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Vanity has a price…pain


My sensitive skin and hot wax really don’t mix.  When I go to get my eyebrows waxed, I feel like the top layer of my skin comes right off…and then, the bumps and ingrown hairs start.

So, when in Houston, I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to try out getting my eyebrows threaded.  She knew just the place.  During nap time, we were off.

Mom didn’t warn me.  She just let the nice little lady direct me to a chair where she told me to lay my head back.  And, to hold my eye shut and pull up my eyebrow, just like this picture.



Then, the nice little lady said, in a very strong and very serious voice “DON’T MOVE!”

Yeah, not intimidating at all.  I got scared.

And, then she started.

As a person who didn’t yell or curse or anything like that during the birth of my children, you’d be surprised to hear that I did yell.  “Frick!” (promise…I didn’t actually cuss this time).

Why?  It hurt.

I thought it was a one hair at a time sort of thing.  Not an entire row of hairs all pulled out at the same time.

It felt like a razor was slicing the hair off of my face.

Tears?  Rolling down my face.

And, then, she was done with the first eye.  Whew.

But, wait.  We’ve got to do the second eye.  Pretty much a repeat of the first.  This time I yelled “ouch!”  And, I meant it.

The good news?  No bumps or ingrown hairs.  The bad news?  They recommend doing it every two weeks!

Yeah, I still haven’t found a place in the ATL to get it done.  I haven’t decided if I will.

Have you had your eyebrows or anything else threaded?  Love it or hate it? Once you thread you never go back?


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  1. I was thinking about having them threading because like you when they are waxed I feel like a layer of skin comes with it, plus it gets all pink and puffy. It’s not a good look. I’m scared of threading now….

    1. I should have mentioned the same..I get pink and puffy for like a day! no pink or puffy with the threading. So, a little more pain up front, but once it’s done, it’s done!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I get mine done every 2 weeks and love it. I’m totally addicted. It is painful but it’s also very quick and I love the results. Where did you go? I go to Yasmeen Salon on Katy Ft Bend. Awesome!! But my skin isn’t really sensitive so it’s only puffy for about 10 minutes. My biggest complaint is that it messes my eye makeup up 😉

    1. Somewhere on Fry Rd. A little salon I never would have noticed.

      Fortunately, I didn’t have any or hardly any makeup on. And, I had no puffiness at all.

  3. grandma Pat says:

    I have waxed and threaded. Threading is the way to go but yes it does hurt. No puffy skin, no bumps after, and probably a lot more sanitary. I wonder if you do get it every 2 weeks if there are less hairs so it doesn’t hurt as bad. and yes she did only say “Frick” – I was laughing at her while trying to get my lip done at the same time. Also talked my sister into trying it, I wasn’t there when she had it done but she complained about the pulling also.

  4. I have always wanted to try threading but now I am really scared.

    1. Seriously, though, the pain and puffiness is much shorter than waxing.

  5. I’ve actually threaded my own hair and didn’t have a problem with it. I guess I just have a lot of pain tolerance.

    1. Wow…you did it yourself? Impressive.

      they had me hold my eyelid tight. how did you do that?

  6. I’m a big fan of tweezers! It’s free, doesn’t hurt, and I don’t have to let the hair grow out in order to do it again!

    1. The problem is…I don’t have a good outline and besides the strays, I can’t tell which ones I need to get rid of.

  7. I love, love, LOVE the threading place I go to. Yes, it hurts a little. I think waxing hurts more and it burns on top of that! With threading I never have ingrown hairs or bumps or redness. Love that.

    1. The after is definitely better than the waxing, that’s for sure. And, you are probably right, it does hurt less than waxing.

  8. I get mine threaded, but not every two weeks. I find I need it done less than when I was waxing. And it’s less painful, for me, than waxing.

    1. I guess it might be a little less painful. I think I might be due for another round of it…have to find a place near me.

  9. I am sorry to be laughing, but I am laughing with you. Because that is exactly how I felt the first time I got my brows threaded. Tears rolling down the face and all. But threading is all I will do from now on. Mine last a month before I need them done again, and everytime I do it’s a lot of mental preparation and prayer. My eyes don’t tear up anymore but it still hurts.

    1. Glad I’m not alone….so, maybe it’s a little better the next time around. Guess I have to find a local place.

  10. Being a dark haired gal, I *should* have my eyebrows done, but I haven’t…not even once. And this post doesn’t make me want to do it either 😉

    1. That’s impressive. Mine are just so huge and bushy…but I know I never do it often enough.

  11. This is something I’ve never done and just for the whole you should do it every two weeks thing, I don’t think I will anytime soon!

    1. So, do you do anything? Seems like all of the comments say it’s more like every month.

  12. Had my first threading three weeks ago and HATED it! It was way more painful than waxing. I have the same sensitive skin and finally found a place that has a “light sensitive beeswax”. It’s not hot and the results are awesome without bumps and redness.

    1. Hmmm…interesting. Although, I don’t think it’s the wax for me so much as it is the ripping off part.

  13. uhm holy hockey sticks!! no flippin way!! seeing the picture made my eyes water!! ouch ouch ouch ouch!!

  14. I’ve never really thought about it, but I can assure you after reading this, I never will!

    I don’t handle pain well. Or, at least I don’t feel like I do!

    Plus, I think it would just be too traumatic for me. If it were only one brow it might be manageable, but dealing with the pain and going back for more? No thanks.

    1. That definitely made it a little brutal…knowing the second eye was coming.

  15. Ouch! Looks like it does hurt. I always pluck my eyebrow and as I’ve been doing it since forever, it doesn’t hurt a tiny bit anymore. But plucking all at the same time? I don’t know how it will hurt! But I’ve been always curious how the threading leaves the eyebrow… maybe next time you can show a pic of before and after? 😀

    Spanish Pinay

  16. I’ve had my eyebrows threaded once. We’ve got a random kiosk in the mall where they do it. Mine looked pretty decent for about three weeks, actually.

    1. I always forget about the mall..probably cheapest place, too.

      I’m past three weeks and thinking some maintenance is in order.

  17. OUCH! NO, I’ve never done that and don’t think I ever will! 🙂

  18. Which is why I just pluck my own eyebrows. I had mine waxed for my wedding and then since then I just plucked. Much less painful, if you ask me. 😉

    1. I’m just not good at finding the path, and then I think I would keep plucking to even them out.

  19. I love getting my eyebrows threaded! Well, that’s not exactly accurate. I love the results! It does hurt, but I think it is worth it in the end.
    And as for that two weeks business, PUH-LEEZE! My place recommends every 6 weeks. I tend to go…um…every 6 months. But I wouldn’t recommend waiting that long!

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