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This post was written by me on behalf of RaceTrac. I was compensated for the review, however all views and opinions are 100% my own.

One of our guilty pleasures, especially during the hot summer months is a frozen beverage. We like our cold drinks cold, cold, cold. I blame pregnancy cravings. I wanted to have all of the frozen treats on a stick I could get my hands on. Now, so do the girls.

Aunt Emily started them young, too. To this day, almost anytime we drive past a RaceTrac, the girls ask for a “sugary drink” to which they mean one of their frozen slushy drinks.


{Can we pause here for a minute and talk about my teeny-tiny two oldest girls? Because, gosh were the little!}

To help us and you quench your thirst this summer, RaceTrac guests in Georgia, Texas and Florida can purchase a limited time only Sodapalooza FreeFill mug for $7.99, and then receive FREE fountain and frozen beverage refills this summer through 7/31/14!


As an added bonus, the mugs will also include a Braves buy-one, get-one free ticket offer inside, as well as coupons for food and beverages.

RaceTrac Sodapalooza

Like to make a custom drink? Mix it up! RaceTrac’s fountain and frozen beverage selection varies by store.  Most stores have 30 fountain drinks, including Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi products, and eight frozen beverages!

Want to win a $25 Gift Card to RaceTrac? Enter below via rafflecopter. Double your chances by hitting up Maria’s giveaway!
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  1. With these games prices, I need a $25 gift card to gas up my car. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Oops I meant gas prices. And also I don’t do fountain drinks so I would use the gift card on gas.

  2. If my son has the cup, it’s a crazy mix! He loves everything carbonated.

  3. My kids love slushies, too, but it’s definitely something that I save as a treat. Whenever we are at amusement parks, they both end up with one. Or three – depending on their behavior.

  4. Awesome deals! This girl loves cold cold cold drinks too. I did stop drinking soda pop, but on occasion, I can’t turn down a fountain drink, especially in the summertime!

  5. I love adding cherry to any of my drinks – it’s usually a treat when we have icee’s or pop so we go all out!

  6. It gets really hot here in Houston and people flock to those snow cone vendors

  7. My hubby is a construction manager for QT… I cannot post a positive comment:) We are 100% sponsored by QT!

  8. RaceTrak? I don’t think we have any in California. Almost worth a road trip. (Well, almost). I know what you mean about those icy cold drinks. They are so good in the heat of summer.

  9. I love a good fountain soda as a treat. I tend to go for just plain old coke.

  10. I am a Coke fan! There isn’t much better than a nice cold Coke on a hot day in Florida!

  11. They call it a sugary drink? Too funny (and such itty bitties). I’d be all over that slushy drink if I was in Georgia.

  12. I love frozen slushies drinks!! Love them. So good.

  13. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    My favorite drink is crushed ice Dr. Pepper with a little vanilla added;)

  14. I haven’t introduced my kids to the world of icees yet! Maybe this is the summer to do it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. I love making slushie drinks at home but I do love the fountain drinks at restaurants. I love diet dr. pepper, it doesn’t even taste like diet to me.

  16. I usually stick to one flavor at a time. The only exception is that I do like to mix iced tea and lemonade.

  17. My little one LOVED the bubble gum flavored slushie – but for some reason, they decided to get rid of it… So – now he just does the coke flavor.
    We love the slushies, but hes not a fan of the sour and I am not about to give him the energy boosting ones

  18. I craved slushie drinks every day during my first pregnancy. My coworkers used to pick them up for me if they went out at lunchtime.

  19. Dr. Pepper goes into my cup.

  20. I am pretty much a Diet Coke with Lime drinker and I know I need to stop that. I love Dr. Pepper too.

  21. I lvoe the Icees the cherry flavor has always been my fave I cannot mix them…

  22. Wow that’s a great deal for soda drinkers! I happen to be in Florida too!

  23. I love my local race trac! they have a wall of slushies and yogurt!

  24. There is a Racetrac by my house that is one of my favorite places to go. I miiiiiiight visit several times a week for a 7/8 Diet Coke and 1/8 real coke fountain drink. 🙂

  25. We don’t have Race Trac’s in our area but I wish we did. They have lots of great deals and promotions!

  26. Trey Borders says:

    Oh–I love a large Mountain Dew with a splash of cherry added!

  27. Curtis Miller says:

    Cherry Coke is what I like to get.

  28. Th slushie is just a great drink idea. I’ve always been partial to the Coke flavor myself.

  29. I love RaceTrac’s amazing selection of slushie drinks. I’ll save a ton if I buy one of those mugs before my next road trip.

  30. I love slushies. They are such a fun treat in the summer!

  31. Slushy drinks are my guilty pleasure on a hot day! So good and quenches your thirst!

  32. We don’t have RaceTrac’s here, but I LOVE slushys in the summer! So thirst-quenching!

  33. I usually drink sweat tea if they have it… if not I go for Sprite or a lemonade/sprite mix!

  34. christine jessamine says:

    I love to mix cherry coke with Dr. pepper

  35. as long as there are other options than jsut soda this is a good deal .We buy the drink option at amusement parts like Six Flags because it’s cheaper than buying bottles of water

  36. I love to mix and match, but usually just coke and one other flavor.

  37. Thanks – my son is going to be soooo happy!

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