5 places we’ve used Beech-Nut’s Organic Coldpurée pouches



With four kids, there is a lot of running around and craziness. Often, that means kids are in tow. It also means that kids will be asking for food, which I always have on hand. But, I like to have food and snacks that aren’t as easily perishable or squishable. So while I prefer the kids snack on fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s not always an option on the go. (If you’ve ever left a banana or apple in your bag or car too long, you totally know what I’m talking about!)

1. In the car

On so many car trips, both short and long, they’ve been along for a ride or two as a snack.

Beech-Nut Cold Pressed Pouches

2. On the plane

On our flights to Houston, we had pouches in the diaperbag/backpack. (Technically, many of them are over the 3oz, limit, but we’ve never had a problem flying with them with our kids).

3. On a boat

While there was a ton of food available on our recent family cruise, having snacks that were in our room and ready to go for the littlest was key. Sometimes, they want and need to eat right.now. And we wanted to make sure that was an option.

4. At school

Pouches are super easy to pack in preschool and mom’s morning out lunches. They are easy for teachers to open, don’t go bad if the kids don’t eat them, and provide real fruits and vegetables.

5. At the house

Most of the time, it’s fresh fruit for snacks at home, but sometimes, a nap wakeup happens right in the middle of getting dinner ready, and they can help themselves to a pouch without having to peel. It’s easy for them to grab and snack!

With already being big fans of Beech-Nut’s real food for babies, having their new Beech-Nut Coldpurée™ pouches as an option is a perfect fit. After all, Beech-Nut is always innovating with the goal to make moms’ lives easier.

Beech-Nut Cold Pressed Pouches

What is Coldpurée™?

Beech-Nut’s pouches are make using the same unique cooking method as Beech-Nut’s Naturals™ and Organic™ jars – called the “coldpurée” method. Beech-Nut starts with real fruits and veggies, and then blends the ingredients cold to protect the flavor and nutrients. Next, the air is removed to seal in freshness and the purée is gently cooked to preserve natural color and texture. Finally, they scoop the blend into their glass jars and portable pouches. Beech-Nut is the only baby food company that uses this method.

Beech-Nut pouches are available Stages 1-3, and they introduced some exciting new flavor combinations. Something I found interesting – Beech-Nut chose to have the color of the pouches reflect the color of the purees inside them, rather than add artificial preservatives to the product in a clear package.

To keep in mind from Beech-Nut

Of course, pouches are super convenient, and they’re ideal for traveling and quick meals/snacks. But the fact of the matter is, care givers shouldn’t exclusively feed their little ones pouches. Why? I’t’s important for little ones to develop spoon skills that come with feeding themselves. They also need to learn the sensory experiences of food beyond tasting – such as seeing, feeling and smelling – which are not always best achieved through pouch feeding. That’s why we still love Beech-Nut’s glass jars, but are excited to have more options to choose from in terms of both format and flavor.

Beech-Nut provides a variety of options that parents can trust. Just one way they do this: if you check the ingredients on Beech-Nut’s Coldpurée pouches – front and back – you will find that the ingredients on the front are the same as the ingredients listed on the back, in order.

Want to find Beech-Nut’s Coldpurée pouches?

The pouches are currently available at BabiesRUs.com.

Have you had pouches in another place? On a train maybe?


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  1. I have never seen this, but my kids are grown. It is cool how they have it in those pouches.

  2. I didn’t realize that Beechnut now makes pouches! We used their baby jars when my grandsons were younger. What a great option now!

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