Keeping my pregnancy skin from drying out


Typically, I’m not a dry skin person. During the winter, I would get ashy (as my previous students told me), but most of the time, I’m good with a nice moisturizing soap. During pregnancy? Game change.

My skin gets very tight and super itchy. Especially my “flanks” as I like to call them and my legs. So, I have to keep them exfoliated and moisturized. That skin is stretching!

The view from here. Not shown. Leggings, glasses and messy hair.  #31weeks #bellybump #dueinDecember

So, I get a little girly with my bath and shower time. I pull out the moisturizing body wash, scrub down with a exfoliating scrub like the Citrus Ginger Jojoba Scrub and lather up with moisturizing lotion. And most of the time, that gets me through the day without trying to claw my skin off.

Spa Sydell Flo Giveaway

Spa Sydell, one of Georgia’s premiere day spas features the Flo products that I have been testing out. Admittedly, because there is a combination of scents, I haven’t used them all back to back. However, individually, they are very nice and well scented, without knocking me over. My favorite “wake me up” is the Citrus Ginger, and “relax me to sleep” is the calming lavender.

Their new Flo line includes the following scents:

Lavender: contains calming properties and promotes a good night of sleep.

Citrus Ginger: vibrant fragrance will immediately awaken your senses and create awareness throughout the day.

Soy Comfort: can be used any time of day. Infused with juniper berries, this wash reduces stress and promotes a sense of well-being and joy.

Aegean Sea: Featuring fresh marine scents and floral aromas, the Aegean sea scent creates a clean and relaxed experience. This was is perfect for a midday shower or to prepare for a relaxing day.

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  1. My favorite thing about the spa is the relaxing smell. They all smell so good and instantly make me relax

  2. I’ve never been to a spa! But I think I’d enjoy the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere most.

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