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I remember my mom’s Tupperware when I was growing up.  Actually, I remember going to her Tupperware parties.  Some yummy food and cool new things for me to play with (as a kid of course).

Now, when I go back home, it is crazy to see that she still has a Tupperware cup (that used to have a sippy cup lid) still in the cabinet.  And, still in use!  Their products really hold up.

Recently, I was sent several items from Tupperware to check out.  They’ve definitely upped the anty.

My absolute favorite that I was sent was the Quick Chef.  It is sort of like a hand cranking food processor, but allows for much more control.  Typically, when I make chicken soup, I labor over cutting up the veggies.  But, I had just received this, so I thought I’d give cutting up the carrots and celery a try.  It was so easy.  I just broke the carrots in half and put them in, turned it a couple times, and ended up with the carrots you see below.  It also worked well with celery and mushrooms.  I like the control you have with it by being able to use your hands.

It also has a funnel option for adding oils as well as a device for whipping.

image DSC_4951


I also received some “Flat Out” bowls.  What a unique idea.  The bowls collapse to flat and take up just as much space as the lids.  The problem I encountered was, you have to close the lids in just the right places.  Otherwise, when filled with said soup mentioned above and then closed, the bowls tended to collapse, thus making a mess.  Once I figured out just where to press on them I had better luck.


The Stuffables Super Set is very nice.  Their flexible seals and lids allowed for odd shaped items to be placed in them with great ease.  The lid was also tight and didn’t leak which is always a bonus.  They held up quite nicely in the dishwasher, too.




Tupperware also sent me this Quick Shake handy shaker and measurer.  Perfect for mixing drinks, salad dressing and marinades.  It has both the mL, oz and cup markings on the side.


It’s exciting for me to see all of the different new products they have from when I was younger.  You should head over and check it out.

My opinions are my honest, and thoughtful views and were not influenced by any source. I was not compensated monetarily for this review and giveaway. This review was facilitated by Tupperware who provided the samples for the review.

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  1. i have the same fond memories from my childhood and my mom's parties! soo fun! and just recently i went to a party – i felt like a kid again!!

  2. I love tupperware and the parties that go with it! Great reviews and I should check out some of the products!

  3. I’m a total Tupperware JUNKIE! It’s nice to see they’re working with bloggers! (and my mom’s Tupperware is ancient!)

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