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My sister and her family kept telling me about their pizza oven for their grill and how much they love it. In fact, they almost bought one for us. Before they had a chance, the fine people at The Grommet reached out and asked me to check out their site and pick something we’d like to try. When I saw the Kettle Pizza on The Grommet, I knew it was just the thing for us to try out and test out The Grommet experience. 

Tips for cooking with a Pizza Oven on Charcoal Grill kettlepizza

Our order shipped and arrived very quickly, with us receiving the Pizza Oven for Charcoal Grill By KettlePizza Deluxe Kit. This stainless steel insert transforms your charcoal grill into a grill top pizza oven. It sits on the grill grate and is designed to maintain and circulate heat (from a combination of charcoal and hardwood) to cook a crispy pizza in about five minutes. The Deluxe Kit comes with the grill insert, a 14” aluminum baking steel pan (pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil), a thermometer, a 22” wooden pizza peel, and 15” cordierite pizza stone.

kettlepizza getting hot

Putting the KettlePizza together took no time at all and we were ready for making our pizzas. Earlier in the day, I made some homemade pizza dough and we got ready to cook our pizza. It wasn’t all perfect the first time. So, hopefully, you’ll take these tips, combined with tips from my sister to have the most successful KettlePizza experience. 

Tips for cooking with a Pizza Oven on Charcoal Grill | KettlePizza

1. Read the directions for how to arrange your coals

This is a big do as I say, not as I do warning. I thought Mr. Serious read the directions. But he didn’t. Don’t think the coals will work how you typically set them for barbecue chicken. Read the directions. You’ll need the coals in a c-shape along the back side. It’s recommended to add wood chips, but we didn’t have any and the pizzas have turned out tasty.

2. Have pizzas all made and ready to go

While you are getting your coals ready, also have everybody make their pizzas. Once the KettlePizza is to temperature, you’ll want to start your baking. 

making pizza for kettle pizza

3. Put the pizza stone in when you start heating the KettlePizza

You want the pizza stone to be nice and hot and the same temperature as your pizza oven, so get it in there from the get-go.

4. Get the temperature up to the “pizza range” 

If you want nice and crispy crusts, an evenly cooked pizza and the shorter cooking time, make sure the thermometer reads around 550 degrees Fahrenheit or in the “pizza” range. Once it gets in that range, you can start your pizza cooking. 

kettle pizza thermometer

5. Have multiple pizza dishes

The KettlePizza comes with one pizza pan. We purchased an additional set of 6 (we bought pizza screens, but you can also use pizza pans) so that we could have all of our pizzas ready and made and not have to transfer them to a pizza pan.

kettle pizza cooking

6. Spray your pizza dishes with non-stick spray

Those extra pizza mesh or pans you purchase? Spray them like crazy with cooking spray. Then spray some more. And then maybe, a little bit more.

7. Don’t press the dough into the pan

Don’t shape the pizza crust on the pan. Make it on a counter (or in the air, you brave pizza maker, you) make it round, then set it on top of the pizza screen or pan. Don’t press the crust down into the pan or the crust will stick, even with all of that cooking spray.

8. Cook that pizza!

It doesn’t take long (like 5-7 minutes) as long as the grill is the right temperature. 

kettle pizza tips and review

9. When one pizza comes out, put the next one in

While your fire and grill are hot, you’ll be able to knock out quite a few pizzas, so pop them in one after the other.

kettlepizza done pizza

10. ENJOY!

Okay, you don’t need this tip, but I wanted to make sure you enjoy your creation. They taste so much better than anything I’ve ever had from the store or even delivery!

cooked kettlepizza

The KettlePizza is a great way to eat while entertaining or just a fun way to enjoy some delicious pizza at home. 

Check out The Grommet for all of your gift and personal purchases. They have so many items!

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  1. Spray and spray some more…lol…I like that ..

  2. Melissa Vines says:

    That’s so cool! Did you know Jack’s pizza was made for grilling. You should try it on your new doodad. Can’t wait to try this!

    1. I had no idea. I had to google it after you mentioned it as I never heard of Jack’s before.

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