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Kitchen renovation isn’t a fun time. Sure, picking out the stuff can be fun. But, after like the 10th decision, decision fatigue sets in.

While it might not seem like a lot, that’s on top of all of the other decisions I make on the daily and checking on contractors to make sure things are up to snuff. And getting things from the store that you didn’t realize you needed to provide.

We are definitely in the home stretch (had to have an outlet fixed today) and still need the hood installed, but we have unpacked our stuff!

This was when we were close enough to eat and cook a dinner in the kitchen. It was all in the airfryer, microwave and instant pot, but it was cooked dinner at home!

Now, scroll up and notice the over behind the oldest. Yes. It was sitting right in the middle of the kitchen. Apparently installing appliances wasn’t included in our project. We eventually got the dishwasher and ice maker installed. And the electrician did the microwave as a favor (it needed to be plugged in and 4 screws).

N and I rolled the fridge from the living room back to the kitchen. Thankfully, the carpenter came back in to get something and asked if we needed help. We did because we had to take all of the drawers out because the hardware was in the way. We were very glad for his help.

Then, we borrowed a dolly from a neighbor and moved the range to the wall and hooked the gas and electric up. All seemed well, but turns out gas lines need teflon tape or plumbers putty. But, thankfully, again, I have a super strong nose so I noticed the light leak, we turned it off, got some help with the teflon tape and we got it all attached.

Naturally, we had to snap a victory picture (I had to take my school-name-hat off) of our accomplishment! Ranges are heavy!

We are excited to be back in our kitchen and figure out where things go. There’s already been some moving of stuff. Once it’s all finally final, I’ll take some after pictures!

What did you do this week?

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