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PSF-Frugal Izzy


It’s in her genes: Great-grandma is frugal, grandma is frugal and so is mommy.

So, it was only natural that the first time we used the scissors, we practiced with coupons.

She did so well with the scissors, I couldn’t believe it. It only took a couple times of us showing her how to open and close them, and she got it…and yes, she’s a lefty.

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  1. BG loves to cut! I swear if I let her she would spend all day cutting up paper.

  2. I need to get some scissors like that! Ha! Those are cute.

  3. Wow!! That is so good!…I still don’t cut in a straight line well. haha! and those are some styling scissors!

  4. RachelAnn says:

    Aww what a cutie! I hope she likes her painting!! I’m finishing it tonight : )

  5. cute – both my girls are lefties too!

  6. Visiting from the Photo Story Friday posts…

    Love the intense concentration on her face! And I too was surprised and a little alarmed at how fast my son took to scissors and learned how to use them. But it never occurred to me to use him to cut out coupons (a task I don’t particularly like but he would probably adore). Thanks for the great idea! : )

    And Happy Blogaversary to you too!

  7. Well, I guess we know what her new chore is! HA!

    Such a cutie with her cute scissors!

  8. haha – teaching them young!!!

    are you or Matt a lefty?? Where does she get it from??

  9. I’m trying it again – I went through my settings and its listed… so I dont know what the problem is… let me know if it works.. thanks!!

  10. precious picture 🙂 start her early girl 🙂 hehe

  11. Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander says:

    Such a sweet photo! We love to clip coupons here too!

    My Izzy has a passion for scissors too. Not sure what’s so fun about cutting things. By the time I am done clipping coupons, my hands hurt! LOL!

  12. so cute! i love how you keep the tradition going too!

  13. Chandler loves cutting so much that she wanted to bring her scissors to church the other day!!

    Cute scissors too!!

  14. SO CUTE!! She learned well 🙂

    Love, Mere

  15. Sparkette says:

    That’s great! I am still having to remind my 5 yr old! 🙂 Gotta start em early on the coupons!! Good stuff! Have a great weekend…

  16. Awww her first cutting experience!! Leave it to a mom/teacher to prepare her child for preschool or kindergarten! You go girl! I would be on the recipient end of Izzy’s cutting skills (when she gets to 1st grade) and not too many mommas let them practice at home judging from the looks of our first art projects every year! Izzy will be a pro when she is in school!!!

  17. Hi! I'm Grace says:

    Being frugal is good. Our family practice frugality, too. We also cut out coupons.
    You got a nice blog in here. 🙂

  18. RachelAnn says:

    I just finished Izzy’s painting!!

  19. teehee that is awesome!! She looks like she’s concentrating really hard lol. I love it 😀 and the scissors are so cool.

  20. I love coupons too!
    Caroline has been working with scissors at preschool. We haven’t introduced them at home yet. I foresee her cutting her own hair in the near future. Fun times.

  21. Too cute…Not only is mom frugal, but efficient as well (Izzy helping mommy with a ‘to do’)! Love it. In these times, it is great to be frugal!! I’m trying to start and just started a very tight budget…wish me luck.

  22. omg how sweet is that??

    any coupons left to share?? i sooo want to be a coupon mama and i am just sooo not!!

  23. new to your blog. Mrs. Newlywed linked you.

    I’m sure I’ll be back. 🙂

  24. also i’m in desperate need of knowing how you do your labels list like that.
    help? please?
    jen.at.work at hotmail dot com.

  25. That takes great skills to be able to figure out scissors that fast!

    And my kids were also cutting coupons at a young, young age! 😉

  26. That is adorable!

    I love coupons. I saved myself fifty cents on Tide the other day and it was the highlight of my week. (Is that sad??) 🙂

  27. YAY she’s a lefty.. did you know lefty’s are the smartest people.. EVER!! **wink wink** 7 out of 12 Astronauts are left handed!!! Hey.. our president is left handed too…

    Coupons are cool too!!

  28. I always had a shoebox of scrap paper and scissors that the girls could practice cutting anytime. It really helped!

    Coupons, I tried…

  29. haha…YAY for frugal-ness! That is just too funny that you have her cutting out coupons already. 😉

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