Fruitzio makes me feel like an astronaut


Sometimes, it’s nice to find a snack that’s a little different. And if it makes you feel like you could be an astronaut while eating it? Even better.

Crispy Green makes Crispy Fruit, and Fruitzio. They are both a light, sweet and crunchy all-natural freeze-dried fruit snacks.

fruitzio review

The difference? Crispy Green conains 100% real fruit with no added sweeteners while Fruitzio contains a little sweetener. All Crispy Green products are free of fat, cholesterol, gluten and nuts; low-calorie; vegan; and kosher.

The 100% only fruit flavors are Apple, Banana, Mango, Asian Pear, Pineapple and Cantaloupe. We were all fans of them except the cantaloupe. It just wasn’t quite fruity enough. N actually opted for a bag of the apples instead of eating pizza out (and we almost never have pizza out). But, she really enjoyed them.

fruitzio review

The youngest really liked the mango flavor. I just broke them into small pieces and they almost dissolved in her mouth, making them an easy baby snack. Another trick was taking the dried fruit and putting it in the baby blender and making a powder that I could add to other foods to add some fruit to her food.

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*Samples received to facilitate the review. All thoughts are my own.

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