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Tuesday morning, the girls woke up bouncing off the walls. “Mommy, we have to go vote. Can we go vote now? It’s time to vote. Let’s go vote.”

No pressure.

Of course, they didn’t even look outside and notice that it was pouring down rain and (I’d venture to guess) one of the coldest days of the fall this year. 

We all had our breakfast and let everybody head to the polls that was going on their way to work. (Friends and neighbors were messaged. They were waiting 40 minutes.) The kids had the day off from school so we weren’t in a hurry to do anything.

We all found our hats and jackets, got ready and headed off in the van. We found a relatively close parking spot, got out and huddled underneath the umbrella. Thankfully when we got inside we saw there was no line, so I filled out my form, went to the next lady that verified me and then headed to the electronic booth.

#2 (who doesn’t have a quiet voice) says “Mommy, what are all of those ‘X’s for?” Before I could answer that I was making my selections, #1 says (also not in a quiet voice) “That’s because she’s voting for ——-” (Ha, I’m not telling you). Thanks for announcing it to the world. I’m hoping that she was only loud to me because she’s my kid and nobody else heard her or paid her any attention.

I finished making my Xs, got our voted stickers and moved on out of there. Of course, it needed to be captured for proof, too.

getting our vote on with three kids in tow

Maybe next time, I’ll remember my rain boots!

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  1. Glad you had no line! We waited until 10 and had no line, too! Stickers all the way around. I am so glad that we’re showing our babies that voting is an important duty and is something to be proud of!

  2. Ha ha ha!!! I enjoyed reading that. You all are so pretty. Your girls always look so happy.

    1. You are too sweet! And one day they might tick me off enough to post a picture of them not so happy. I assure you, it happens.

  3. Too funny!!! It’s awesome that they were so excited to get out and vote! I didn’t have a line either and I didn’t even get out until about 3p. BTW, Mommy and Me Monday is such a great idea! I love this!!!

    1. They seriously wouldn’t leave me alone about it. Not that I wasn’t going to vote….

      So glad you are linking up to it!

  4. How nice that you’ve taught your girls about voting at an early age. Even though I’m not happy with the results of this election, I’m thankful for our freedom and right to choose. Hugs, Grammy

    1. Yes…we have to focus on the positive…..and the right to vote:)

  5. yay for voting!!

    and super yay for cute voting sidekicks!!

  6. What a great experience you gave your girls! We did the early ballot but I took my Isabella with me and we had fun talking about the election and so on!

    1. I need somebody to remind me/tell me when and how to do the early ballot. That would have been a lot less stressful!

  7. Sounds like an adventure. I took my son, but other than him trying to eat the ‘Georgia Voter’ sticker, it was pretty uneventful!

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