Global warming? or Fun Snow in Atlanta


I’m not really sure what Al Gore keeps talking about with all of the “global warming” business.  I guess if you call it “climate change” that makes more sense?

Pssshhhha, right?  Snow.  In Georgia.  Over 2 inches.  The last time there was this much snow in Georgia (by checking my posts), it was January 2008.

Cold.  Wet snow.  Beautiful.  Perfect.

I don’t care what you call it.  We loved it.

Friday.  The snow started right around 1pm.  School got out an hour early.  I made it home about 15 minutes earlier than normal.

The trees looked beautiful.  We tromped around outside after dinner.  The flakes were still coming down.

Snowy trees. Watch out, daddy.

There were quite a few snowball fights.  A first snow angel and #1 asking Daddy to throw just one more snowball at her.  She’s silly like that.

Please, take my picture. Her first snow angel. Daddy, that's not fair.

Saturday morning  We headed outside to play in the snow.  Neither of the girls hesitated.  They both took right off.  Every time they slipped on the ice, there wasn’t a single tear.  They got right back up again.

Come on, sister. Over here. #2, will you hold my hand? And we're off.

I think these two are my favorite.  They both went face down at the same time.  They were right back up before I knew it and laughing nonetheless.

And, we're down. This is fun.

Miss Independent #2 didn’t want to stop.  She really loves being outside.  Despite numerous falls, she kept on going.  Look at that last one; she’s got a face full of snow.

Little Miss Independent. I'm gonna get you. Face full of snow.

I’m so glad the forecast was right.  I’m very thankful for the snow.  I loved seeing it through my beautiful girls’ eyes.


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  1. That looks soooo pretty! I'm sure Dearest would love it to snow here, too. I'm thinking my little chihuahua might not appreciate it too much though!

  2. Snow is so much fun! I'm glad you southeners are sharing in the bounty! I celebrated by taking a swim in the snow. In shorts.
    Have you heard about the discussing cold weather's effect on sanity? There should be one.

  3. Great wintery pics of the girls…as Midwest Mommy said…you can have some of ours…in fact as much as you want!

  4. great pictures! We actually got snow this past week too-I'm posting today!

  5. Look at all that pink! How fun! Enjoy your "snow" day; here's hoping for more days off this week because of it!

  6. Looks like so much fun! I'm glad the whole family was able to enjoy it. when it snowed here in December I was in full on party prep mode, so I didn't get to play 🙁 Save some for March!!!!!

  7. We had a blast in the snow too! And now that it's melted, I'm ready for spring. 🙂

  8. This winter is amazing…who would think snow in Georgia? We have about 2 feet here (south Jersey) and are expecting more today…I think you're right about "global warming"…it's a misnomer for what's going on right now.

  9. What an awesome post!!!
    They look like they are in heaven, loving every minute of it!!!

  10. I love that you got that snow and those pictures. They are adorable. I love the pink coats 🙂 So girly!!

  11. oh those pics are so cute! (laughing about global warming too, haha) they are too cute playing together! and i love how much they loved playing in the snow, so fun and such fun memories=)!

  12. sooo fun! the girls look like they are beyond giddy 🙂

  13. Krystn, please forgive me. I just had to come back here after reading your comment…I remember years ago that my mother talked about a student who insisted pot should be legalized and no one could convince him otherwise…a teacher's job is NOT easy. So much comes from the home!!!

  14. Looks like fun and I like the colors of their clothes.

    Have a nice week.

  15. That looks awesome. We usually get tons of snow where I am from, but no kidding, everyone around us has been nailed, but my county? Nadda, nothing…no way, no how. It is weird. I looked at the map today from the National Weather Service. There is purple all around us for a Winter Storm Warning…we are white. White for nothing. Nadda.

    We do have about an inch on the ground..yeah…how do you sled in that stuff?

  16. I am tired of the pretty snow now! I am ready for spring in a big way:)

  17. Im thinking like you that things are going towards the other end of the spectrum!!! here in houston, my plants are dead and we have had snow twice!

    What a beautiful winter wonderland to get to play in!

  18. The whole global warming thing is funny to me too. Mainly because it does not mean it gets warmer. The poles are actually reversing so that's why this weather is totally funked…. but it is pretty!!! I totally agree! haha

  19. Glad you all had fun! Great pictures too. I'd be happy to send some of our snow from Cleveland your way if you'd like! 🙂

  20. Living in CA and being from Ohio makes me miss snow soo much. You're so lucky to live somewhere so usually devoid of snow and be blessed with a visit. Haha.

  21. we had to change flights last week in Atlanta and I was a little worried. So strange to see snow on the ground! I'm ready for summer already!!

  22. Snow is gorgeous, but also annoying. We had our third snowfall in two weeks today and it was just so frustrating to us! I guess that's what we get for living so close to new york.

  23. How fun! We still have a little snow on the ground here in Huntsville. We built our first snowman last week! (it was my first one, too). Kinda fun to share that first with my kiddos!

  24. I think anything under 6-12 inches of snow is the BEST! It doesn't stick around and get all gross for long.
    The girls look like they had a ton of fun! I love the photos.

  25. Ooohh, luckies!

    We were supposed to get snow. We got snow rain. We were totally disappointed.


  26. we love snow play but it is the best now that I don't have to go outside with them 🙂

  27. Wow, it looks like the girls had a blast! We've had snow in Dallas a lot this winter, but my son had no interest in playing in it!

  28. Oh how fun!! I know that your girls must have loved it!

    I too think Al Gore is a little off his vice -presidential rocker. Ummm, yeah, we had 54 inches in one storm. Doesn't seem that warm around our part of the world…

    Loving the pictures and so glad you all got to have this experience together!

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