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It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

We got to have some quality family time while we were in Houston.  Nothing like a good wedding to get all of your family in town for a visit.

Some of us crammed on the couch (and apparently, I was “killing” my cousin by sitting on him) and my aunt snapped this one.  I don’t think you can beat any of those smiles.

Gotta love family

(l to r: #1, Zac, Keegan (my cousin), me, #2)

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    1. Thanks…I was glad it came out well..I don’t get to see them all very often.

  1. Mr Serious says:

    Great pic, but in the words of Chris Rock, “take off that silly a$$ hat.”

    1. Oh, they definitely enjoyed all of the extra attention!

  2. What a great photo…it is always nice to get together with family and take new pictures!

  3. I just adore your little ones red hair! How precious 🙂

    1. Thanks! My little recessive gene kiddos! It’s hard to tell, but their hair is the same color.

  4. The best smile ever, i hope your cousin survive hehe just kidding

  5. We are visiting family right now, and it is so much fun! We actually stayed an extra night because we were having so much fun and didn’t want to go back to reality!

  6. Ah, I love that – yes, definitely truly authentic smiles! 😀

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