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The time finally came for the oldest to get braces.

We’ve known for quite a while that she’s missing 4 adult teeth and that braces were imminent. And it finally got to the point of action. Thankfully, our neighbor kept the other 3 girls so it could be just the two of us. Naturally, we grabbed a picture before it was time for her to be called back.

one last pre-braces picture

We took one last session with the orthodontist to discuss the plan and then she was on her way to get them. It turns out she has quite the overbite and has to have the top braces first to adjust for that. If you have bottom braces put on with an overbite, you actually end up biting them off. File that under things I don’t know because I never had braces!

all braced up

She’s in a little pain still, but at the point at being excited about them. I don’t think that will last, but I hope it will so that she wants to continue to take care of them for this journey. This incisor conversion isn’t going to be easy for her.

top braces done

She’s going to be in them for at least the next two years and we still have to figure out exactly what will happen with the bottom teeth.

Thankfully, like I said, she’s been doing well with it and has only said they hurt once or twice. Overall, she’s doing WAY better than I know I would be doing if I was in her shoes. She even was able to enjoy a trip to Stone Mountain just a few days later with her sister and me.

Mommy and Me Monday at Stone Mountain

She was also all smiles and snuggles with Mr. Serious on Father’s Day. And knowing what I know, I suspect we now have a few more kiddos that will have braces put on in the next few years.

Happy FAther's Day

Hoping there was a nice Father’s Day celebration in your neck of the woods. I know it can be a hard holiday for some, but I pray that it was nice for you.

What did you do this week?

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  1. Oh man we are going to be there soon when all these baby teeth are finally gone.

    1. We have one baby tooth left, but it’s not impacting the time or the treatment, so we decided to get started now so she has time adjusting before middle school. ACK!

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