“Mommy, we made a surprise for you!”


I would be remiss if I failed to say Happy Anniversary to Mr. Serious.  8 years for us!

In fact, I failed to say it this morning when I left the house and went to get an oil change…then I logged onto facebook and saw a reminder that today is our anniversary.  Whoops.  In my defense, he didn’t wish me a happy anniversary, either.  And, we went out for dinner to celebrate at the beginning of the month.  I guess this is what happens with you have two kids and one on the way and it’s just a couple days before Christmas.  Pretty sure there isn’t a Lexus parked in our driveway as a surprise, either.


But, I did get a surprise of much different proportions.  Mr. Serious and the girls put up some Christmas lights this weekend.  They were outside for a while and seemed like they were having a good time. (Really, in and out, in and out..mommy I’m hungry….mommy I’m thirsty…) but they really were quite joyful.  And, they only put their freezing cold hands on me one time.

As I was getting dinner ready, #2 came in and said “mommy, we made a surprise for you!” and she was SOOOO excited.  I said “a surprise?”  “Yes, mommy, a surprise outside.”

I was considering getting outside to look when she said “mommy, your surprise is a puppy!”  (This is when daddy mumbles, “you aren’t very good at keeping a secret!”)

It hit me at that moment.  I knew exactly what my “surprise” was/is.

I knew it wasn’t a real puppy (thank goodness, because that’s right up there with buying a car without talking it over with me).

I knew this puppy had been seen once before.  I asked that we never see it again.  It’s not me.  I’m not into “puppies” at all.

But, geez-louise…if they are this happy about my “puppy surprise”, then I guess Snoopy can stay for just a little bit longer.

surprise for mommy

7th Anniversary- 2010

6th Anniversary- 2009

5th Annivesary- 2008 (MIA)

4th Anniversary 2007

3rd Anniversary- 2006 (MIA-not blogging)

2nd Anniversary- 2005 (Really not blogging)

1st Anniversary- 2004 (Went to Houston. It snowed in Houston.  It was pretty awesome!)

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  1. Ooohhh…I got nervous for you when I saw “puppy!” Because well, with that sweet baby being so close to getting here…I’m thinking a puppy might be lots to handle now!

    But I gotta say…THAT is the best kind of puppy! No clean up, no feeding, no barking and whining.

    Fab surprise!

    1. Oh, no puppies here…ever! Really, I’m no a puppy person at.all. And, if hubby brought one home, he knows it would not be good.

      This is definitely the only way I would tolerate one!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    LOL about your “puppy”. I’m not a puppy person either but would also totally keep it around in order to see those great smiles 🙂

  3. a) happy happy anniversary!
    b) those are some super happy little girls!!!

    1. Thank you. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, too!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Glad it wasn’t a real puppy, huge commitment to have two/almost three kids AND a dog! Is it your dating or marriage anniversary? Chris and I will be celebrating our 7 year dating anniversary this February (high school sweet hearts).

    Kindness is the best accessory,

    1. Yeah, so thankful, too! I’m totally not a dog person, either!

      Marriage anniversary! 8 years. We’ve been dating since 1998 (high school sweethearts, too), that anniversary is 1/31, and this year we’ll have been together for 14 years! Wow. That’s a long time.

  5. Great post & pic! Snoopy is cute! C’mon let them keep him.

    1. Yeah, they can keep him! So cleaning or money involved!

  6. I just adore Snoopy, I don’t think he gets enough credit these days!
    The girls look so cute!

    1. Yeah, he really doesn’t. Well, except the holiday Charlie Brown specials…and then it’s out of the limelight again for them.

    1. Yeah, so, I’m letting them keep him…for next Christmas.

    1. Yeah, they make it hard to deny them (but trust me..I do:)

    1. Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too!

  7. Awww. That’s cute! And it least it kept them out of your hair while you were making dinner. 😉
    Happy Anniversary!!!

    1. Oh, that was definitely a bonus! No hair while cooking dinner. It’s almost relaxing. Almost!

  8. Hilarious. I’m so not a Snoopy gal either, but we moms put up with a lot to make our kids happy, don’t we? 🙂

  9. Happy Anniversary!! So happy for you Krystyn!

    I love the snoopy LOL! And yay for it not being a REAL puppy.

    1. Thank you, Annie. Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday.

      And, Mr. Serious knows I would want to cause him some bodily harm if he ever thought bringing home a puppy was a good idea.

  10. Sara Phillips says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Snoopy was a great surprise!

    1. Thank you! Yes, as long as he doesn’t have to be taken care of…it’s a great surprise.

    1. They were so proud of their surprise….and sad to see him get packed up this weekend.

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