Babywearing? Please help!! And, much awaited Santa Pic



From 5-8pm my sweet little #2
becomes possessed by some demon.

She screams. SHE SCREAMS!!

Nothing works: swing, bouncy seat, holding, laying on back, laying on tummy, playing with toys, singing, even car rides.

So, will babywearing help? I have a Bjorn, but she just doesn’t seem all that comfortable in it. I have the Moby wrap, but I never feel like I can tie it properly(I know it is user error, but I haven’t been able to fix it)…her head always seems to wobble around. And, with the screaming, it really puts the pressure on and I really can’t tie it right..

So, is a Mei Tai the answer? Well, I’m thinking it’s a delicious drink, but it also seems to be a baby carrier. And, babywearers swear by them.

I can’t do it all day, but during those three hours when I’m trying to cook dinner, feed a toddler and get her to bed, it would be great to wear her, right?

So, I’m asking…do/did you love yours?

And, do you know a company that might want me to review one? Or, do you have one you might let me borrow to see if I love it before buying one (as this poor teacher is about to return to work just to pay for childcare and a little extra…we won’t go there, though)?

I know I’m asking a lot here, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And, this mama needs a break from that crying.

Muchos gracias.

After waiting 1.5 hours (in the cold weather) to see Santa, with two tired girls, this is the result!!

Christmas card worthy? I think so!!
You would never think that #1 was talking about seeing Santa and telling him that she wants sunglasses all week!!! Poor Santa.

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  1. I’m soooo sorry. But I laughed until I cried looking at that picture. I showed it to Richard and he said that Picture is priceless. Thanks for giving us a good laugh.

    I have no help in the baby wearing that came after my kids. I would be glad to come sit with N from 5 to 8 and hold her and love her. She is simply precious. Too bad you don’t live a little closer.

  2. haha…that santa photo is too funny! That’s definitely a keeper for the Christmas cards…or for when they are older. 😉 As for the mei tai…how many months old is natalie now? I love my mei tais, but I find that they are better for older babies…like once they are able to hold their heads up well on their own, etc. Emily is 6 1/2 months now and I just started using my mei tai a few weeks ago. She likes it now, but when they are much younger I find that it doesn’t hold them as securely as a wrap. Do you wrap your moby on tightly? You have to wrap those ones pretty tightly because they are a fairly stretchy wrap, and then it hopefully wouldn’t be as loose for N. Anyways, that’s just my 2 cents…if you do get a mei tai, I’d recommend a babyhawk mei tai because it has a higher back and supports their head/neck way better than any other mei tai I know of. Then if they fall asleep in it their head won’t be bobbing around as much and you won’t feel like you have to hold their head if they fall asleep. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

  3. Lol! That picture is priceless! Lol!!

    As for the baby wearing, I had a pouch from Rockin’ Baby–and I just saw someone giving one away on their blog! I bet if you write them they will so let you review one–and maybe give another one away 🙂

    If not, I can look around here for mine. But I have no clue where I put it 🙁 Let me know what happens!

    PS–I had to tell you again how much I love that picture! Priceless!!

  4. the santa picture is a total riot!! i love it!! as for the babywearing, i didn’t have that particular type of sling, but i loved mine. I bought in on line, and it was sized just for me. it really seemed to help during the fussy period! good luck:)

  5. Five to Eight is what I always called the Bewitching Hour…for my boys. Yes that was the times both of my boys cried and cried. MY BFF has a little one born in August and everyday you can set a clock for her becuase five to about seven for her is what her MOM calls her Cranky time.

    I wore both of my boys in my Bjorn and loved it. IT helped but they also cried lots. The little Native Had COLIC, reflux and the worst looking skin you ever saw. HE cried for Six Months of his life and it is a long story that I will share ONE DAY MAYBE OR MAYBE NOT BECAUSE IT WAS UNPLEASANT TIME IN HIS AND MY LIFE. ANYHOO I BELEIVE IT IS JUST SOMETHING TO DO WITH THAT TIME OF DAY. SHE KNOW YOU ARE BUSY AND HAVE TO GET THINGS DONE….It will pass but I tell you right now still my two always seem the worse just while I am trying to get dinner on the table. Hang in there and I truly feel that it is normal and just that time of day is not for her. I tried a sling and did not care for it but again the bjorn was my Poison of choice and trust me as a MOM of a child who had colic..the bjorn saved my life.

  6. Looks very much like our visit to santa last year!

    Unfortunatly, I never got the babywearing thing down either, so I have no useful advice there.

  7. My baby (who can’t hold her head or body up at all) just about lives in the ergo carrier. I tried about 10 other carriers before I found this one and I love it. It has a 90-day trial period

    It might be worth checking into. It is kind of pricey, but for me personally – definitely worth it.

    And hello that pic with Santa could NOT be more funny. Love it!

  8. trifitmom says:

    ok, sorry but that photo is hysterical. i had the bjorn and my second was colic and i basically had her in that thing all the time b/c it was the only way she was somewhat happy. the witching hour sucks, with my older daughter i had to walk her around and talk to her for 2 hours – since i only had one- itwas notso bad.

    my second had the witching hour ALL DAY LONG. bjorn worked for me a bit, tried the hot sling but never got the hang of it. good luck

  9. That picture is HILARIOUS!!! They will love that when they’re older!

  10. Mrs de Miranda says:

    Im sorry, I wish I had more experience to help you out!!! But alas, I have none! I hope someone does!!

    That picture. As they say in Utah– OH MY HECK! That is too funny! I laughed out loud. For at least a minute! The girls are going to love that one day!

  11. Sorry I’m no help in the baby wearing scenario! I just have to say what everyone else has…I LOVE the Santa picture!! That is hilarious!!

    Definitely send it out in Christmas cards, you will make everyone’s day 🙂

  12. That picture made me pee myself. Its hilarious and cute at the same time.

    That was Kenley’s cranky time too. Our dr. recommended going to liquid formula instead of the powder because the powder is harder to digest. I don’t know if you are formula feeding or what but just an idea if you are. As for baby wearing, I have no clue. Maybe check to see if you can find a good used one in your area. Cheaper than buying it new.

    Hope it gets better.

  13. That picture is adorable! I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but laugh! I definitely think that is Christmas card worthy…it will put smiles on tons of faces!

  14. That is a classic Santa Picture. I love it. You are one brave (and patient) momma to wait in line for 1.5 hours! Goodness!

    I don’t have any carriers like that. All I had was a Bjorn and she loved it. 🙁

  15. That pic is hilarious!! I cant beleive you made it 1.5 hours waiting! You are way more patient than me! 😉
    Landon never used a carrier..sorry I dont have any ideas, but I sure hope you find something that works! Or atleast she outgrows her “stage” very quickly!! 🙂

  16. That picture is hilarious!

    Email me N’s approximate schedule and maybe I can offer some suggestions about the screaming. My last two did the same thing!

  17. i have no thoughts on the baby wearing – wish i did though. although maybe i can just come over everyday from 5-8 and help out??

    as for the picture – seriously awesome!! but is santa in his pjs??

  18. That is possibly the best photo with Santa I have ever seen, hands down. As for your situtation with N, I wish I had some advise. Sending good vibes your way!

  19. I had two slings (same style just diff. fabrics) from and loved them. No tying, just slip over the shoulder and around the waist and you’re good to go. They are both currently lent out to friends otherwise I would send you one to try…they are good for infants.

    I hope you find one you like, they really are wonderful!

    Love the pic- totally classic!

    Also, go to if you don’t read her blog already… Steph’s ALL about the babywearing!

  20. I had to stop by your blog–I saw a comment on another blog and your name is almost spelled the same as mine (I only have 1 cool ‘y’ instead of 2).

    Anyway, I tried a hotsling and liked it–I actually ended up making my own (or rather my mom did, she is a whiz at the sewing maching). I also would’ve liked to try a Peanut Shell. Both of them are non-adjustable, though. I’ve heard lots of good things about the Mei Tai. Good luck! They really do come in handy. When ever we went grocery shopping, I put my younger daughter (then just over 2.5 yrs old) in the cart and carried my baby in a Bjorn most of the time.


  21. That is a really good looking Santa Claus!

    Izzy looks so cute cheesing for the camera.

    I did not use a baby sling, but I am going to get one when we are ready for baby #2…they look so wonderful. Sorry I am not much help, but when you find one that you like could you let me know so I can keep that in mind when the time is right for us? Good luck with your search!

  22. Crazy Mama says:

    at that age our ring sling was our go to sling. When he got to be about 6 months old then we switched over to the mei tai. Maybe a pouch would work best for you. They’re pretty easy to use and quite comfy.

  23. Considering #2 is 3 years 4 months and I’m now just getting 1/2 way serious about pt’ing, I may not have the best advice, lol! 😛 We had to put off preschool this fall because she wasn’t pt’ed. She is doing well today–I did the “only undies and a dress” even though it is 9 degrees outside. We’ll see how long each of our motivation lasts! 🙂 Oh, and she is still also deathly afraid of Santa, too. We would’nt even ever get that close!


  24. that picture is priceless! they will appreciate that when they are older!! 🙂 hehehe

  25. How funny is that Christmas picture? Definitely Christmas card material! Haha!

    Slings. Humm. We love our Baby Bjorn. I had it with Caroline. Emma just started using it. I just bought a Hotsling. I love, love, love it. Emma seems to enjoy it. I kind of sit her up in it and she can look around. She helps me cook every night in it. It seems that dinner time is always when children turn into crazy psycho people. Haha!

  26. well I cant help you out with the baby question… but I love that Santa picture! I was cracking up!!! (and your Santa has a real beard!!)

  27. She wants sunglasses? Really?
    Maybe to hide her teary eyes?

    That picture is indeed priceless.


  28. I must say I’ve never worn my babies, although the thought is warming on me now – especially when you have more than one. Can’t wait to see if you find a wrap that you like. Keep us posted.

    That santa pic is priceless. Can you imagine the amount of crying the poor man sees?? LOL.

  29. I wish I could help on the babywearing, but I could never quite make it work for me even though Mia screamed her head off if I wasn’t carrying her.
    Awww, that Christmas pic is too much. Two criers!

  30. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    I am totally outta time on the computer today, and said I would go to your blog and comment on only one, come back later and finish….. I am so EFFIN glad this is the one I saw first. I can’t even tell you what you wrote about, as I scan for your pictures first and had to leave the desk to collect myself after laughing so hard at this picture. It is absolute hysteria. You should 1000% put this in your holiday cards and the only things it should say is “(happy) Holidays”

    Seriously, the FUNNIEST THING ever.

    I know, I know, you were probably crying also. Sorry.

  31. I’m not a baby wearer either, have you tried the car seat, both of my children loved them – they even slept in them for many a months.

    That Santa picture is priceless, I totally hope that you have that ready to be framed!

  32. Ahahah, OMG…this picture is serioulsy CLASSIC! It should be framed and placed in the house 🙂 Poor girls…”its santa, he is the gift giver”.

  33. LMAO- Santa’s all: “Next…”

    Honestly, sorry to say, nothing helps that colicky cry except heavy “jouncing” – that was my husband’s job.

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