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As a writer/influencer/blogger/designer, I spend a lot of time at my desk. Too much, it seems. If my FitBit could talk, it would tell me to get up and move more than I do. Believe me, I do move, but as my husband likes to remind me, “sitting is the new smoking.” So figuring out a way to keep me moving while working was kind of a priority. BUT…I don’t have the room or space for a standing desk or treadmill desk, so I needed a better option and when Cubii reached out and asked me to give one a try, I was happy to oblige. Keep reading, too, because the nice people at Cubii have allowed me to offer you a 10% discount + free shipping! Make sure to check out the video at the end to see the Cubii in action!

Cubii coupon code

What is the Cubii?

Enter the Cubii. The first smart, under-desk elliptical invented by invented by three University of Chicago graduates in their early 20s. It comes in two color options: Noir and Chrome.

Cubii Discount and Review

I can sit at my desk, keep my body moving, burn calories and get steps in (one full revolution counts as a step on my FitBit.)

Cubii Discount and Review

How hard is it to put together?

I’m usually very good at putting things together. The directions intimidated me hugely for some reason. When, in fact, I had it together in about 2 minutes. It even comes with the necessary screwdriver to attach the 4 screws for the pedals. It was just a couple screws to be placed. Then I had to use the included cord to charge it up. That is only for the bluetooth syncing. It doesn’t need to be plugged in to work.

Cubii Discount and Review

What do you need?

There isn’t much you need to get going. You need a phone with bluetooth capabilities and access to the app store to download the free app from either the Apple Store or Google Play.. And, you need to wait patiently to charge the Cubii so it can sync to your phone. Then, you just need yourself, willingness to move a little and a spot under your desk for your Cubii.

Cubii discount

Why do you need it and what does it do?

You can exercise while sitting at your desk and working (no standing on this one). Two birds. One stone. Wearing my heart rate monitor, I can see that it raises my heart rate from my resting heart rate. My resting heart rate is in the upper 50s to lower 60s and when using the Cubii it goes into the 80s and 90s, and a couple times into the 100s for reference.

It has 8 different tension settings so you can decide how hard it is to make a rotation. It is very quiet and very quiet and non-intrusive and truly fits under your desk. AND, you can burn approximately 150 calories per hour!

What does the app do?

In addition to tracking your daily progress (calories, strides, miles, minutes and steps) the app allows you to share your progress as well as compete with friends. If you have a FitBit it allows you to sync with your FitBit to count steps. However, as I learned, the steps accumulated with the Cubii don’t count towards challenges, so people competing with me know that these are additional steps you aren’t seeing. This is from one session with the Cubii and desk work. I had no idea I had been sitting that long, let alone moving my legs that long.

Cubii Discount and Review

That’s a screenshot directly from my Cubii app dashboard. Yes, I was on the Cubii for 113 minutes one day. I had a lot to get done!

Once you sync with your FitBit app (not required, just if you want to), you will see the Cubii syncs every 30 minutes and logs your steps and data. Depending on the device you have, you can even monitor your average heart rate during that time. This is how it will look in your FitBit app after syncing (note this doesn’t correspond to the above exercise date/time).

Cubii Discount and Review

I’ve been using the Cubii for almost a month now and I’m really finding it a great addition to my workflow. It actually feels like it keeps me focused when I’m moving my legs and time passes faster.

If you want to try out the Cubii, follow that link and share your email address (with them) and they are allowing me to share a 10% discount + FREE SHIPPING ($60 total) with you. Also, you can buy them in more quantities for even deeper discounts. One for you and your spouse maybe? (I’m trying to hint to my husband that he needs to tell his wellness people at work about this and get them on board!). You can also buy the Cubii on Amazon.

What do you think? Would this be something that would help you move throughout the day? 

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