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1-2-3 they all piled on me | Mommy and Me Monday165th ed.


The end of Spring Break is already here. We didn’t do anything hugely monumental. Hung out with friends, went out to lunch with friends and had a trip downtown to have lunch with daddy. But, it was our Spring Break and I think the little people enjoyed it.

They built so many forts and castles, I lost track. Pillows were everywhere. I was playing with E on the floor with the pillows (she thinks it’s hilarious to lay her head on them and snuggle up). The next thing I knew, there were two more little people piled on top of me and the pillows on the floor. With a ball.

Sharing a pillow...Mommy and Me Monday

Of course there was some head bashing with the ball (paybacks for 14 months of harassment!)

Sharing a pillow...Mommy and Me Monday

And a whole-lotta-love!

Sharing a pillow Mommy and Me Monday

These are the moments and memories I want to look back on and smile. Sure, there are other things that happened this week that none of us are proud of, but we won’t dwell on those.

Did you savor the mundane? Live for the grand adventure?

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It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information. Need another reason to participate in Mommy and Me Monday? Read my post about why I blog with words from a friends’ husband.


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  1. This is such a cute idea! I hope I can get all four of mine together for a photo!

    1. You should try it…but you definitely need long arms, or a very squished lap to get everybody on the front camera.

  2. Grammy Staffy says:

    As always you make me smile. You are such a darling mom. I’m glad that you enjoy your little ones so much. I’m doing a the A to Z challenge and posting a blog everyday. It is quite a challenge for me. Drop by sometime if you can. I need the moral support. Hugs, Lura

  3. These pictures are so adorable. I feel slightly guilty about rolling over and going back to sleep this week while Mr. S and the munchkin played. I’m all about savoring the moments this week too.

    1. Ahh…don’t. They need a well-rested mommy to play with them, too.

  4. Mr. Serious says:

    Looks like fun. I was probably filing collective bargaining agreements while this was happening…

  5. Beautiful photos! You can see the love! These are the moments I try to memorize so I’ll always remember them!

    1. Exactly…trying to imprint them…and if I have a photo, even better:)

  6. So cute! We have fun moments like this on sleep in days. Except on the floor, all the kids come jump on Mommy and Daddy in our bed and they all snuggle in tight. And these are kids from 3 years to 9 years old. lol.

    1. That sounds like fun. For some reason, it almost never happens that we have snuggle buddies in bed. When they wake up, they are running to go!

  7. So fun! I miss having a little one to do those things with. It is a bit different with a teenager but I still cherish them(:

    1. I’ll probably still grab them and make them sit on my lap!

  8. What a fun idea – my boys don’t miss an opportunity to jump on me or their dad… but I never think to get a picture. Will have to try.

    1. Yeah, I happened to have mine in my pocket (hiding from the youngest who thinks it’s her personal chew toy!)

  9. a big ole happy, giggly pile of LOVE!!

    so glad you girls had such a fun spring break!

  10. Building forts and just being together definitely creates great memories. I’m glad my boys still enjoy making forts in the house.

    1. I have a feeling there will be many forts in our house still to come.

  11. Ha! So cute. Looks like y’all had fun!

    1. We try…we try. We did get on each other’s nerves a bit, too!

  12. love those shots! the girls look like they were having a major giggle fest!

    1. They totally giggle off each other, too! They go around in circles with it.

  13. fun times… spring break does not always mean going somewhere to have fun 🙂

    1. Thank goodness..because we don’t….too pricy and a crazy time to travel.

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