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It’s taken me almost 6 months, but I’m getting better and more comfortable about getting all three girls out and about. It’s not about worrying about them or their behavior, it’s that the littlest will miss yet another nap. (Poor thing, she still won’t nap in the car. Just like her sisters.)

But with this last week before my big goes to big school, we adventured more. They even took a second to let me take a picture of all three of them in a very dark room.

center for puppetry arts aesop's fables

All three girls were ready for a little showing of Aesop’s Fables at the Center for Puppetry Arts. It is geared at ages 2-6 and was perfect for them. No kidding, even E (almost 6 months old) watched the whole thing.

aesop's fables

Quickly (less than or right at one hour) children are taken on a carousal of carnival fun with The Lion and the Mouse, The Country Mouse and City Mouse, The Fox and the Crane, The Ant and the Grasshopper and the girls’ favorite, The Tortoise and the Hare. It had very easy to understand dialog and was quick paced and entertaining for all of the kids. Many of them in the audience were interacting with the puppeteers, Alison Murphy and Amy Strickland aka Cutie and Patootie. 

(My favorite was Country Mouse and City Mouse because it used shadow puppets and quite frankly is just awesome)

center for puppetry arts fox and the crane
{these two photos provided by the Center for Puppetry Arts, no photos allowed during the show}

After the show, we requested our puppets to go, but you also have the option of sticking around and constructing your puppet with the assistance of the experts! These were pretty easy to do at home and the girls have enjoyed making their mice dance (and I might have helped them dance once or twice, too!)

city mouse

We’ve never been disappointed by the Center for Puppetry Arts. Every show leaves the girls wanting more and they remember them an entire year later. They are still singing songs from the show this week!

This show runs until September 9th, Thursdays-Sunday. (If you aren’t in Atlanta, look in your area to see if you have something similar. I never would have imagined anything this cool for kids.)

Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

Tickets provided. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. Good for you for getting out with all three. And that show looks SO cute and fun!

    1. It was perfect for them.

      And, sheesh, getting out the door takes forever sometimes. You wouldn’t know about that, right?

  2. Wow! What a great place! Looks like a lot of fun.

    1. It really is a great place for kids..they even have shows for grown ups, too..but I haven’t made it to one of those.

    1. Fun for kids, but they don’t allow any photography there:(

    1. Thanks, Lorie. I’m lucky the older two like to pose with their little sister.

  3. proud of you mama!!

    and their little take home puppets are adorable!

  4. Puppets are a good way to entertain kids and teach them valuable lessons at the same time. That’s an excellent way to relive those time-honored fables 🙂

    1. Yes, and they remembered them and applied them which is even more awesome.

  5. Looks like your girls had a lot of fun! I tried taking my 18 month old to something like this and she cut up so bad and I had to leave!!

    1. Oh, no. But, I bet 18 months would be tough. They don’t like to sit still at all.

  6. Claiborne says:

    Wow, I still have trouble with just one!

    1. I think the hardest adjustment is from 0 to 1 kid….the additional ones are much easier to adjust to.

  7. You’re a brave mama! I have 2 boys – 4 months and 2.5 years – and I feel like every time we leave the house I’m shoving a screaming person into a car seat. It’s always better once we’re out, but actually GETTING out can be so hard!

    1. I agree..the getting out is hard…but 6 months is so different than 4….it gets a little better.

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