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Everyday I take my girls somewhere, I get comments and questions about their red hair. It never fails. One time, I even counted during a trip to the bulls eye store. 5 times. In 10 minutes. While trying to get shopping done. That was actually not a high count, but I hadn’t thought to count before then. We are always polite with our responses and answer everybody’s questions, but we do get them often and a lot.

“Where did they get their red hair?”

“I have a <fill in relative> with red hair.”

“Is it natural?”

And so many more.

In fact, it spurred my post popular post to date, 7 things you should never say to a mom of redheads.

But, I thought it would be fun for all of my fellow parents of redheads to make a little Mom of Redheads BINGO board for us to play along in our heads. Or maybe an outing…your call! Either way, I want to know how quickly you get a BINGO. Or, I’m guessing, how quickly you get the board completely full?

Redhead Mom BINGO

You can click on the image or the links and you will be prompted to download the pdf of Moms of Redheads BINGO. Download it, open it and print it out. It’s set to fill one standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper, but you can probably print two to a page if you want to make it smaller!

PRO TIP: When printing out printables like this, a great color laser printer really makes a difference. The color and quality is amazing.

Mom of redheads bingo square

Let me know if you play and how long it takes you to win BINGO. Us parents of redheads have to stick together!


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  1. You forgot, “Does red hair run in the family?” My redhead is adopted so my answer to that is, “It does now.”

    1. Oh my are right…I might need to make a second board!

  2. This is so clever. I love how it puts a positive and fun spin on an annoying situation. My least favorite question is “do you think it will stay red?” I never know how to answer that question. It is amazing how many people were once upon a time a redhead.

    1. I get that one often. I have no idea if it will stay red. Maybe? Maybe not….if I did, I’d probably play the lotto, too!

  3. My husband is brunette and I am a strawberry blonde (which varies from blonde to red after salon trips). My daughter has beautiful copper red hair. Of course the TOP questions we get are “where did she get that red hair!?” ( because it obviously vouldny have come from her parents?) and then look to my husband and ask “Is she yours? Did you do that?” Well he had better! Or someone snuck in my room and duped me! I am always polite but it is getting old lol.

    1. I’m always polite, too. I might give a silly answer, but I saw it with a smile!

  4. There’s also ‘redheads are a dying breed’. My daughter has the most AMAZING streaks through the back of her hair – every shade of red. When she was about 18mo someone asked if I’d dyed her hair… Really? On a baby?

  5. We get all these same questions, too. I have a curly red head and my husband is a red head. (He’s the oldest of 5 red heads to 2 red head parents.) People commonly ask if anyone on my side has red hair, they do but I just don’t find it necessary to explain my red haired family tree. My curly red head is a crowd stopper, even at theme parks (we live in southern CA). It does make my brunette daughter feel less pretty to have people fawn over my younger one. We think both of our girls are beautiful. I know people are well meaning, I think boundaries have become poor.

    1. We’ve literally stopped traffic in Chattanooga. A man stopped his truck in the middle the street to comment on our youngest’s hair color. I was like, dude, you need to drive.

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