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With the girls on break and Grammi in town, we needed an adventure for the weekend. Thank goodness the weather cooperated. We were wearing sweaters and it was sunny! (The last time we went apple picking in 2013, we got soaked and in 2010, it was really hot and gosh those two bigs were little!). Apparently, we go every three years. But, I’m out to change that.

Mommy and Me Monday at Mercier Orchard

This time we went to an orchard that allowed us to eat apples straight from the trees. B loved this and I’m sure sampled all of the 52 varieties they had growing on the orchard.

Mommy and Me Monday at Mercier Orchard

E is quite the apple lover as well, and thought it was very cool to pick the apples where they grew. She told us she was going to tell all of her friends back at school that she went to “pick apples off the tree at the farm.”

Mommy and Me Monday at Mercier Orchard

I requested a picture of all of my girls. At least I can get some points for them all looking in the general same direction. In 20 years, I’d like this to be duplicated, girls, please!

Mommy and Me Monday at Mercier Orchard

And, I got a “we need sunglasses for the kids”… I mean, family picture, too. (Grammy’s in this one, too…can you spy her?)

Mommy and Me Monday at Mercier Orchard

On the way back to the tractor after picking our giant bag full of apples and lugging it around for a bit, B wanted back up in the carrier. I happily obliged.

Mommy and Me Monday at Mercier Orchard

Grammi had been trying to get a picture with all of the girls, but some of them weren’t having it…I finally got the best I could get on the tractor ride back to the store. 

Mommy and Me Monday at Mercier Orchard

We enjoyed our Fall Break and had a great visit with Grammi. Admittedly, I’m also thankful it’s back to school this week, and hoping the teachers enjoyed their breaks, too! 

What were you up to this week?

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  1. So fun! I wish there was somewhere here we could go pick fruit. I think there is a strawberry picking farm but it’s always SO hot.

  2. Amber Hensley says:

    I love going apple picking with my little Family!

  3. Apple picking looks like so much fun! What a nice way to spend time together as a family!

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