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After last week’s two separate races, a birthday party, baking a cake and cheering at a game, I knew this Saturday would be even more non-stop.

It had all the same things as the previous Saturday, but added in Homecoming and a babysitting job.

The oldest got a ride to the bus that left school at 6am.

The middle school runners and I left the house at 7am to catch the oldest daughter’s race and to make sure we were going to be there in time for the middle school race.

We definitely made it in time and even caught the sunrise!

pre-races mommy and me monday

We all found our first viewing spot on the course to catch the start of the race. Some of the family stayed at the first mile to catch that and the finish. Some of us ran to the back of the course for a hairpin turn that gets repeated to do some cheering at the less-fan-filled section in the back.

waiting for the oldest to race mommy and me monday

The oldest raced and had a great race and a new 5K PR. Then, it was off to set up for coaching the middle school race.

B and Grammi headed back to grab lunch so B could make it to cheer at her game.

The oldest and Mr. Serious stayed to help cheer for the middle two girls. Both N and E got PRs in their 2 mile race.

after the races mommy and me monday

It was then time to get back home and have a quick lunch. N finished making a cake for the birthday party, Grammi and B came home early from cheer and Mr. Serious took the youngest three to the birthday party.

At the same time, the oldest had her friends coming over to get ready for the dance. I kept them on a tight schedule and we mostly stuck to it.

Then it was off to take pictures (with nearly everybody else in the county). The girls and I were very thankful they decided to wear Converse and Air Forces with their dresses because parking was bad and we had a good walk.

Her date made her a bouquet out of playing cards….so I had to stop and snap a picture. The photographer mom got a picture and well, thanks for the fun Mommy and Me Monday shot!

hoco 2022 mommy and me monday

We walked a bit more to find a less people-y area and got some great shots of the oldest of her friends and teammates.

the girls hoco

The whole group.

the group hoco

Mr. Serious went to get the girls from the birthday party and N got picked up to babysit.

I shuttled the Homecoming group to dinner after pictures. I found a seat away from them and grabbed my own dinner. Then, when they were ready to go to the dance, the minivan made one more group stop.

I sat down for about an hour and it was time to get in line for pickup. A bunch of high school drivers and parents all trying to be at the same place at the same time is good fun.

I scooped her up and then went to pick up N from her babysitting job.

Whew. We finally pulled into the driveway. And once again, I realized there was no picture of her and me together. So, we fixed that at about 11:30pm in the pitch black in front of the garage door.

after the dance mommy and me monday

And, that about wraps up the non-stop Saturday. 5am to 11:30pm is beyond all of our maxes…so Sunday was a pretty chill sit at home and do almost nothing day!

What did you do this week?

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