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My poor husband also know this and knows that his gift ideas have historically flopped…and it’s not because I’m not grateful, we just aren’t very good with that. My grandma, on the other hand got me, well us, a great gift in the form of a house cleaning service. She made sure to check that I wasn’t offended (and I wasn’t) and then it was go time.

I’ve never been one to love cleaning and I’ve always wanted my very own cleaning fairy. I think there are people out there that like cleaning, but that’s not me (yes, mom, I’m looking at you). I’m also a pretty hard person to shop for. I know and acknowledge this.

So, when it’s easy to find a cleaning service on a site like Hux (currently in and around Atlanta and Charolette, NC) it’s even easier to get it all set up your very own cleaning fairy and gift the service, too!

cleaning fairy free printable

What is Hux?

They are a tech-based platform to offer on-demand home services like house cleaning. The transaction takes place online, too, so it can be totally paid for before giving the card!

The customer goes online for the service and the FULLY VETTED service providers bid for their business. So seamless and easy. As a plus, three GA Tech students graduated and co-founded the company. (I’m a big fan of a local success story). They also have great ratings on Yelp! and keep up with their providers to make sure things are going smoothly. You can read about the providers on their site before making a selection, too.

It’s done in three easy steps, you put in your information and read about the providers and

  1. select the provider in your area
  2. schedule the cleaning
  3. pay securely online (you are only charged after the cleaning is completed)

7 reasons this gift is better than the one you have planned

So, before you go with that bad sweater, or terrible movie as a gift, check out these reasons why hiring a cleaning professional is a better gift idea. Plus, I even have a printable so you can download the card, print it out and put it right into an envelope!

cleaning fairy free printable.png

{Click to grab the free cleaning fairy printable in pdf format. It is set to print at ~6×4 notecard size, but you could print it larger if you’d like.}

You can’t get the wrong size

As much fun as it is shopping for clothes for somebody else, odds are, it’s not going to go well. Get a size too big for a woman and she’s insulted because you think she’s bigger. Too small and she’s conscious that that size doesn’t fit.

It’s cheaper than diamonds

That’s pretty self-explanatory, no?

Frees up time (to maybe spend with you)

It’s like a double gift. The gift of time AND the gift of time with a friend or loved one. Or, let’s be honest, it frees up time for some self-care. Combine that cleaning service gift with a massage gift card!

Somebody else will is cleaning the kitchen

A day is bound to be better with somebody else taking over cleaning the kitchen for the day.

Simultaneous clean

It’s not very often that the kitchen, bathrooms and beds are simultaneous clean and ready to go, right? (Maybe that’s just me?)

You never see it sitting on the shelf at a thrift store

This is one gift that you can’t donate to a thrift store. It will get used and appreciated.

No gift wrapping required

Yep. None. Plus, that would be totally awkward. Well, I think anyways. But, I’ve got you covered with a card you can use to gift to your recipient.

Discount Code:

Use SERIOUSDEAL to save $10 at Hux and make that gift sweeter for you too by saving you some money!

cleaning fairy free printable.png

{Click to grab the free cleaning fairy printable in pdf format. It is set to print at ~6×4 notecard size, but you could print it larger if you’d like.}

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  1. You are absolutely right! This is a fantastic gift idea, I would love to receive it. Having the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms simultaneous clean would be a DREAM

  2. HA! Cheaper than Diamonds. SCORE! 🙂 I love these funny and REAL reasons to gift a house clean!

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