She smiles


She’s got a knock you down, stop you in your tracks smile. And, she’ll share it with you when you smile at her. (She’s not a fan of sharing said smile with the camera, so I had to be sneaky!)

she smiles

But this stinker? She laughed for the first time today…not for us, though, for our friend. 

Now we know that laugh is in there, and we’re all going to try to see who can get it out first.

(I think she’s just tired of looking at us and welcomed the not so frequent face!)

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  1. Uncle David’s response, “Oh wow! She’s getting older.” We want her to keep smiling and stop growing. This means some serious FaceTime is coming up sis!!!!

  2. Oh Krystyn, she is SUCH a cutie pie! That is one pretty awesome smile right there – WOW! 😀

  3. Oh what a gorgeous child. She is a beauty for sure and I can see what that smile would melt you.

    1. Her sisters did, too at that age…if that’s any indication of how loud she’s going to be, we are going to have some serious trouble!

    1. Neither one of us have been able to get her to do it again…I guess she’s waiting on just the right time.

  4. Oh. My. WORD!!!! She is just gorgeous! That smile is so precious! Just beautiful. And she is so big already!!!! 🙂

    1. I know..I can’t believe it! She’s almost 12 weeks already, and I feel like we just left for the hospital yesterday.

  5. Oh. My. WORD!!!!! She is so gorgeous! What a smile! She is just beautiful. And she looks so big already! 🙂

  6. grandma Pat says:

    She is so stinkin cute. I love when they learn to laugh. Babies giggles are the best. Remember the video of N laughing when you were throwing the ball to her.

    I agree with Emily though she needs to stop growing up. Her being your last I am sure you feel the same way.

    1. I soo don’t remember the ball throwing. I’m going to have to find it, because apparently, I’m the only one.

  7. And what a gorgeous smile she has. 🙂

  8. mrs. hils says:

    I think that friend of yours must just be amazingly funny. Or funny looking. I didn’t get many “firsts” with my boys, so I was honored to witness it. Thanks, E!

    1. You know, after reading this, I got all weepy…so I’m so glad you got to witness and be the generator of the first laugh!

      Dang hormones!

  9. toothless smiles are the best! Adorable!

  10. Happy Baby!!! Hope she gives mama or daddy one of those soon!

    1. I hope so too..still nothing yet, but I feel like I was close one day!

  11. that is a really beautiful smile 🙂 those third baby girls wrap everyone around their little fingers, don’t they?

  12. well hello there sweet smile!

    oh those first smiles and giggles…nothing compares!!

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