Halloween Pasta STEM Activity with Graph and Free Printable


With kids at school in person, or virtually, we’ve got a great Halloween Pasta STEM activity you can do at home or at school with a graph and free printable! Grab some Halloween Pasta (we got ours at ALDI) and add some rotini, and your kids will have a great time sorting, gluing, coloring and counting. 

halloween noodle activity sheet free printable

The Pasta/Noodles

We found this great Halloween pasta bag at ALDI in their holiday finds. Should you not have an ALDI near you, check your local grocery store to see their options. I found a similar bag of Halloween Pasta on amazon, but you will have to swap the spiders for witches. We also added some rotini to the mix just to have a little more variety and make the specialty pasta last a little longer. (You could also use Halloween stickers, hole punched shapes or Halloween m&ms).

halloween noodles from aldi

Separate the pasta and bag it

We pulled out the varieties of pasta to make sure we knew what was in the bag and to get a good variety for each student. I can’t decide which noodle/pasta I like best. I think it might be the bats!

variety of halloween noodles from aldi

We used individual snack-sized zipper bags so each child would have their own pasta to work with and keep things separate. Don’t forget to add some rotini or macaroni noodles to each bag. 

halloween noodles in a bag

Distribute the graph paper and pasta

Each child will get one bag of Halloween pasta and one printable paper with chart to make a bar graph. You can also have each child use glue as well, but this is optional. 

halloween pasta activity ready for kids

Have the children place their pasta into the correct corresponding square for each shape and color. From here, they can chose (or you can chose to instruct them) to color in each square and make a solid bar graph (see below pictures for how we colored in our leaf activity bar graph). OR, you can have the children glue their pasta onto their page for a little more tactile fun. 

halloween noodle stem activity graph

When they are done sorting and glueing/coloring onto their bar graph, they can answer the last couple questions to help analyze what they have. 

This is also a fun time to do an entire class activity and make a graph or chart of all of the pasta in the entire class. More comparisons can be made as well as looking at the data for the entire class.

This is a great classroom activity that can be set up ahead of time and given to teachers in a time when parents aren’t allowed in schools. Kids might not have the same type of Halloween party / activities they might be used to, but this is a fun way for them to experience an activity as a class. 

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