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We spent the 4th of July in Texas for the third year in a row. This is the 2nd year that the girls are doing cross country and had to keep up their training. 

I can no longer keep up with the oldest. And, really can’t keep up with N, either. She was nice enough to keep pace with me however. 

We got up and started running between 5:30 and 6:00am for each running day. It’s just too hot, and too humid to run any later. We started sweating as soon as we walked outside. 

running with n first time

We got her runs, done and she even did a couple with her aunt, too. 

We were also attached by giant mosquitos. I’m not sure this even captures how huge this one is… We have become one with bug spray and a numbing cream to help with the itching. (It actually works, too!)

giant mosquito

Another day, another run. This one she split with my sister and me. I got the shorter run! But, we got an amazing sunrise view.

running with n second time

We moved houses and locations but the humidity didn’t stop. It actually rained every morning after that, so we ran in the rain, too. This day was more of a drizzle and actually felt pretty nice. 

running with n third time with rain

Our last run? It was pretty much pouring the whole time. We were drenched in rain and our shoes and socks were soaked. The puddles and mud holes couldn’t be avoided. 

It’s just training for the meets, right? Because they run in all weather except thunder and lightning. 

Nothing a little towel, newspaper and hot shower can’t fix. 

running with n fourth time and drenched

We are back home and already in the home stretch for summer with just a few weeks left until school starts. And thankfully, they are back to running with their teammates. Whew!

What did you do this week?

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