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Mom Yourself | Because You Deserve Better


My kids are all in bed by 7:30pm every night like clock work. It is a very rare exception that they stay up any later.

They get snacks limited to the serving size on the container (or less).

Dessert is sometimes a piece of fruit.

They have to do their homework before they play.

They don’t get candy or a treat before dinner.

TV, computers and other electronics are not turned on before bed.

When I say 5 more minutes, I mean it.

I have no problem making sure these are enforced with my kids. We keep the rules and are pretty good about holding them to our expectations.

Myself, however? Not so much.

Because I’m a grown up.” That’s just a terrible reason. But, that’s pretty much the only reason I give myself for these bad choices.  

I need to be my own mom, too. I need to “mom myself.

Mom Yourself | Because you deserve better

I’m hardly ever in bed before 11pm. And most of the time, it’s not until well past 12am. I think it’s safe to say I’m perpetually tired. I’ll tell myself just 5 more minutes, and two hours later, I haven’t moved, I’m more tired than ever and still have something else to resolve. Go to bed at 10:30 my mom voice would say.

I eat way too much candy and sugar. Please don’t utter the words “sugar detox” to me. I just can’t right now. Put down the sour patch kids. 

I’m on the computer all the time and/or my phone. Dinner time is a no, but sometimes I still use it. And, my phone is usually the second to last thing I see at night (Mr. Serious being the last!) Take a break. Stand up. Move around. Read a book. Do s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g.

I have two piles of laundry ready to be folded almost every day, but I will do something else first and put that off even longer. You will eventually have to fold them. Just get it done. 

I know I will be a better mom and wife if I take half as good of care of myself as I do the kids, and yet I don’t. 

Why do I do a good job of mom-ing my kids (okay, this is relative…maybe I do an okay job or a mediocre job), but I do a terrible job of mom-ing myself?

How do you mom yourself?


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I am the same way. My kids are held to a very high standard while I sit here and procrastinate.

  2. Wow, this is totally true for us too. Every single night we eat crappy foods after the kids go to bed, then stay up way too late.

  3. This is so true! Why do I eat things that I wouldn’t let my kids yet? Why don’t I limit my screen time when I work so hard to limit theirs?

  4. This is a great reminder. I stay up way too late too – often doing just one more thing. I know that I’m more productive when I sleep well, exercise, and take time to relax, but I forget or don’t make time.

  5. I am typing this comment surrounded by piles of laundry to fold and put away… I still have to make school lunches… and… well, I could go on and on! Maybe I’ll just go to sleep. 😉

  6. Totally agree. I’m making a better effort to go to bed earlier and attempt to get up before the kids. It doesn’t always work but I do love having even 5 minutes of alone time first thing in the morning to get my ducks in a row!

  7. Perpetually tired – me too. You can see it in my face in all my videos and I hate it. I need to get to bed earlier and take better care of myself. That’s my plan.

  8. Ha! YES! Isn’t that funny how we always take far better care of everyone else than we do ourselves? Craziness.

    I always stay up far too late too. It is the only time we get to ourselves, right?

  9. What’s that they say? BTDT? I agree it’s hard because it’s SO quiet after bedtime!! 😉

  10. Great minds! Was just having a conversation with someone about “parenting myself” today. I don’t practice what I preach to my kids, and frankly, I give them good advice that I should really be following. As moms, we need to remember that we need nudging too. We’re all works in progress after all.

  11. Such a good point! I have a really hard time telling myself that it is time to go to bed! I am even worse with my diet! I am going to do better about doing as I say….not as I do:)

  12. I’d have to put myself in time out, I think. I need to toss my phone aside for a long time and try to be more present. It’s hard, though. I have three different work emails! And I definitely have a sugar addiction.

  13. Just as I was reading this, I was *thinking* about reaching for more Sour Patch Kids! I have to admit that I’ve gotten better at recognizing how to take care of myself although it hasn’t come easily! It’s taken years and I’m still a work in progress!

  14. I’m very good about Mom-ing myself to sleep, but that’s because I could qualify for the sleeping olympics. Food choices? I could be better. Exercise? Um…. that’s a whole other topic. 🙂

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