Mommy really does exist-WW


I took the opportunity this weekend to hand my mom my camera. 

After looking for a photo and going through my pictures from the last couple months, one would think I didn’t exist.  In fact, the last evidence of me in photos is from Christmas!  Almost two months ago.

So, when I was taking pictures of the girls being cute and reading to each other, my mom captured us me.

She likes my nose. A lot.

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  1. I think I'm in, like, 5 of our family pictures. Total. You can tell who's always behind the camera.

  2. Such a sweet photo! And I'm the same way, always the one holding the camera so there aren't too many photos of me with the kids.

  3. Such a cute picture!!

    Isn't it amazing – as many pictures as we mommy bloggers take, we almost never end up being in any!!!

  4. Yeah, we have the Where Is Mommy syndrome at my house too. I have a whole scrapbook of my son and his daddy. He's going to grow up thinking I didn't love him — until he figures out I am the one who took the pictures and made the scrapbook!

  5. That is so my life. I keep telling my husband that when I look through our photos it appears as though he is a single father!

  6. That picture is lovely!

    It is so true about being behind the camera instead of in front of it! My husband is the one that uses the video camera though…yuck!

  7. I can totally relate, I don't think there is a picture of me in my picture folders since back in oct. I also have the camera, but that could be cause I don't want anyone touching my camera. You look awesome such a sweet picture too. You will love having this in a few years when they are all grown up and don't want to have pictures with mom anymore. Hope you have a great day

  8. I love the picture. That is one think I am very disappointed about when i scrap. I find these awesome pistures, do these great layouts and none of the pictures have me in them.

  9. You are so true Krystyn! Pictures with the mommy are few.

    Such a sweet picture!

  10. How sweet! I try my best to MAKE someone take some pictures of me IN them…just so my kids know that I WAS there.

  11. What a sweet photo! I know what you mean – I was always the one taking the pictures too. I wish there were more photos of the kids and I when they were little!

  12. What a sweet picture!!!
    Glad your mom was able to capture it! 🙂

  13. What a cute shot! Looks perfect to me. I don't know what it is about noses either, my 8 month old loves to grab mine too. 😉

  14. Great photo! Looks like y'all are playing "got your nose!"

  15. What a beautiful picture! Such pretty ladies! 🙂

    I'm always behind the camera too. I have to ask my hubby to get pics of me or there would be none for years! 😉

  16. So cute!
    It is the same way with our pictures. Very few of Mama!

  17. I'm SO glad she captured you two together. We need more pictures of us with out babies!!

  18. I'm always amazed at how few pictures I'm in too.

    Your mom did a great job – the photo is adorable!

  19. me too! I take all the pictures and I'm in… almost none!

  20. That is so sweet friend!! I think it is important for our kids to have pictures of us with them as well. I think I'll start training Chet on the camera… 🙂

  21. sweet picture indeed! us Mama's don't get represented very well in the photo department, do we? that's a sweet shot 🙂

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