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We have a numbers game that we often play. And by “we” I mean “me.” When taking all four girls various places by myself, I have to figure out how to safely get them around, and keep them with me. The older two are pretty good about sticking close by, but the 2.5 year old can’t quite be trusted. And when I’m solo, it’s sometimes easier for me to have the youngest two contained in a stroller. It’s also nice for going for a walk.

Joovy Toofold Stroller Review

Joovy TooFold

Thanks to Joovy sending it along, we’ve been trying out the Joovy TooFold for a while now and we’ve been quite pleased. In fact, every place I’ve taken the TooFold, moms and grandparents have stopped me to ask me “what is that stroller?” “Is it a convertible?” “Wow. That’s awesome. How does it work?”

The TooFold is a joint effort by Joovy and Micralite® (with Joovy being the US distributor for Micralite®). This means it has an anodized ultra-lightweight aluminum frame and weighs in at only 23.6 lbs. When you look at it, you would never imagine it is less than 25 pounds!

Prefer Video?

Are you a video person? Scroll down to the bottom for a 5 minute video about the JoovyTooFold that I made for you all.

Joovy TooFold Review

It has a dynamic wheelbase that allows us to extend the stroller from a single to a double either with a built-in stand-on-board or an optional second seat.

The seat

The front seat has a minimum age requirement of 3 months+, and a max weight of 45 pounds (which means my 6 year old can ride in it!). My 11 month old was very comfortable in the stroller as a single rider. The harness held her in securely from both her shoulders and her waist. And the removable and washable pad liner is so squishy soft, I’d like to line my own seat with it.

Joovy TooFold Review

B’s ride in the stroller as a single was very short-lived. We did experiment with the seat recline which requires both hands to adjust to the second position. The 2 year old very much wanted to ride in the stroller with her sister.

Joovy TooFold Review

From Single to Double

As you can see in the video, it is incredibly easy to adjust the dynamic frame to allow for the second seat (or to use the built-in stand-on-board, or the waterproof shopping bag). Just seconds later, I expanded the stroller frame, popped the second seat on the stroller and we were good to go. Notice, I also adjusted the multi-position handlebar that can be customized to different heights and positions. This is great for shorter people like me (5’5”) and taller people like my husband (6’3”). He often gets frustrated pushing strollers because he kicks the back. He didn’t have any issues with the TooFold.

It is hard to tell here, but the second seat while it does’t have foot rests, there is a space for her legs to rest on the seat. She was very comfortable and didn’t fidget with her legs. I definitely recommend adjusting the handlebars to a wider position or flipping them up to remove or place a child in the rear-seat.

Joovy TooFold Review

Built-in Stand-on Board

E isn’t quite ready to stand for a while on the back of the stroller. But, she loved testing out the the built-in stand-on-board. It is so easy to put out. Just lock the wheels, step on the button, push the stroller forward and flip the board down (minimum age recommendation is 2.5 years, with a max weight and height of 45 lbs. and 44″).

Joovy TooFold

The handlebars need to be in this wider “open” position with E standing on the board. Otherwise (as I quickly found out), it’s right in her face!

Joovy TooFold Review

While the girls combined don’t weigh a ton (maybe 50 pounds combined), pushing two kids on stroller can be a challenge. The 12-inch pneumatic rear wheels and upscale suspension system made it smooth sailing while pushing them. And with the mudguards on the rear wheels, I didn’t have to worry about splashing water or mud on the back seat rider after all of the rain we had.

Joovy TooFold

The canopy

The all weather canopy has a viewing window, but I didn’t really feel I needed it. The TooFold also comes with an extender for the canopy, which will definitely be handy on sunnier days. On either side of the canopy is a cup holder and zippered storage pocket. I think you could maybe put a sippy cup in the cup holder, but we didn’t make use of it. The zippered pocket was perfect for my garage door opener and/or keys when going for a walk.

Joovy TooFold

The add on second seat has the canopy built right into the seat. Just unzip, flip it up and over the seat and attach it to the handle bar. It creates a ton of shade.

Joovy TooFold

Ready to take the second seat off? Just give a firm pull of this ring and the seat slides right off. When the direction say firm, it means FIRM!

Joovy TooFold

There are quite a few moving parts at the back of the stroller to fold it and unfold it. At first, it was pretty stiff to open it and close it up. But after about 5 uses, it was much easier and just snapped into place. The directions say one-handed fold. I haven’t been able to master that just yet. But the really cool thing is that once it’s folded, it locks into place and stands up by itself. And, if you give it a slight lean in the direction of the large wheels, you can actually pull it around on the wheels and don’t have to pick it up.

Joovy TooFold

You do have to remove the second seat and put the wheel base in the “stroller for one” position to fold it up, but it doesn’t take up too much space when you do. In our Dodge Caravan, I find best fit for the stroller is in this direction instead of turning the wheels sideways. This also makes it very easy to get in and out of the car.

Joovy TooFold


  • Lightweight
  • Converts from single to stand-on to double (with additional seat)
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Folds up compactly
  • Stands up and rolls on wheels when folded
  • Comes with additional sunshade
  • Comes with waterproof shopping bag


  • The stroller itself is around $500 on Amazon and the second seat is over $200. But, I’ve easily spent this trying to get double and single strollers to do the same job.
  • No tray/console (I don’t find I really use these except wanting a cup holder for water for myself).
  • Front seat recline requires two hands.
  • If sunny, the additional sunshade is required for the canopy on the front seat.
  • The basket, while not small, is hard to access.
Joovy TooFold Review

For us, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. It’s a super lightweight stroller that will work for us for many years.

Joovy TooFold Video

Are you a visual person? Check out this video I put together.

What do you look for in your dream stroller?

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Thank you to Joovy for providing the stroller. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. I wish they had the stand-on option when my kids were in strollers. Having a variety of options mean it’ll last you years and years.

    1. So thankful for the option..especially with it being built-in and with a stubborn 2 year old.

  2. That looks like a great stroller. When my son was born, we used the sit & stand and it was a perfect addition to our stroller brigade. This looks even better.

    1. I like it because it goes from a sit and stand back and forth to a single….without having to buy an additional one.

  3. Fantastic review! I just love Joovy strollers! This one looks awesome.

  4. I swear Joovy needs to just come forward and create the next space shuttle or rocket or UFO. They seem to have the most innovative designers and can fit different shapes and sizes into places that shouldn’t be able to fit that shape or size. This stroller looks painful yet you know it’s going to be the sweetest ride the chlid will probably ever have in their entire life. Joovy rocks!


    1. It really is crazy amazing! You never think looking at it that it folds out how it does…and that it would be so comfy!

  5. We are DONE with strollers, but THIS would be my dream stroller. I love the Stand-On Tandem set-up!

    1. Well, you know..if you ever decide to not be done with strollers:)

  6. I want this stroller. It’s awesome. How do you think it would do on a longer run/jog?

  7. Oh man! Where was this stroller when my kids were little! The stand-up option alone is worth everything, and hey, let’s face it, pretty cool!

    1. Right? Where was it when I had my oldest two? I feel like they are always making awesome improvements!

  8. What a neat stroller! So clever! I can see why everyone is stopping you and asking about it. It looks amazing! I love how flexible it is. Oh how I wish I had this 14 years ago when my 2nd was born 😉

    1. I wish I had it 6 years ago when my second was born, too!

  9. What a neat stroller! I love how versatile it is so it can last for years.

    1. So very glad…I can clean out some strollers in my garage now!

  10. This really solves a lot of problems. The pull out for a Sit N Stand option is great for siblings like E! I love the giant smooth-sailing wheels. It’s why I use my jogger more than anything.

  11. Man! This looks like a great stroller! A lot of parents are going to love this!

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