Motherhood: Behind the scenes


Last week, I had a little video shot in my house. Nothing you’ll see on the news or anything, just for my site and youtube! A little more about me! It’s what prompted my Facebook post about my degrees. It was fun sitting there chatting to the world via a camera and Crystal. I was sort of in a little bubble of safety and tidiness.

Krystyn behind the scenes

{photo by Crystal.}

But, here’s the reality.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, when you just take a couple steps back and the zoom lens off? You see all of the real life of motherhood. That chair and table? They don’t even normally go there. The plant? It goes in another room.

The toys? They have taken over our living room. The clean diapers and laundry? Needs to be folded, but instead it sits on the chair as it does today and just about every other day. Because 6 people means I’m always in some state of doing laundry (unless my mom visits and somehow she catches me up!)

The baby doll on the floor but the curtains (behind the car) freaks me the crap out anytime I can see her. I seriously think there is a baby or one of my kids where they shouldn’t be. Or big sisters have relocated and harassed a little sister.

We have no shortage of blankets with at least one per person piled up on the arm of the couch. There are remotes on the mantle. There are blocks on the fireplace. And did I mention the toys everywhere?

I know we hear it a lot, but I certainly need the reminder. So, just remember this. We only see the zoomed-in, clean, clutter-free pictures of life that people want us to see. There is always more if we zoom out, take a step back and take it all in.

Behind the scenes of the camera: everything looks great when you zoom in, zoom out and you can see all of the crazy and the mess!


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  1. YES YES YES! I do videos as well and there are certain rooms (my kitchen) that the camera can NOT be turned to the left 5 degrees or you will get a shot of the DISASTER that I call my dinning room. It is all perspective!

    1. Oh, my dining room is currently a play room…I totally get it!

  2. It’s fun to get a sneak peek behind the scenes of being a mom. My issue is always staying ahead of the dishes in the kitchen!

    1. Oh, that’s entirely another story!!!! Just happens that this wasn’t shot in there:)

  3. Such a good reminder. And I like to say I’d get sick of the “zoomed in” version of my life pretty quickly!

    1. It’s actually a real picture..not a screenshot! She was testing the lighting:) And I can’t wait to see it either!

  4. Such a great reminder! It’s the mess that makes our lives real. I know in 10 years, when my kids are teens and want nothing to do with me, that I’ll get misty-eyed thinking about all those LEGOs and My Little Pony dolls that used to be scattered all about.

  5. pat chance says:

    this is a great post. Goes right up there with Grass is always greener.

  6. I like to say that I lead a carefully curated life because I don’t show the mess of everyday life. I figure everyone has that in their own homes and they don’t need to see mine! By the way, you look gorgeous! 🙂

    1. That’s true and a good point…I just like the reminder that there is some mess everywhere else, too!

      And, thank you!

  7. I love this. Sometimes it’s hard to remember everyone else has a mess, they’re just usually better at hiding it than I am!

  8. Wow, that totally looks like you were filming in a studio. Amazing!

    1. I sure wish I had a space I could leave set up for pictures and videos!

  9. I used to try to post my “perfect” photos on FB for friends and family… but no more. It took two kids, but I’ve come to appreciate reality. 🙂 Thanks for sharing yours!!!

    1. I’m glad when I can see people’s crazy and life on facebook….the real life, because I know it’s not all rainbows and unicorns!

  10. I shoot videos in A.J.’s bathroom (the cleanest) or a small section of his room because depending on how I angle the camera you can’t see the massive ridiculous mess.

  11. I don’t do video, but I always selectively crop all my photos. Real life is messy and I am fine with playing with my kids over dusting the knick knacks on the mantle. 🙂

  12. Sandy Klocinski says:

    Our clutter tells the story of how we live and have lived. Now and then, that is a story we all want to hear.

  13. We all have some clutter in our homes!

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