And the search goes on

I thought we finally had a cure for my chicken bone in the throat symptoms. The “reflux” that is.
The ENT told me to take the little purple pill for a month and things would get better.
That month came and went with me not feeling any better. The ENT told me to double the dose. Did that for two weeks, then the prescription ran out. My lovely insurance company said I can’t do that. So we had a new plan with the little purple pill and the over-the-counter meds.
Still no improvement.
Then, I had the barium swallow study. I might have gagged a little on that.
Turns out, it isn’t reflux
Last week, I headed to the GI. He has a new plan.
Monday night, I will fast.
Tuesday morning, I will have a drug induced slumber, followed by a camera down my throat and into my upper GI.
The doctor will look around and also stretch my esophagus while he’s in there. I sure hope he figures out what’s wrong. He did tell me that many years ago, the sensation had a name which roughly translated into calling the person crazy.
I wish it were all in my head. At least then, there might be a medication that could help me.
Wish me and the doctor luck. Oh, and poor Mr. Serious, too, who has to drive me home after being sedated. I hope I’m not too pathetic.


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  1. Good luck – I really hope they find something and that it is minimal! It stinks to KNOW something is wrong but not get an answer.

  2. Oh geez, Krystyn, I'm sorry. I hope they figure out what is going on!

  3. Oh boy… good luck, good luck, good luck and I'm sure everything will be A-Okay!

  4. oh honey! i am so sorry it's not just a chicken bone 🙁 if only life were that easy huh?

    sending love and hugs for good news!

    and hoping you and mr. serious enjoy the car ride home! yay for date night 🙂

  5. I'm sorry but when you said chicken bone in your throat my mind went to the opening scene from "My Girl" with Vada talking to the camera(and I have no idea if you know what I mean….anyway) I'm sorry your suffering and they haven't figured out what is happening. Hopefully they will after you do that test. Good luck with fasting Monday! Feel better soon : )

  6. I'll be thinking of you Thursday and hoping that they can figure out what's going on! I'm sorry you're still dealing with all of this…

  7. Good luck!! Praying that they figure out what is causing the annoying symptoms and that it's an easy fix!

  8. Ahhh I hope it goes well and you are on your way to feeling better ASAP!!!!

  9. I will be thinking and praying for a quick and easy cure!
    Sorry you dont have an answer yet, but my fingers are crossed you find one soon!!

  10. I can't imagine what a pain this is for you and a little scary.

    I'll be thinking of you, Krystyn.

  11. good luck… the body can be such a pain some times…

  12. Hope they figure out what is wrong. That's the worst! When they can't just tell you what's wrong with you and fix it. That's when I get most frustrated with doctors. Well I hope everything goes well!!

    Good luck with the fasting part too! UGH!

  13. Oh my goodness girl.. that sounds so annoying!!! Praying that they find out what's wrong.. Miss you!! I need to read more often!!

  14. Yikes! I hope the doctor finds out what the problem is and gives you a fast fix for it. That sounds like torture…

  15. good luck!! Hope they can figure out what's been going on!! I am assume the results will take about 1-2 weeks??

  16. Will be thinking about you. Hopefully they can figure it all out.

  17. Well I hope after this they are able to figure it out and help you friend!

  18. Yikes! I hope they figure out what's going on!

  19. i hope they can figure it out and you are feeling better soon:)

  20. Wow! That doesn't sound like fun–good luck & feel better!

  21. Good luck tomorrow…hope you feel OK and more importantly you get answers! Keep me posted!

  22. Oh dear. That doesn't sound like fun. Luck and prayers!

  23. I will be thinking about you…I can't wait to hear how things go!

  24. praying for you and your doctor today!

    I had a friend who had this problem too, had surgery, and now feels TONS better! Fingers crossed this is your outcome too! Hope you are able to rest today!

  25. Good luck. I've had all types of GI procedures done. They thought I had everything and then every procedure came out moot. They still don't know what's wrong with me and have just dubbed me as having "IBS." Oh well.

    I hope they have better luck at determining what the chicken bone is!

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