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When you go to Walt Disney World or Disney Land, or any park requiring a lot of walking with a lot of kids, at least one stroller is a must. It really helps alleviate the whining and some tiredness. When the kids start to get tired or need a break, they have a seat available for them in some capacity. The Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller was our winner!

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On our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, I flew alone with all four girls which presented a new problem. How would I get everybody through the airport by myself and avoid using the elevator? (For Atlanta being the busiest airport, they sure don’t have the proper elevators set up. We’ve waited far too long for them with a stroller). Joovy X2 to the rescue. After checking out some Joovy Scooter X2 double stroller reviews, they offered me their Scooterx2 to try out and I paid to have it shipped straight to our hotel. I avoided having to go through security by myself with it which is a huge help.

Once we picked it up from the business office, we had it all assembled in no time. Okay, Grandpa Joe had it assembled while I was still on the first page of the directions! This is one awesome Joovy double stroller.

Joovy Scooterx2 just put together

If you are more of a video person, scroll down to the bottom!

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, BlackJoovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, BlackJOOVY Scooter X2 Rain CoverJOOVY Scooter X2 Rain Cover

Pro tip: You will easily find your brightly colored Joovy Scooter double stroller amongst the sea of Joovy Scooter X2 double stroller black and grey and other muted colored strollers in the parking areas at Disney World! We only saw one other bright green stroller the entire time we were there and it was a Joovy Scooter X2! I might have wanted to yell “Joovy Scooter Stroller twins.” But, I didn’t!

Joovy Scooter2 Review

Over the course of 6+ years of using double strollers, I’ve decided that the side-by-side is my preferred type. The Joovy Scooter is only 30″ wide, which means it fits through standard doorways and aisles just as a single does, but I can see the front of it. And, my kids don’t fight over who gets to see! The only fights now are which kids get to go for a ride and which ones have to walk.

Joovy Scooter2 Review

The seats easily fit my tiny 17 month old and my 3.5 year old. Even my 6 year old hopped in it a couple times at Disney World. And the generous sunshade kept them shaded from the harsh sun and bright lights at night.

It’s hard to notice, but the footrest is also adjustable which is great for kids of different sizes. It can extend the seat when it’s reclined to almost make a little bed, or you can fold it down for little legs to hang over when sitting.

Joovy Scooter2 Review

I like the window on top of the sunshade because I can peek in on my girls to see if they are sleeping or bothering each other! Right before I snapped this, they were actually holding hands.

Joovy Scooter2 Review

There isn’t a parent console, but there are two drink holders on the back of the canopy. These were great for easy access to water while in Disney World and  are still great for a walk in the neighborhood. If it’s just meet, I put water in one and my phone and garage door opener in the other. The zippered pockets also hold more! We often had hats, sunglasses and sunscreen in there so they were easily accessible, yet because of the zippers, I knew that what we put in there wouldn’t fall out!

Joovy Scooter2 Review

The seats both independently recline with one hand, so you can lower your kiddo if they fall asleep. It does take two hands to pull it back up. The basket is the most generous basket I’ve ever had on a stroller.

Joovy Scooter2 Review

Not only is it huge (we are talking two backpacks and then even more space) but you can still access it when the seats are reclined! I also like that the brake is a large and long bar going all the way across the back instead of just on the wheels. It is so easy to quickly lock and unlock the stroller, even in flip flops!

Giant backpack in basket of joovy scooter x2 with room to spare

You can see the sunshade is definitely necessary. We pulled it back for the picture and the girls weren’t happy. You can also see that B has a cup in her mesh pocket in the seat with her. It’s nice that she has a place she can put her cup or a snack or her pacifier and it won’t fall out of the stroller. Pockets for the kids is a really big deal for them! They feel super important having a space for their own “stuff.”

Joovy Scooter2 Review

Sunshade, fully engaged! If E would have had her foot in front of the stroller, she would have been completely covered and protected, too.

Joovy Scooter2 Review

It folds pretty flat, especially if you remove the bar across the front, which is very easy to do. The fact that you can fold it with one hand is a double bonus. So often, I’m holding something in my other hand, baby, diaper bag or other.

It is a little awkward to pick up because it doesn’t have a carrying handle, but isn’t too hard to get in the back of our van.

Joovy Scooter 2 folded up

To see more of my thoughts and a little more about the use and how it works, check out my Joovy Scooter X2 video.

Here’s what Joovy has to say about the Scooter X2.

The Joovy ScooterX2 double stroller has a new stylish graphite grey frame and bigger wheels.  The larger 7-inch front wheels and 9.5-inch rear wheels make it easier to maneuver than before.  Its lightweight and narrow design allows the stroller to fit through any door while providing ample room for your kids.

  • The width of the stroller is 30 inches, so there’s no need to fold it to get inside a door.
  • The wheels have sealed bearings so pushing two kids totaling 90 pounds is easier than you could imagine; and, the double front wheels make the stroller extremely stable. This is especially important if your kids climb in and out of the stroller by themselves. (We have included a removable bumper bar to eliminate this possibility too!)
  • The basket is bigger than any stroller basket on the market, period. Just look at those pictures! I really haven’t met a stroller that compares. Single or double.
  • The canopy is bigger than any other stroller on the market, too.
  • Each seat is fully adjustable, independent of the other, and each has its own in-seat mesh pocket and adjustable 5-point harness.
  • You will love the one-hand recline system that locks into an infinite number of positions – all the way down to a near flat napping position.
  • We have also included two cup holders for the parents and two zippered pockets for phones, wallets, snacks, etc. Folding takes just seconds with the one hand fold feature.
  • Super Durable 600D Fabric – The seat and canopy are super durable 600 D fabric with an adjustable and light reflective 5 point harness.
  • Folded dimensions are 30″ wide x 37″ long x 17″ high.
  • Linked Brakes – The ScooterX2 has linked rear brakes adding extra security when the stroller is parked.

Minimum Child Age: 3 Months+

Maximum Child Weight: 45 lbs. each seat. 100 lbs total

Stroller Weight: 32 lbs.

Stroller Dimensions Folded: 14″H x 30″W x 35.75″L

Stroller Dimensions Assembled: 41.75″H x 30″W x 32.25″L


This is hardly a deal breaker, but I would prefer the sun canopy to be separate for each seat. I have no idea what goes into that or if it’s possible, but with a taller girl on one side, she often wanted it raised higher so she could see, but that meant her younger sister was getting sun in her eyes which wasn’t appreciated.

It would also be great if there were carrying handles inside the seats so when you fold the stroller you could easily carry in with handles. It’s a little awkward to carry in the folded position (and you have to fold it up on the Disney World buses). It’s doable, but would be a lot easier with little straps in the seats.

One thing a lot of people have asked is about car seats. The Joovy Scooter X2 doesn’t have adapters or allow for car seats. So, this stroller is good for children (on average) of about 3 months.

Take Home Message:

We have really been enjoying and using the Scooter X2 aka Joovy 2x a lot from neighborhood walks to Disney World. It is great for all heights of pushers, from our 8 year old, up to my 6’3” husband. With a great price point (seriously, you can’t get an amazing double stroller like this for this price elsewhere), I can’t recommend the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller enough. It’s right around $220 (actually, I’m seeing under $200 on Amazon now!) which is a great price! If you are looking for other Joovy double strollers like the front to back double stroller, check out my Joovy Toofold Review.

Thank you to Joovy for providing the stroller. All thoughts are my own.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, BlackJoovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, BlackJOOVY Scooter X2 Rain CoverJOOVY Scooter X2 Rain Cover

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  1. Wow this thing is awesome. I love all the storage space. Others like it are lacking.

  2. WOW. This stroller is amazing!! The storage is fabulous and those cup holders are great! I love love that the canopy covers the foot area. Since my kids are super fair I hate any exposure. I’ve been on the edge about a stroller, and wanted a single width, but you may have changed my mind… Thanks!

  3. pat chance says:

    Your sister needs one of these. It was really good at Disney and better then the ones we have had there in the past.

  4. Lindsey Mitchell says:

    I didn’t tested this Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, but I didn’t want to talk about it, I just wanted to notice that your kiddos are A DO RA BLE! <3

  5. Did you end up traveling by plane with this? Is there a bag that worked for the stroller for the plane?

    1. Hi Samantha-
      We did use it to travel by plane. We didn’t end up looking for a bag for it and just gate checked it. The green color got a little scuffed up, but it folds up on itself so well we didn’t have any other issues.

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