Mommy and Me Monday | The Airport Delay 341st ed


At the beginning of this week, we returned home from Houston. When we booked our flights with a little over a week of notice, we weren’t left with a lot of flight options. So, we either flew before the sun came up, after it went down, or during lunch time. Lunch time seemed like the lesser of the evils. Of course, that meant buying lunches in the airport. (I know, it didn’t have to mean that, but trying to pack and pack lunches that would get us through security just wasn’t in the plans).

It worked out pretty perfectly on the way there. We ate, waited not too long and got on our flight. The way home was a different story. We got our lunch and ate and the sky opened up. So much so that our plane that was coming from Atlanta had to be diverted to Austin to refuel because it couldn’t land in Houston. 

That meant we had some delays.

Those delays turned into almost two hours of delays. 

We had everything we needed and were all fine. We were just all a bit tired. 

mommy and me monday at the airport

We usually don’t pull out the tablets and movies until we get on the flight, but we pulled them out early. Thankfully, I had purchased a couple more pairs of headphones, too. B was happy to use me as a chair and then recliner. 

At one point, I had three kids sitting on me watching a movie or reading a book.

About 15 minutes before we were supposed to board, we found out that our flight was moved to the complete opposite end of the airport and terminal. At this point, we were way past nap time (please tell me I’m not the only one with kids that don’t nap not in beds) and Mr. Serious had just brought me a warm drink (because I had been sitting on soaking wet carpet and didn’t even notice…until I got up and was cold). 

With little time and all of us fading (or maybe me), I put B in the toddler carrier, left her headphones on and held the iPad so she could continue watching Zootopia (grab the cute printable I made), I didn’t have to try to chase her, and I could still drink my drink while it was hot. Because my hands were full, I asked E to hold on to a strap I unrolled. Apparently, she thought it was much better to hold onto it with her teeth. I had no idea she was doing that until I asked Mr. Serious to snap a picture and he showed me. 

And, well, basically, I think that this picture sort of sums up the end of the trip and sometimes doing all the things that you never thought you would do because survival. and mom-ing. and life.

mommy and me monday almost handsfree

What were you up to this week?

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