them so if and when they want to use them, they are there.

Tampax tampons guard against leaks, so girls and women can feel confident and protected. Using them, it helps girls live without limits (I mean, not all limits, but you all know what I mean), even during their periods.

home teen period surival kit

DIY Back-to-school Period Kit

After the middle school orientation and realizing that there weren’t backpacks allowed during the day at school, however she can carry a purse, I figured we needed to get creative.

If I can help it, I don’t want the girls to have to run to the nurses office for supplies. I found a perfect little pouch that we weren’t using that could both hold supplies and fit in the new purse our oldest bought with her grandparents.

Because it’s a pouch and the limitations of school, we only put a few things in it.

1. Pads

2. Pantyliners

3. Tampons

back-to-school period kit

Her little pouch tucks neatly and discretely into her purse so she can be comfortable with having what she needs close by every day.

back-to-school period kit in purse

It’s definitely not the most fun thing to plan for, but I’m hoping that by being open, having conversations and planning that when the time does come, they will be prepared and not uncomfortable, nervous or embarrassed like I was.

What you need in your back to school period kit


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  1. This period kit is such a great back to school idea. I would not have thought to add the heating pad and snacks to the kit, I’ll definitely have to make one of these

    1. I know I want and need all of the snacks. It’s crazy what our body goes through. I probably should have checked the label to make sure it had some iron in it, too. I know young girls are prone to anemia, too!

  2. Sara Elizabeth Jenkins says:

    I love this kit idea i am only 9 but my mom told me about a period i love this idea because.I love the idea one it is helpful

    1. Glad you find it helpful! You have a good mom to talk to you about periods. Remember you can always talk to her! And hope you find a cute bag to put all of your period kit stuff in.

  3. I love this idea because it helps girls like if their period is early.I am 10 by the way.

  4. I love this idea, my mom and i are thinking about making a kit for going back to school. I’m 12:)

    1. What a great idea, Emily! My daughters found it very helpful!

  5. This is very helpful. I started last year and these are great ideas.

      1. I used a lot of your ideas and they made that time of the month a lot easier to deal with especially at school.

  6. RaeAnn Campos says:

    This was amazing and it saved me so many awkward times when I got my period but it really helped. I took you idea and I made my own period kits as well!

    1. RaeAnn Campos says:

      I really love it and thx so much for your help(I’m 12 by the way)

    2. Hi RaeAnn- I’m so happy to hear this was helpful for you!

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