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It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

Leave it to the gamers to get some Mommy and Mii pictures for me this week.

We went and tested out the new WiiU (with no release date in sight) and they had little booths set up to take pictures of you. Yeah, the kids love that!

mommy and me monday

We’re hoping it comes out soon and is currently on a wish list because some certain curly-red-haired little girl shoves things into our Wii and then used scissors to get them out and well, now the Wii won’t turn on. So, until we get it fixed or the new one comes out, we’ll have to double at Mario and Luigi and make up our own game (this booth wasn’t set up for the shorter munchkins…unless we only wanted to see her eyeballs and forehead).

mommy and me monday

I think Mr. Serious had the most fun with the dancing game…and the girls had a great time watching him. We tried to get them to karaoke, but they were too mesmerized by the screen.

mommy and me monday

Mommy and Me Monday at  Really, Are You Serious?

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  1. ha! the second pic totally cracks me up!! sooo fun!!

  2. That looks fun! I’m not big on game (systems) but I HAVE always wanted a wii. Maybe this year!

    1. I’m not big on them, either, but this one has fun dancing and I don’t have to find my way out of a room:)

    1. It has. And, my parents actually bought a replacement this weekend as a gift and we gave the old one a try and sure enough, it worked again!

    1. Yes, we did…and she did take a nap, so that’s fun, too.

  3. Hi there! This is my first visit. Thanks for letting me in! Lovely family and great photo shoot!

    1. It was fun because they were randomly placed…and even cooler, they emailed them to us directly!

  4. That looks like fun! I didn’t know they were making a new system, I wonder when it will be out.

    1. I had no idea either. I bet it’s out right before the Christmas holidays! But, the people working there had no idea.

  5. What fun…..all of you are so cute!

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