Apple picking, the finale, with just a little sas.


I know, you are probably tired of the apple picking trip, but there were so many photo ops, and I just have to share.

Right when we got there, I wanted a picture of the girls together.  This is what I got.  Att-i-tude!

so sassy

Surprisingly, she actually touched the miniature horse at the petting zoo.  Of course, when he moved at all, she flinched and screamed.

petting the pony

And she looked on while her daddy and her sister went inside.  She kept calling the white cow a sheep.  She’s silly like that.

cow, sheep, pig

She only dropped her apple a couple times.  It’s either on its way down, or on the rebound from the ground.  What, you don’t like dirt on your apples?

apple mid-air

Actually, she said “dirty, dirty” and went and helped herself to another one.

picking her own apple

While eating their apples, #2 was sitting on my lap, and #1 was sitting next to me.  #2 stood up and said “Sit #1 yap (lap).”  And, she went right over and did it.  They were adorable.


After our picking, we feasted on a caramel apple and apple cider slushies.  They made the trip totally worth while!


So, yeah, I’d say it was a successful trip.  And, we only have eleventy million apples to eat!  Maybe I should run to the store and get some caramels.  Yum…..drool……

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  1. I swear posts like this make me add apple picking to my “List of Things to Do This Season” every year. Maybe this year I’ll actually follow through!

  2. LOVE the photo of the girls together, that’s such a cute one. Well, hey, they’re ALL cute… yes, you, too. 😀

    Mmmmm, apples and caramel. That reminds me of the state fair and Halloween!

    Oh, I found the best apple cake recipe online last night and tried it tonight… I’ve never made apple cake before… it was awesome! (I have the link if you or anyone else is interested.)

  3. aww those pictures are adorable! I need to find a place to go pick apples but with the weather here I doubt there are any growing, too hot!

  4. How fun. I need to take my kids apple picking.

    And that attitude, I totally recognize it. 😉

  5. SO sweet! We’re going to the apple orchard again next week…can’t wait to get some of these picture opportunities for myself!

  6. Wow! Your girls look so much alike – I thought the pics were from different days! Not many apple orchards in Texas….

  7. What a fun family day:) You can do so much with apples, too! If you have a spare apple pie you want to send me, I will shoot you my address:)

  8. AW! Adorable Apple pickers! And with her “attitude” pose, she looks soooo big! what a fun day at the apple orchard. and the drinks and caramel apples sound awesome!
    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I actually had to stop by from your comment left on Diana’s post about having a “bad perm” photo! haha I said something similar as to some post “big perm hairdo” photos of mine that I would willingly share :o)

  9. We went yesterday & I currently have 20 lbs of apples sitting on my kitchen counter….augh!!! Cute pictures 🙂

  10. you know how much i am melting over the sister picture right?


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