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My sister has an annual pass to the Houston Zoo. So, when we decided to change some plans and head to Houston for Winter Break (ha, winter, it was upper 70s and even 80s while we were there), I asked if we could make a trip to the zoo. Of course, I didn’t think about Houston traffic or nap times, so it almost didn’t happen, but we made it work. And I only lost her passport once (thank goodness for honest people!)

While we were waiting for my sister and her oldest, we checked out an ocean and ocean creature exhibit that was made entirely out of trash. They had a fun setup for pictures, and we aren’t ones to miss out, so *snap*! (That stinker E didn’t want a picture in her new-found 4 year old glory!) 

Houston Zoo | Mommy and Me Monday

Once we connected, we were off to see the elephants bathe and play. Why must the entire zoo smell like the elephants? Thankfully, everybody was quite happy about it.

Houston Zoo | Mommy and Me Monday

After more animals and too many snacks to count (the zoo makes kids hungry…hungry enough to throw cereal on the floor and then demand more…I’m not naming any names here…) we headed to the carousel for a treat of a ride. B (who looks like she got in a fight according to her oldest sister, but really scratched herself), wanted to ride on her own animal. That lasted about 1.5 seconds until it and the carousel started moving.

Houston Zoo | Mommy and Me Monday

However, she didn’t want off of her animal, she just need to make sure that she wasn’t going anywhere and had a firm grasp on me. The good news is, worrying about her and making sure she was happy left me too distracted to get dizzy and motion sick. So, I think that’s a win!

Houston Zoo | Mommy and Me Monday

It was a nice week in Houston, but we are all also very happy to be sleeping in our own beds again. Now, that back to work tomorrow business is another story!

What were you up to this week?

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  1. pat chance says:

    Wow you rode the merry go round. I am so proud of you. You definitely had the best weather while you were here.

  2. Looks like so much fun! Lol, isn’t it great when they grow up and get an attitude??

  3. Looks like fun! And I have to laugh at your smell comment. You’ll have to experience the NC Zoo someday – it’s HUGE and a natural habitat type so the animals are close enough to see, but far enough I can’t recall smelling any elephant poop. LOL We have an annual membership there and try to visit at least twice a year. It’s an hour and a half drive from our home and a FULL day between the drive & seeing as much as we can so I feel you on the naps. Our last visit was for E’s 1st birthday and the only way she would nap was in her Lillebaby. 🙂

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