B’s first steps [VIDEO]



The first year is full of many milestones, but then, so is the second two. Wait, hold on. I’m calling this her second year, but I guess it is. And it’s full of so many things, too. For all of our girls, walking was a 12-months and beyond event. The oldest took her first steps on her first birthday (her video is MIA). Our second, was 14 months old (but she broke her leg so it slowed her down), and our third, E was 15 months old

B, our tiniest little peanut has followed along just like her sisters. I think one day, she just popped up and was standing before I even realized it. The very first time was in the bathtub. She even surprised herself.

Baby's first steps

And just on her 13 month birthday, she decided she was ready to take her first steps. And fortunately, we were ready with our cameras to capture them! I think she’s been practicing in her crib. In fact, I have some video of her practicing in there, too. But, the walking we encourage is much cuter! Have a look at her skills!


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What is your favorite baby milestone?

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  1. pat chance says:

    it’s a toss up between crawling and walking. You started walking at 9 months. Pulled yourself up on the speaker, turned around, took 3 steps and fell on your face. You were so darn proud of yourself you got up and did it again.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Both of my boys were well past their first birthdays when they took their first steps. My oldest was 15 months and my little guy was 16 months.

  3. Still waiting for Andrew to get up and walk over here too. We’re moving right into size 5 diapers. It goes so fast! What a little cutie you have here! Walking, first smile, first laugh – those are my faves!

  4. Oh so cute! Congrats Mama. I know this one always tugs at the heart strings.

  5. What a cute smile and I love the video. We have one like that of our daughter but we missed it of our son- oh no!

  6. Oh, look at you, little one! You’ll be running circles around mommy and daddy in no time! I can imagine what a proud moment this must be for you. And look at that happy smile!

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