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Can you tell who is who? Don’t vote if you took the picture..it’s just not fair!

(They are almost the exact same age and in the same outfit).


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  1. I would say Izzy is #2 pic and Nat is #1 picture. Thats my guess. They both are adorable and you just want to get to those cheeks!

    Let you something on my blog.

  2. Pretty sure Top is N and bottom is Isabelle.

    Love their BIG smiles!

    You know they’re going to be “partners in crime” someday, right? ; )

  3. I have thought since they were born that they looked almost identical.

    However, that is N on the top and Izzy on the bottom.

    I’m good, right?

  4. That is just uncanny how similar they look. N is on top and Izzy is the bottom one. Hmmm… or maybe vice versa but I think I’m right.

  5. N on top and Izzy on bottom (I can tell from Izzy’s mouth on bottom, her smile hasn’t changed much!) but they do look like twins for sure! So precious!

  6. Anonymous says:

    N first, Izzy second? But I’m only saying that because I think I recognize the wall in the second picture as being from your old house.

  7. I’m going to say N #1 and Izzy #2 – but I had to look at it for a while- they DO look so much a like!! so crazy!!

  8. I think N is one top and Izzy’s in the swing…they do look soooooo much alike!

  9. I think Izzy is the top picture… N is in the bottom picture.
    I suck at stuff like this so if i’m right i’ll be so excited.

  10. OK..lets try this again!
    Dont mind that last post…I was having a blonde moment! 🙂

  11. They are definitely sisters.
    Bottom- Izzy

  12. I really want to say Isabelle first picture but then I get all wrapped up in how much they look a like and I just don’t know.

  13. I would say N on top and Izzy on the bottom. It looks like her smile, but what do I know.

    BTW, about your comment: We used to bake a cake for Jesus, too, when the kids were little. They loved it!

  14. Whooohooo! BTW, I love the title of your blog because my 20 year old (and his friends) always say “Really? Are you serious? Seriously now? Really?” To funny.

    About your comment: I almost always take a copy of my comment and paste it on the blog of whoever commented, along with whatever I am saying. But of course, they don’t know that so I can see why it would cause someone to come back here.

    So is that what people do? They respond to comments by email instead of posting a comment or do they do both? Seems like a lot of work to do both, but if you don’t do both then the blog reader can’t read your comments to others.

    It’s funny you mentioned the email because I was thinking of setting one up! I just haven’t got around to it. Thanks for the offer of help!

  15. I’m stumped, but they are definitely both yours! 😉

  16. That is a precious picture of both! I will guess. N is #1!

  17. I am going to guess Izzy is the second one, but they sure do look alike. My girls were the same way- people used to joke that we got the same baby twice.

  18. Yikes…this is a tough one! I’m totally guessing, but my guess is that the first one is natalie and the 2nd one is Izzy…you havta tell us if we’re right though, kay? 🙂

  19. oh my honey they do look sooo much alike!!!

    but i am still guessing natalie is first then izzy??

  20. Those are some gorgeous girls!! I would have to say that I think the top one is N, and the bottom is Izzy.

    You and the hubby sure know how to make beautiful girls 🙂

  21. Awww beautiful pictures, they are so adorable!!!

    N is pic #1?

  22. Thank you for clarifying that. I think it’s funny how you responded to your hubby’s marriage proposal. I was pretty shocked when my hubby proposed to me so I think my answer was something similar, lol!

  23. Let’s see, is it your sister’s illegitimate child? No?

    or, is it the cutest thing in the world? Yes, they are adorable!!! (sigh, I remember when they were young and innocent.)

  24. Mrs de Miranda says:

    Oh my goodness!!! That is too funny!! I love that they look alike!! Since everyone has already guessed pretty conclusively..i concur!! Too cute though!

  25. I am guessing the top picture is natalie and the bottom is izzy, but they are both super duper cute!

  26. Wow, they look so identical! You seriously need to label baby photos so that later on down the road you remember who was who. lol

    Both your daughters were/are adorable babies.

  27. I’m gonna say Izzy is on top and N is on bottom . . . they are both adorable!!!

  28. So, I really thought after looking at them that N was in the second picture & Izzy was in the first…but after reading other comments & seeing that a lot of people had the opposite guess, I'm second guessing it! I give.

  29. I have no idea. But they are extremely cute!

  30. I am guessing N is first…and Izzy is second?!?!? oh when will we know! 🙂

  31. THAT is the best thing about hand-me downs.

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