Making charitable donations easy with reSupply app


This year has been a year of purging. There’s just too much stuff in our house; our three bedroom house with 6 people. The stuff adds up. Nobody else is purging, of course. It’s just me in the house, but I can purge for all of us. Read on to see what I used to do and how I’m making donations easier with the ReSupply app.

Making charitable donations easy with reSupply app

Thus far, our purge has included 9 plastic bins full of baby stuff to a friend fostering children and 6 bins to another pregnant friend in need of maternity clothes. Our attic can now breath a heavy sigh of relief. My first choice is giving things to friends and family that can use them, but after that, I like to donate it to a shelter or charity. I don’t have a garage sale in me and I like giving back when I can!

Starting the purge

When the mood to purge strikes, I start with a box in the garage. That box tends to fill quickly and before I know it, I’m at two boxes. Then I can’t get into my van.

resupply review taking up space in my garage

The back of the van?

So, the next logical step is to put it in the back of my van so I can drop it off when I pass by a local donation spot. That’s really logical, right? And of course, I never end up going to the store when I do this and having to figure out where to put said purchased items.

resupply review taking up space in my van

I think we all know how awful this plan is. I drive around with it for a few weeks and maybe one day I’ll remember as I pass by a donation facility. But, it’s likely I won’t. History has proven that!

ReSupply (app) changes all of that

I was recently introduced to ReSupply, a free app which was been created by a few transitioning Army Officers. It launched just a few weeks ago and I can see it as a huge game changer for anybody looking to make a charitable and tax-deductible donation. And also for people trying to purge without having to drive to find a place that will accept a donation. Did I mention the app is free and everything surrounding the scheduling and the pickup is free?

How it works

  • download the app and set up your account
  • enter in your location and then choose a charity/thrift store (they have listed high demand items as well as unwanted items, so be sure to check this)

resupply review

I selected Atlanta Step Up Society who is a group of veterans who were once homeless, helpless and who have recovered from addictions. Their mission is to help the suffering veterans, the homeless, and those suffering from addiction, to rebuild their lives.

  • pick when and where you’d like the item picked up
  • take a picture of an item you’d like to donate and select or enter the value, do this for every item

resupply review

  • wait for your delivery to be confirmed (I received a call reminding the the day before to set out my donations with the word “donation” written on it)

resupply donation on porch

  • set out your donations for pick up

man picking up donations

  • in the app, you will receive a digital tax receipt so you don’t have to keep up with all of those pieces of paper

It was so nice to not have to load up my van, find a drop off place, bring it in and then keep up with the receipt. ReSupply makes charitable donations of items so much easier. Plus, the app helps me find and learn about charities in my area that I was never familiar with before now.

man picking up donations

Download the ReSupply app and get to scheduling your holiday (or any time of year) donation pickups! 

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