Izzy the photog


I must ask #1 to let me take pictures of her too often. Because lately, she keeps wanting to take pictures of me.

And since I have my fabulous Nikon D60 and it’s a little bit heavy (and might or might not be one of my babies) I tell her she has to wait for daddy to get home so he can help.

As soon as Mr. Serious walked in the door last night, #1 said “I want to take a picture of mommy.” Once he figured out what she meant, they went and got the camera.

Isn’t this one a fabulous picture? Apparently, the door was the focus. And, I only look slightly spooked.

However, I’ve decided that all pictures of me must now be taken from this angle because I feel like my arms look like they lost 10 pounds each!

Then, she wanted one of her sister…so she snapped away.

Then the “pickles.” (Side note, we bought these at the farmer’s market and the first one was delicious…the last three, the skin was horribly bitter. We are talking spit it out, directly into the trashcan bitter…yuck!)

And, #2’s cereal. I think this one was definitely composed the best. Slight angle, in focus and hiding her sister:)

I don’t think we’ll be buying #1 a camera any time soon! Or, at least she can play with the point and shoot some more!

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  1. Very great pictures. Quite the photog!! I bought Grace a Fisher Price kid tough camera for her birthday last year and she LOVES it! The pictures are quite fuzzy because it's no more than 2mp, but it's fun to see the world from her point of view!

  2. OH gosh. Grant does this too and has ruined 2 cameras. His photos are always very interesting though…

  3. Aren't you greatful that digital cameras's were invented? Imagine the tons of rolls of film kids would go through if they hadn't?!
    It's always great to see the world through the eyes of a child.


  4. She did a great job! She actually takes better pictures than my mom – that first one with you and the door – yeah in my mom's version – part of your head would have been missing!

  5. Haylee loves doing the same. We bought her a disposable camera for our vacay. I think for Christmas we are getting her either the fisher price kid tough camera or the v tech. Your aspiring photographer might like one as well. :o)

  6. I give my kids one of my old now-defunct cameras to play with. They grow bored with it very quickly, though, once they realize it's not working. There's no way I would let them touch my good camera without duct taping it to their hand.

  7. Oh that is too cute!
    Landon got his own camera last year and loves it!

  8. Chandler loves to take pictures….I find her with my camera taking pictures of random things.

    What would they do without digital?!

  9. Aww how cute! She is going to be a great photographer one day! 🙂

  10. Your arms do look fabulous! And I think Izzy has great style!

  11. Ben has one (a kiddie camera) and although slow to take a picture I love seeing what he takes pictures of.

    By the way, you have skinny arms…

  12. That's priceless that she wants to go around taking pictures. Btw your pics you posted of your family before shows that you do have skinny arms all the time..don't be silly.

  13. That's priceless that she wants to go around taking pictures. Btw your pics you posted of your family before shows that you do have skinny arms all the time..don't be silly.

  14. she has some serious talent friend!

    isn't it odd how you look at pictures now – i mean i didn't even know i had chubby arms till last week! hubby snapped a picture and i saw it later and i was all dude why didn't you tell me i had chubby arms? he just rolled his eyes 🙂

  15. She's getting her practice in early! Maybe you have a future little artist on your hands?

  16. Is Izzy available for bookings?
    I would love for my arms to look 10 pounds lighter…and if she could do the same for my ass…well that would be PER. FECT!

  17. Wow, well you have a little photographer on your hands! Great job Izzy!

  18. My brother loved taking pictures when he was little too. I'm surprised she managed to take a picture using the D60!

  19. Amazing job, Izzy! I think you have a future photographer on your hands–I mean, who wouldn't want their arms to look 10 pounds lighter?!

    Shoot–any body part for that matter 🙂

  20. She did a really good job! Ava loooves to take pictures with my camera. We need to get her her own fisher price tough one.

  21. I didn't notice the baby behind the box until you pointed it out!

  22. silverhartgirl says:

    I love the top photo. My little one love to take pic too and all I can think is my camera.

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