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Yes, you read that right. We took hybrid cloth diapers to Disney World and used them with great success. And, it wasn’t any more trouble than using disposables.

We were graciously sent three hybrid shells and a pack of biosoakers by GroVia to use on our trip to Disney World and test out. The shells/covers couldn’t be any cuter.

Grovia at disney

The GroVia Hybrid Shells

I picked the Hybrid Shell with the snap closures (the hook and loops don’t appeal to me). They have three rise settings so they can fit approximately 8-30lbs.

Grovia at disney

I would guess they will fit bigger than that as E is already about 25 pounds and on the second rise setting with the waist all the way snug and sometimes using the overlapping snaps. It sure is a trim little diaper, too. (And this was with two biosoakers for bedtime…more on that in a bit).

Grovia at disney

The insides of the shells have a mesh liner so that there isn’t any of the waterproof layer touching their skin which is nice especially when it’s hot outside! The shells also have snaps on the inside to use with their soaker pads to keep them in place.

Grovia at disney

I’ve since used these covers with prefolds, flats and other AI2 inserts and they’ve all been a great fit and leak-free option.

No matter what insert was used, once a cover had been pooped in, it had to be washed because the smell permeated. With just a wet diaper, it could be used a couple times before needing to be washed. While at Disney World, I just washed the shells in the evening in the bathtub with a little sample of detergent I brought with me. They were always dry and fresh smelling in the morning!

The Biosoakers

The biosoakers are a great alternative to the cloth inserts when you are traveling and don’t have the option to wash a load of diapers. They are made with Biodegradable & Compostable Materials (not that you would put in your own compost pile; they are commercially compostable). They are also Fragrance & Dye Free Plastic & Chlorine Free Ultra thin construction Oeko-Tex 100 Certified G.E. Free. They are backed with a waterproof lining so that the shell doesn’t get wet with every diaper change (so you can use it for several changes before washing it).

Grovia at disney

I really liked that it had side gussets on the biosoaker. It keeps some of the softer poo from leaking out of the diaper insert.

Grovia at disney

The biosoakers also have to very sticky tabs on either end to attach it to a trainer, or a shell. We only used the sticky tabs on the GroVia shells and when we used the biosoakers with other covers, we didn’t use the sticky tabs and had no problems with them moving around. When pulling a wet or soiled soaker out of the shell, I always made sure to do so slowly and carefully so that the sticky adhesive came off the shell and stayed on the soaker. I never had an issue with any residue staying on there.

Grovia at disney

The biosoakers are very absorbent and we only had one leak the entire time we were there and it was totally user error! For night time, I didn’t even try just using one biosoaker. E is quite the heavy soaker so I just went with two and stacked them on top of each other. She would wake up with two very wet biosoakers and very dry shell and jammies. Definitely a win!

While these are compostable, I didn’t check if there were facilities available and did end up just tossing them in the trash. I felt better about the contents of them compared to a traditional disposable and hope that the environmental impact isn’t nearly as great.

The Overall Experience

This is one happy and dry baby. No rashes and no complaints from her.

Grovia at disney

And if that doesn’t say a lot, the fact that I wore her practically every day for a couple hours on my back and never worried about her diaper leaking speaks volumes. Now, my sweat and her sweat? That’s another can of worms.

In the Ergo

She was able to fall asleep in the stroller after wearing a diaper for a while and experienced no leaks.

Grovia at disney

And even stayed up late and partied with grandma and the other girls and was happy as a clam!

Grovia at disney

We have been very pleased with our GroVia shell and biosoaker experience. In fact, when I head to Houston next week, I will be bringing them again. However, I will bring more than three shells as I found that three isn’t quite enough to go through the day have one for sleeping in and wash the others in the evening. I will be more comfortable traveling with 8-10 covers for my 4 day trip just to have my bases covered.

GroVia would like to send one lucky Really, Are You Serious? reader their choice of one hybrid shell ($16.95 value), 20-pack of Biosoakers ($7.99), and a pack of either Stay Dry or Organic Cotton Soaker Pads ($17.95-$18.95).

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  1. Christin Alonzo says:

    I’ve only used Grovia AIOs in the past and liked them, but they do take a lot of time to dry. It’s good to know that the Shells and Bio-soakers are an easy and dependable alternative. We spend a lot of time out of doors as a family, and it would be nice to have a dependable option for our little girl. I also like knowing that these inserts are environmentally friendly so there’s no guilt.

  2. Christin Alonzo says:

    Oh, and I prefer snaps 🙂

  3. Elizabeth M. says:

    For my newborns i prefer the hook and loop. as they get older the snaps are great because they can’t take them off.

  4. Tamara Sz says:

    I’d love a Persimmon in Snaps!

  5. stephanie m says:

    solid color – (gender neutral) and snaps (cant easily be pulled off)

  6. elizabeth dickson says:

    snaps, any solids! they are so vivid and I love them all! I think my favorite is citrus or surf

  7. Allison E says:

    I’d pick snaps, and the cosmo closure or woodlands

  8. Deanna Medina says:

    I would love one in Cloud with snaps. =) I have not tried GroVia diapers yet. I have tried a few others and love the SimplyCloth ones so far.

  9. I love the hook and loop in citrus! Such a great summer color 🙂

  10. Kristy Hughes says:

    I’d love the robots in snaps.

  11. Meagan Riehl says:

    I’d pick the Surf shell in Aplix 🙂

  12. Erin Houser says:

    I would love a persimmon in snaps!

  13. Huge fan of BioSoakers and GroVia. We have traveled for weeks at a time with just a few shells and bunch of BioSoakers!

  14. Isn’t Gro-via wonderful?! I love snaps and the new citrus color would be great for the summer months!

  15. Raeann howes says:

    Love my grovia AI2 shells!!! I totally agree with the bio soakers. I use them at night and for travel. Love them!

  16. Oh, I love either closure but probably snaps since my baby is getting older and I would love a new Persimmon shell :).

  17. Jen palmer says:

    Snaps and peacocks!

  18. love most all the colors and the velcro

  19. I love the peacock print in snaps!

  20. Raeann howes says:

    Love my grovias!! Especially the disposable bio soakers. We use them at night! 🙂

  21. sammie johnson says:

    I love Grovia and will be making my first long distance trip with a 5 month old in a few weeks with Hybrid shells and their biosoakers! I’m a little less nervous now that I’ve read your blog post!

    I like the Citrus with Snaps

  22. I love snaps and surf!

  23. Michelle L. says:

    I really like the woodlands print which seems to only come in hook and loop. I generally prefer snaps but the h&l is great for my husband who always puts snap diapers on too loose.

  24. I would get the snaps shell in Kiwi

  25. Back in February we did a 5 day 4 night trip to the Disneyland resort. My 11 month old was cloth diapered the entire time. We used mostly GroVia covers & organic cotton soaker pads. It was super easy. We choose a hotel with a washer & dryer so I did 2 loads of laundry while there.

  26. I would love a grey cover with snaps!

  27. Nicole McG says:

    I love the Robot design with the snap closures. =) I have always wanted to get some Grovia diapers. We are big into Disneyland and they seem perfect for that as you found out! =)

  28. Hook and loop citrus!

  29. Your little ones are so cute! I prefer snaps and I love the vivid persimmon color.

  30. Lat Walter says:

    Snaps and the robots. I would love to try these for my trip this summer visiting family up and down the east coast.

  31. I like the snaps in Persimmon

  32. I will love snaps & woodlands! And the organic cotton ai2 soakers 🙂 this would be great!

  33. I like the citrus & definitely snaps

  34. I like the snap closure. with the pink shell design.

  35. I prefer snaps. I like the blue or the grey shell. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  36. And people speak horrors about how you can’t use cloth on trips, way to prove them wrong!

  37. I am about to have my 3rd little boy but will be giving the Grovia Hybrids a try for the first time! I like the Citrus hook and loop

  38. I love the grovia shells! Baby girls is 6 weeks and they fit already! I would love the woodland print in snaps!

  39. Paige Snyder says:

    I would love Persimmon in snaps! This is the most amazing diaper system ever!!!

  40. Michelle V says:

    I am in love with the peacock print, with snaps.

  41. i like the robots print

  42. I prefer snaps! I like persimmon!

  43. I like kiwi with hook and loop. I went to Disney in Feb and did not use cloth diapers, but I would consider using these when we go back in Dec.

  44. Tracy adler says:

    Love the woodlands shell in hook and loop!

  45. Page Wilhelm says:

    My daughter loves these for her baby, woodland in snaps would be awesom!

  46. Sabrina Radke says:

    I would definitely choose the snap closure and the new persimmon color!

  47. Stephanie Craig says:

    Our baby is due in September, so we haven’t starting using the GroVia diapers yet, however the ones I have registered for are the snap diapers. I have heard great things about them! We are not finding out the gender, so I like all of the solid color, gender neutral shells. Thanks for the giveaway and the great information!

  48. Jessica Lingle says:

    Peacocks in snaps 🙂

  49. Alex Fisher says:

    Snaps and I love the nature print!

  50. Hook loop closure! And Woodland! Nice giveaway

  51. I love the robot print with the snap closures

  52. Amanda E. says:

    I would love the cloud color in snap closure 🙂

  53. I love the surf color and prefer snaps.

  54. Jenn McClearn says:

    I like the hook and loop in robots

  55. I would love the Surf color with a snap closure with the stay dry soakers! It is so fun to hear your story of traveling with cloth diapers. I took my 3 month old to Disneyland in pockets. I had no problem traveling with cloth diapers but I think it would have been so nice to have had a system such as this so that I wouldn’t have had to pack so much. I would love to have an AI2 system!

  56. I plan on using these on my trip home in July! We already use the shells with flats and I love them!

  57. Catherine says:

    I would choose the peacock shell in snaps, hoping to win!

  58. sarah jane says:

    Snaps, citrus! Love these!

  59. Kim Krabach says:

    Snaps & Persimmon, Peacocks, or Citrus. Thanks! This was a great review 🙂

  60. I like snap closures because they hold up better over the long run and I would pick the peacocks print.

  61. I have never used Grovia, but would love to try them out! I think the woodland print is adorable, but prefer snaps…so I would probably go with the robot snap diaper 🙂

  62. Chelsea L says:

    We will be going to Disney world in December and I plan to use my grovia! I would love a woodlands in Velcro!

  63. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says:

    I would love a snap closure shell in bicycles, but I don’t think they have that one anymore, so I guess I’d have to go with the hook and loop bicycles.

  64. The peacocks print in Snaps is pretty cute! We’re going on vacation later this summer, and I’ve been trying to figure out how we’re going to cd with limited laundry availability. I’d love to try the Biosoakers!

  65. Elizabeth W says:

    We’re a hook-and-loop family. And I love the new colors, especially Citrus!

  66. I like “persimmon” and I always prefer snaps. 🙂

  67. Heather Gray says:

    I love using our grovia shells and biosoakers!!

  68. Heather Gray says:

    Oops should have read first…I love hook and loop in peacock!

  69. Perfect review since we’re heading to Disney next month. Would love to try some for our trip, i think my pockets will take to long to dry.

  70. I’d love to have persimmon in snaps!

  71. … Guess I should have read the contest entry before I posted the first time. I’d like to try the robots print in snaps closure.

  72. Jennifer Reinhardt says:

    I would love a persimmon snap closure if I were to win! 🙂

  73. Love your blog and I love Grovia. Snap shells are my favorite, and I love all the boyish prints (love the girly ones too, but not for my little man.).

  74. I have a few GroVias and they are our on the go diaper. They are so trim and absorbent and easy to change so for long days out and about, I always grab a few to go. The shell snap and closure are my faves and the robot print is just too cute!

  75. Heidi Stane says:

    I would like the peacock cover with snap closures

  76. Elizabeth N. says:

    I really like the citrus in snap.

  77. snaps mandarin or persimmon!

  78. I’d love the woodland hook and loop!

  79. Valerie S says:

    persimmon in snaps!

  80. Sophia Inton-Lew says:

    I like the snaps.

  81. I would choose a cover with snaps in the new Persimmon colour and the organic cotton soaker pads

  82. I’d prefer surf with snap closure.

  83. I love Grovia Hybrids! I am excited to try out the biosoakers when we go on vacation next month.

  84. Julie Ghrist says:

    Peacocks – hook and loop

  85. Britni Bradford says:

    Persimmon in snap

  86. I would love snap closures and one of the fun newer prints for a shell, please 🙂

  87. Persimmon snap closure would be loved!

  88. Vicki Hall says:

    I like the robots in snap closure .

  89. Peacock with snaps and organic cotton

  90. I want to try one so bad!

  91. I love gro-via! I would love to have a snap closure shell in citrus or persimmon!

  92. Danielle D says:

    Snaps! I love the cloud, but the Persimmon is really nice too 🙂

  93. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for your review of the BioSoaker… I’d been wondering about it and now I know what it’s all about. I just bought my first GroVia yesterday, and I am way excited to try it on my LO! If I should win the drawing, I would love a persimmon snap. =)

  94. christine k. says:

    H&L Closure, persimmon

  95. Sally Galbraith says:

    Haven’t tried Grovia yet, but they seem similar to the flip system.

  96. Sally Galbraith says:

    Oh, snaps and persimmon!

  97. I like snap closures the best, and your new “persimmon” color is so cute!

  98. Woodland hook and loop is my favorite.

  99. I would choose hoop & loop in the Vanilla print!

  100. Jessica Hughes says:

    Snaps peacock!

  101. I would love a snaps robot!

  102. Melissa C. says:

    I like woodland in snaps 🙂

  103. Kristina S says:

    Bicycle print, snap closure

  104. I love the surf and clouds in snaps!

  105. I would choose the citrus snaps!

  106. I would go with Persimmon in snaps! 🙂

  107. I would like the woodlands with hook and loop.

  108. I love Grovia, they’re my fav diapers! I prefer hook and loop, so much easier to fasten on my wiggly toddler when we’re out and about. I have several covers, but I would love one in the new citrus color!

  109. I’d pick woodland in snaps!

  110. snap closure.. & robots!! 🙂 thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway!

  111. snap closure in robot print

  112. Amanda Boerst says:

    I love the Robots print with snaps!

  113. Brittany Thomas says:

    snaps and in citrus

  114. I would love a peacock shell in snaps!

  115. I would get citrus in snaps

  116. Rachel A. says:

    I like the robots with velcro

  117. I would get persimmon in snaps.

  118. trisha kilpatrick says:

    I just love the GroVia Hook/Loop Shell in Bicycles. It is just adorable.

  119. Michelle F says:

    I would get persimmon in snaps!

  120. Blythe S. says:

    Snaps in persimmon

  121. Patricia B says:

    I would want persimmon in snap closure.

  122. Hannah MacArthur says:

    I LOVE Grovia’s prints! So many of them! put I’d have to say either Peacock or Blackberry is my favorite! I love how the snaps look, to smooth! But, I also like Grovia’s Aplix because it’s so easy and very husband and others friendly. I’m sure I’m be getting a bunch of Grovia’s by the time I’m stocked!

  123. Breanna R says:

    I would love the Robots shell with snaps.

  124. Snaps in cloud, bicycles, woodlands or robots! Thanks!!!

  125. Jessica Long says:

    I like snaps in Woodlands! or Bicycles!

  126. Monique Eckert says:

    We would pick Woodlands snap.

  127. Beth Rees says:

    I would love snap in robots

  128. I love the pink with peacocks. Hubby always prefers the hook and look as he claims he has fewer ways to not get the right fit. 🙂

  129. I would pick persimmon in snaps!

  130. If I had a baby… I’d use these. I think it’s a good start for me with a hybrid idea… now, if only I can manage the thought of two (btw, this isn’t an entry comment… just me musing on these dipes!) 🙂

  131. I like persimmon in snap closure

  132. I like the persimmon snap.

  133. Sarah Hayes says:

    Id like snap closure with the peacock print

  134. Snap closure and citrus! Please please and thank you!

  135. Michelle Lee says:

    I’d love a Citrus with snap closures.

  136. I like snaps and Persimmon!

  137. Jessie Snyder says:

    Citrus or Cloud snaps.

  138. Lily Ivey says:

    I would choose the Peacocks print in Snaps.

  139. snap closure and peacocks print

  140. Trisha W. says:

    I like the Robots print with a snap closure.

  141. snaps in surf or cloud

  142. I want snaps. I want the one with bikes on it or else citrus.

  143. Manisha M says:

    I like the Robots print (snap closure).

  144. I love the grovia rocket ships and space robots pattern! Always snaps for me! They look so cute! You gave me high hopes that I can maintain cloth diapering on an upcoming trip!

  145. Jennifer Stafford says:

    Snaps, and kiwi or cloud!

  146. I would choose Robots in snap!

  147. Nicole Bear says:

    I would like the snap closure in Peacocks

  148. Jutta Pearce says:

    Woodlands Snap!

  149. snaps and persimmon!!

  150. Melissa Arndt says:

    Velcro closure and the robots print.

  151. Carissa Joslyn says:

    I like the robots in the snap closure!

  152. I love the robots in snap!

  153. I’m all about the snaps and I LOVE the storm/grey!

  154. I love our Grovia AI2s!

  155. We use snaps and would love a citrus or persimmon shell to add to our stash.

  156. Kristina Robinson says:

    i prefer the orange color 🙂

  157. Snaps : citrus, persimmon, peacocks

  158. Snaps in any boyish color is great!

  159. Joanna R. says:

    I would like the shell snap closure in Persimmon!

  160. Grovia Shell Snap Closure in Robots!! Love this product!!

  161. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I’d love the snap closure in Citrus!

  162. Julie Ragozzine says:

    I’d choose Peacocks in snaps!

  163. Christina D says:

    Vanilla snaps 🙂

  164. Snap closure, robots print!

  165. The robot print with snaps & stay dry inserts. Too cute.

  166. Jessica Hughes says:

    Peacocks with snap!

  167. Jenni Jones says:

    We’d love a citrus w/ hook and loop!

  168. I love the way Grovias look. I have been eyeing the peacock pattern for some time now!

  169. Nadene Adams says:

    I would choose snaps and robots

  170. Janice P. says:

    I like the snap closure in persimmon.

  171. I’d like the snaps closure, and I’d like to try the new Persimmon color!

  172. I’d get the snap shell in Robots! Thanks for the giveaway!

  173. I like peacocks GroVia Shell Snap Closure

  174. I’d choose Blackberry or Persimmon in H&L

  175. snaps! always! and maybe citrus color

  176. I would like the robots in the hook and loop closure.

  177. GroVia Shell Snap Closure Persimmon

  178. I just love the Persimmon color! So cute. And I definitely prefer snaps, although I’ve never tried their Aplix.

  179. I like the Snap Closure in Persimmon!

  180. Bridget Palkow says:

    Snaps and Citrus.

  181. Charlotte R says:

    I love the snap Robots

  182. Thank you for the giveaway!

  183. We’re planning to use cloth diapers for the little one we’re having in October, so this post was really helpful!

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