My cat won’t get a job, so I’m all about the deals


Disclosure: Thank you to Coupaw, the daily deal site for cats and dogs for sponsoring this post. All thoughts are my own.

It’s a good thing our cat is so sweet (unless it’s time for her to eat), because she still isn’t bringing home any bacon. And must to Mr. Serious’ dismay, we spend a little money on her every month to feed her and give her a fresh place to take care of her business. We are nice like that!

coupaw review

Since she isn’t contributing to our family budget in a positive way, it’s important that we get good deals on all things “cat!” We can now do that with Coupaw. Coupaw is a daily deal site for dogs and cats.

You can save on things like toys, treats, accessories and more at up to 85% off. When you go and subscribe to Coupaw, you will immediately received a coupon to save 15% off your first order, too.

Surprisingly, my cat is still quite playful at her ripe age of 10 years old. These would dive her bonkers…in fact, they would probably drive my girls crazy, too! They are marked down from $12.99 to $6.99. Perfect for that kitty stocking in your life.

She also sheds like crazy. Fortunately, the girls really like brushing her, but we don’t have the best brush. This PetZoom brush is marked down from $16.99 to $10.99 and works for both cats and dogs.

Head over and subscribe to Coupaw to stay up-to-date on all of their pet related deals.

With most of the items, it says that they ship in just 6-8 days, too, which is pretty fast for a deal site.

  • first time buyers receive 15% off their first order by using promo code NEW at checkout 
  • for all dog & cat lovers/owners 
  • every day there are new products for both dogs and cats 
  • products for every size and type of dog & cat -toys, treats, chews, health products, leashes, collars 
  • free shipping on most items 
  • never sell treats/chews from china
  • no need to drive all the way to the store when these products can be delivered straight to your door
  • most products that we offer are made in the USA 
  • a portion of our proceeds go to helping pet adoption and animal shelters

What kind of deals would you like to see on a daily cat/dog deal site?


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  1. Having pets in our family gets expensive, glad to see there’s a deal site to help with the costs

  2. We don’t have a cat but I would love to see a site like this for dogs!

    1. Oh it’s for cats and dogs on the same site. You should check it out.

  3. lol, cute, I’d like to see coupons for useful stuff like pee pee pads

    1. That would be useful. I know they change daily, so maybe those will be featured soon?

  4. Love the PetZoom. I love the fact that it is self-cleaning.

  5. I so need to buy a new brush for our dogs! With 3 of them that shed that is a crazy amount of fur coming out each day!! I am with Anne we need to figure out how to get these pets to earn some $!

  6. One of the worst expenses is vet bills, but I guess I won’t find coupons for that! I’d say food would be the most important, they have to eat

    1. That would be great. I think they have like pet health insurance…I wonder if that helps?

      Yeah, food would be good, too!

  7. I would love to see great deals on dog beds! As much as I wash my dog’s bed, it still just stinks after a while and we have to get a new one.

    1. I would keep an eye out since they change daily/weekly…hopefully one will come up!

  8. Please don’t put kitty out into the job market, its rough out there, haha. Deals on food, medications and toys would be nice.

  9. Cynthia R says:

    oh great info, i have 3 cats, they don’t have jobs either, so I totally need the deals too, lol

  10. This made me chuckle a bit. My two dogs are certainly not contributing to the family budget in any way, so good deals on pet products is an absolute must. Great to learn of this new resource!

  11. haha the title of this post cracked me up! But the picture is priceless! I have never heard of this but will definitely use it for my fur baby! 🙂

  12. we love Coupaw, they have some great pet deals!

  13. Ooo I really like that brush! I always am looking for deals on my dog’s flea/tick meds — those are super pricey but definitely a must!

  14. Lazy pets. Won’t get a job but still expect food and a place to sleep. 🙂

    They really are worth it.

  15. That is a beautiful picture. I didn’t even know this site existed; what a cute name!

  16. I hear you. I love my German Shepherd, but sometimes the added expense stinks.

  17. I’ve never heard of this site – what a great idea. I will keep in it mind for the day when we have pets again… and I’ll be sure to share the info with friends and family who have pets.

    I did get a laugh out of this article – I actually used to find myself saying to my cats, “I don’t care if you don’t like that food, unless you go get a job, you are going to eat what I give you.” Of course, they would just figure out how to open a cabinet, grab some food of mine (like marshmallows), rip open the package, and spread it all over the floor.

  18. christine reyes says:

    What a cute name lol. I’ve never heard of them, but I might look into them. We need to look into some sort of exercise toys for our cat. I feel he is overweight, but my boyfriend does not see it.

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