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Blurb is an online book printing company. You can create a recipe book, write a novel or even create a digital scrapbook and upload it using their PDF to book software.

The neatest thing they have for us bloggers is a blog-to-print book where you put in your blog information and their software goes and picks up your posts. You select the posts to want to import and it puts the text and images into the book. First, you download their software called “book smart” and then you create the book within their software. And, the best thing is that it automatically saves everything right away, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

That was originally my plan. I was going to upload the first year of #1’s life from our family blog and have it printed; that would be her baby book. However, when the software “slurped” up my text and images, it wasn’t formatted exactly the same as my blog. This meant that captions for certain pictures weren’t where I wanted them. After seeing that I had over 200 pages, I decided to nix the text and just go for the pictures.

Here’s the book I made:

Editing the book was no small task. It took quite a while to do (but it ended up being over 150 pages). My biggest complaint was that the pictures didn’t “snap” into place. So, I had to go through each page and look for a very small gap letting me know that the picture didn’t quite fit. And, unfortunately, I did miss a couple, so there are some gaps around a couple pictures.

However, the customer service was awesome. I received my first book in the mail and several pages were bent. I contacted them, they asked for some pictures, and within a couple days I received a new copy of my book. Now that is customer service.

Blurb is definitely a fun and unique way of capturing your blog and making sure you have it for generations. Plus, #1 just loves looking at pictures “baby #1.”


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  1. I'm glad you shared that info about the gaps because I'm about to start making my blurb book now!

  2. Very cool! I'm actually doing something similar for my daughter's 1st year but I'm using Snapfish. I can't wait to get the final product!

  3. Cool! Maybe John will get a baby book after all! (yk, if I actually blog about him regularly!)

  4. I want a baby Izzy book. I love to show off my Blubs and Sampson so maybe I need a baby Izzy and baby Nat book, too!!

  5. I used inkubook to do a few books… I loved the result, but the sure screwed up a few Christmas timelines, even though they made it up later…

    I will have to give this a try.

  6. Very cool! Oh and I LOVE Izzy's middle name. The two names together are just beautiful (yes I know this is off topic). Thanks for the info – I was thinking of looking into something after I had enough posts to transfer them to a book for Maggie!

  7. There is a lady that does it for a living! She is doing Alex 1st 2 yearas of life for me! I don't have the time and I would never get it done if I tried to do it. I might try and do a smaller one for the grandparents!!

    How fun 🙂 It will always be a memory!

  8. Wow, your book looks great! 🙂 I want to one day publish my blog… wonder if there is a really simple, easy way to do it? Hmm…

  9. looks awesome friend…wish i would have thought to lose the text in mine!

    ps – isn't it funny how they literally could look at pictures of themselves all day long!

  10. Wow that is a very cool book. I will have to look into this for my sons. Thanks for sharing! It turned out amazing! and you can't bet customer service like that!

  11. i made my mom a fabulous book for her 60th. it turned out fabulous!

  12. I made a book from Blub for mine and Ts 1 year anniversary and it was the coolest thing EVER. Im addicted to this site. Very user friendly 🙂

  13. Oh I'm gonna have to make one of these! Yours looks so cool!

  14. Oh I'm gonna have to make one of these! Yours looks so cool!

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