You know you’re pregnant when…


We were trying to get pregnant with each of our five pregnancies. So, I was always keeping track of things and had an idea of when I could get pregnant and when I could test.

{Note to my mom, sister, grandma and, this is not an announcement…I’m not pregnant!}

However, I always waited just a couple more days before testing because I didn’t want to spend the money on several tests. I’m a one test and done person. I like to wait for some symptoms before getting out that little stick for confirmation.

I knew I was pregnant when I had these symptoms:

1. Exhaustion.

So. Much. Exhaustion. There were many floor naps and cuddles with the girls. Why am I so very tired?

I knew I was pregnant when

2. Thinking about certain foods made me gag.

Spaghetti sauce? Wings? Oh, the gagging started so early!

3. I cried at an ambulance. 

I was driving the oldest to preschool. As I pulled over to let it pass, I burst into tears for no known reason.

4. My abdomen grew overnight.

What is this pooch and why don’t my jeans want to button anymore?

5. My breasts felt huge and painful.

Also, why doesn’t my bra fit?

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Once I had most of those symptoms and I was at the right place (or so I thought) in my cycle, I would go ahead and take a test. I preferred the tests that would flat out say the words “pregnant” or “not pregnant” like Clearblue. I’ve used some with lines and crosses and they work, but I feel like I have to look at them cross-eyed to get an answer. Words are a lot easier to read! It would have been really cool to have Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator. Science is cool!

Clearblue easy weeks estimator january 2015 box

Of course, as soon as I saw that “Pregnant” on the digital display, I got extremely excited and started planning how to tell everybody, including Mr. Serious. I had some very willing helpers. I had kept the shirt that our oldest wore when our second was born, so it was time for our second to wear the shirt to tell daddy!

Telling daddy she's going to be a big sister

{My sweet N ready to tell daddy she was going to be a big sister..silly daddy didn’t even notice the shirt!}

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  1. Mine is when my husband’s or kids breaths stink. I mean even after they brush their teeth, I gag even getting close to them

    1. Oh, that’s a unique one for sure. I heard from somebody that said that their wife snores every time. He knows before she even tests!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    With my first, I had no idea until I took the test because I felt the same. With my second, I knew right away. I was exhausted and couldn’t button my pants.

  3. I remember suddenly being made sick my lettuce. Yup, lettuce. Strange, right? And exhausted. Very, very, very exhausted!

  4. Elisabeth says:

    I haven’t been pregnant (yet!) but am worried about being nauseous because I already get it pretty easily!

  5. I knew I was pregnant with this one at 3 weeks. No symptoms whatsoever, other than, “I just know!” With Red, I was 4 weeks, and ate 4 pieces of pizza with a glass of milk in one sitting. So. Hungry. 🙂

  6. I do not miss those days at all. I love the baby not the pregnancy but that new Clearblue products sounds cool.

  7. Oh yes, I had those signs too. And missing my period. More than 3 days late meant baby every time. 😉

  8. I recognize those symptoms! And when it feels like your ribcage isn’t big enough!

  9. The extreme fatigue.. it’s un-describable.

  10. Our first was just not feeling “right”, but our second we were really trying so we must have used 10 tests! Ha.

  11. I remember it all too well, POAS, EWCM, DTD, ELVs…… so glad I don’t need to buy them anymore – SO expensive!

  12. I had no idea with mine at first and then all the typical symptoms set in. I loved finding out and sharing the news!

  13. I can’t believe this test can tell you the # of weeks pregnant! So cool.

  14. I’ve had 4 pregnancies and ever time I would get really nauseous like 4 days into conception also headaces was a big one for me. I’m just waiting for the oh I feel so sick and my head is killing me to kick in they I will know we succeeded in our trying.

  15. My husband smelled like onions. It happened for both my pregnancies. I could smell him even when he was at a fair distance. It was so weird! I also started throwing up in the mornings so that was when I knew I had to take that pregnancy test!

  16. extremely Sore boobs is the tell in my family..

  17. I have heard a lot of people claim morning sickness is how they knew, but I’m on my third and luckily for me I’ve not experienced morning sickness once! Personally for me it was the complete and total exhaustion of the first trimester! With my first I napped all day long whenever I could, with my second I would fall asleep while putting my first daughter to bed (before she even fell asleep!) and with this 3rd one I wasn’t able to get up and get going before 10! I’d sleep on the couch while my 2 watched cartoons!

  18. One famous pregnancy symptom is nausea!!!!! I was lucky not to experience this in my first pregnancy. i hope I’m lucky when i end up pregnant again 🙂

  19. My biggest symptom is getting sick when I smelt certain foods. When I was pregnant with my son I couldn’t even smell Oreos without getting sick.

  20. With my first I was so emotional I was crying over everything. Who else would cry during ‘Deadliest Catch’? Lol. With my second, I was nauseas at 3 weeks, before I even took a test.

  21. Mine was the tiredness. What once seemed like a manky grosse bed I would never have laid in even if i was really sick in the sick bay at work, became my little nap place every lunchtime for a two weeks. No one knew I was in there because lets face it who would want to sleep in there! I did and it got be through the days 🙂

  22. Savannah Larsen says:

    I definitely get really tired! And I get super nauseous if I don’t eat every 2 hours, it sucks haha!

  23. a lack of period cramps. I always get cramps 3-4 days before my period starts and when that didn’t happen I knew I was pregnant. Also… My husband says I make “sounds.” I will lay on the ground and he says I moan. With baby #3 he said I was before I even tested and we weren’t even trying.

  24. Metal mouth a week before a positive test

  25. I knew I was pregnant with my third and fourth because of heartburn.

  26. Perfume of any kind made me gag,never wear one during pregnancy and I most certainly stayed away from anyone who did.heard most pregnant pple feel d samr

  27. I seem to have extreme gas issues right at the beginning followed by being able to smell everything.

  28. I’m with the author as far as symptoms go. I’m always exhausted and my breasts are tender. I only like to use one test as well, but I am glad for the 2 pack just in case. I always get the cheapest though, so it’s usually a plus if it’s positive.

  29. Natazinea says:

    With my first,I had sudden aversion for my favourite boursin cream cheese.with my 2nd,i gaggrd at toothpaste.with my third,i gagged at bbq,smoke Zand everything associated to bbq.with my 4th, dirty socks or chilli made me sick

  30. erica colin says:

    Mine was when my husband starts craving a lot of sweet things specially candy when he doesn’t even like eating sweets

  31. I heard about having a lot of gas (farting and burping). For my first two pregnancies i was cery gassy in the beginning. Hoping the next one will have this as a sign too.

  32. Intuition told me for my first and third. I just knew and the day after I was supposed to have a period I just tested and sure enough.. pregnant. My second, we’d been trying for so many years (endo blocked my tubes) I didn’t think it would ever happen again. I actually stopped charting and one day I threw up my breakfast. My husband brought home a test and..pregnant. lol.

  33. Miller D. says:

    Amazing boobs that seemed to appear overnight

  34. sara jackson says:

    I was so emotional and already sick and i was only like 2 weeks along when we went to the doctor! its crazy how fast a baby starts to grow

  35. I didn’t notice any symptoms with my first, but with my second and third I noticed my taste buds were off, I had a metal taste in my mouth whenever I ate.

  36. Smells are what always got me to test, we had to try hard for my babies, they both were super surprises 🙂

  37. i drop everything: from full cups of water to keys etc..

  38. i drop everything from full cups of water to keys etc….

  39. Priscilla says:

    I’ve heard that nose bleeds are a common sign. They definitely were for me! Also, I began gagging during toothbrushing. I always ended up having a random nosebleed before I missed my period, then if I coincidently also ended up with a weak gag reflex, I knew for sure! Positive prego test every time! Lol

  40. Candice S. says:

    For me I was nausea at night and heartburn aftwards. A day or two before my missed period my boobs were sore. BAM! Positive that day!

  41. I had no reason to believe I was pregnant because I had an IUD, but all of the sudden, some of the women in my office had the worst hygiene ever! I remembered how the being around these same women made me almost vomit when I was pregnant with my second child the year before…uh-oh!

  42. Its all about the blue vein test. Those big blue veins on your boobs that you swear were not there yesterday.

  43. You know you’re pregnant when you cry watching a kids cartoon!

  44. Gurleen Kaur says:

    Mood swings… it’s like a roller coaster ride! One minute I was cracking up at something funny, the next I was bawling my eyes out…reason? My hubby asked what’s for dinner. .. haha!!

  45. The gagging at certain foods definitely made me take a test.. Both times! With my first who is 16 months now I couldn’t stand the smell or sight of fried chicken.. A couple of weeks ago I started acting the same and nearly threw up at the back door when my OH brought home KFC
    We laughed and joked about how I did that when I was pregnant with my first but didn’t click! Took a test and bam! Positive!

  46. I knew i was pregnant when everytime people spoke of food I started making weird combinations of the foods they would say in my head. Perfect example I imagined a giant block of marble cheese in one hand and a pickle with some onion rings wrap around it on the other. Then taking big bites one right after the other…*** YUMMM*** and other weird things just because people talked about food. Sounds deliciouss everytime!!! Among other stuff u might not want to know. LOL

  47. instant pregnant brain. I drove home after work one day before realizing I didn’t pick up my toddler from daycare. Worst part is I drove right past the daycare center.

  48. uzmafaizan says:

    The breasts really do feelfull, large and dark!! That was a giving sign for me

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