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You would think it is a no brainer, but for some reason, many people seem to lose their brains when you tell them you are pregnant.  Especially with your third child.

Their responses?  Well, they can burn.

I’m hoping it’s not their intention, and that they just aren’t thinking.

But, when I tell you I’m pregnant, here are some responses that I deem “What not to say!”

“Really, again?”

And, my snarky response?  No, not really.  I’m joking.  Isn’t that hilarious.

“Was this planned…I didn’t know if I should say congrats or sorry.”

I can’t even think of a snarky response here.  I’m a happily married woman.  Would you really say “sorry” to me when I tell you I’m pregnant?  Wow.  Wow!

And, my all time favorite:

“Were you trying for a boy?” (Right along the lines of these “cute” comments and questions.)

Really, no response.  Well, a little one.  We truly want a healthy baby.  Boy or girl.  Girl or boy.  Honestly.  Really, I am serious!

Again, while people might not realize their questions are hurtful (and I don’t think they intentionally are), I’m at the point where I don’t want to tell people at work because I’m tired on the responses.

Without further ado, I present to you Serious Baby #3.  These were taken 4 weeks ago, and then I lazily took a picture of them instead of scanning them.

Serious Baby #3

With a cute little nose, and that little hand and fingers waving hello.

Serious Baby #3

We love you Baby Serious #3, and we know you will be here in our house before you know it!

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  1. I love ultrasound pics! 🙂 so cute and CONGRATS! 🙂

  2. I hear ya on that. Don’t worry…we got and continue to get tons of comments. I always hated having to explain, “Well yes, we wanted our kids close together in age, just didn’t plan on two to come at once so soon after our son.”…wanting to add….”if it’s any of your business anyways!” …And now when we are out with all three, “Wow…you’re busy” or “Wow…you have your hands full” as I’m trying to open a door while managing three kids and the commenter doesn’t offer to help.

    The profile pictures is adorable…I can tell that this is seriously 🙂 one cute baby! Whether it’s one cute boy or one cute girl 🙂

  3. I heard it with baby #2 but I think that’s because I am a bit older. People really just don’t think. I remember telling someone that we were having another girl and they responded with “oh your husband must be so disappointed!” Some people really should just not speak! Cute little Serious baby!!

  4. Hi Jethro! So cool for me and soon-to-be Uncle David to get to see you in person…as close to as ‘in person’ as we could get to you at your young age. Needless to say we were in complete awe and amazament by you, AND your doctor appointment was quite educational for both of us (good thing I didn’t ask about belly buttons this time!). Can’t wait to hold you, kiss you, love on you, read to you, watch you grow and SPOIL YOU!

  5. PS…So glad i wasn’t around when the comments were made. I don’t speak so eloquently when people pi$$ me off via upsetting my family.

  6. Congratulations!! That’s so exciting!!

  7. People just don’t think. It is terrible.

  8. Think its bad with #3…try being on #6! My favorites are the ones like “don’t you guys know what’s causing that”. A great come back for that especially if the commenter only has one or two kids….you can say “well ummm…obviously WE do but since you only have 1 we were thinking maybe we should fill you in about it because we were wondering if YOU knew what causes it”

  9. I could not control my snark with such questions posed. The worst is are you trying for a ______. Yes. Yes, I am trying again for a monkey.

  10. some people…

    ps – s/he is precious 🙂


    A new little bundle of joy is always good and exciting. I don’t have any children but I am
    always happy for everyone else.

  12. I totally know what you mean!! I got the SAME responses when I told ppl I was preggo w/#3 when Bubs was only 13 months old. My favorite? “Were you on birth control?” As if to say that this baby is not wanted. Or perhaps I should have been since we can’t handle another one. Gee thanks.

    Those sonogram pics are adorable! Congrats again!

  13. can’t wait to see more picture in womb 😉

    and forget it… people can say dumb things.

  14. What a cute baby! Kinds of looks like s/he is giving a salute in that second picture.

    People really are insensitive when it comes to pregnant women. I’ll never forget some of the things people said and did to me that were especially rude.

  15. People can be so ummm insensitive. I chose to think they are jealous!
    Huge congrats to you and so glad you shared your pictures:)

  16. I was the opposite with 2 boys when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I was just amused by a lot of “Oh, are you hoping for a girl?” responses. Well, no, not really, whatever it happened to be was fine. I’m glad I have my daughter, I can’t imagine life without her now, but that’s still a really stupid thing to say.

  17. That’s just downright obnoxious Krystyn and I’m so sorry to hear people are that rude! Can’t wait to meet you Serious #3!!!

    Love, Mere

  18. People never cease to amaze me. I can write a book about it. Hope you are feeling well!!

  19. Hi Baby #3 … I feel like since their waving, I have to say hi back! 🙂

    Oh, just remember – people are dumb… dont take ANYTHING anyone says to heart… just blog about it so we can all laugh! 🙂

  20. Some people really don’t think before they speak! Serious Baby #3 looks adorable so far! Keep on cookin’ momma!

  21. HOW CUTE! Really? Why the heck would they ask those questions. I’ll have to kick someone when I get pregnant again if they ask me stuff like that. Oh and congrats again!

  22. I recognized the little nose right away!

    I don’t know why people say half the stuff they do, and I also can’t figure out why a woman’s pregnant belly is all the sudden ok to touch. It’s NOT! It’s NOT! You wouldn’t touch it when it’s not with baby, so why would you when it is?

  23. Oh,, heavens! I could add some good ones to that list (and believe me, after 5 pregnancies, I’ve heard them all!). I’ll just say congratulations. 🙂

  24. Adorable baby! We need a picture of the bump 😉
    The stupid comments that people make never seize to amaze me. The boy one? That one drives me ca-ray-zee! And if this one is a little girl (which, I secretly hope it is because I think there’s nothing better than 3 little ladies) the comments will continue, in front of your children, and make you even more nutso! I also get a lot of insensative comments about why only 2 of my 3 got the beautiful red hair…..grrr……

  25. Sorry?!?! Really, someone said sorry?? Now that’s a new one for me! And you know I “feel your pain” on the trying for the opposite sex thing. I got that a ton too… And if you find out and then you ARE having a boy and you tell people they are all like “Oh thank goodness it’s not another girl!” It never ends… people just don’t think sometimes…

  26. Well people are stupid sometimes – thankfully I’m not one of them 🙂

    This is WICKED news – so happy for you! I knew you wanted another; I was wondering when you would make this announcement. How have you been feeling?

  27. People can be so rude and hurtful! I am happy for you guys! Congratulations!

  28. I hear you. When we started telling folks about this pregnancy, number 5, the comments and signifigant pauses were painful. Seriously people, we like kids, take good care of them and are responsible parents.

  29. Well, let me Not be one of those people and say, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That’s great news! The people those comments came from are obviously just thinking from their perspective! So, CONGRATS again & may I wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy, with a happy, healthy little one to hold & love at the end of it…….and hopefully, a few winks of sleep throughout all of it! :>:>

  30. Adorable and congratulations.

    I got the “were you trying for a boy” comment from a good friend of ours. My response was, “Are you an idiot?” He shut up after that.

  31. Haven’t been in the blogging world in a while, so I missed the announcement! SOOOO happy for you! Baby 3 is going to be welcomed into a wonderful, happy family, and with smiles like those sisters of his/hers, I’m sure #3 will have one, too!

  32. My favorite response has been “Oh I can’t imagine raising bringing a child into the world with the way it is today.” Ummm thanks? Ignore them all! I think baby #3 looks adorable! Hope you are doing well! 🙂

  33. Wow. I missed a pregnancy! How far along are you? That is so exciting. Congratulations!!!

    And, yes, saying any of those things is just wrong.

  34. We might get mommy brain, but sometimes I think other people just lose their freakin’ senses. “I didn’t know if I should say congrats or sorry”?! Who says something like that…. about a BAH-BEE! I have nothing but love and excited for you and your family! Congratulations!

  35. Stephanie says:

    Where on Earth do you meet people like this?! I’ve never had such rude comments about my pregnancies. That’s horrible. Want me to slap them for you? 😉

  36. Ha. Definitely thought it said, “Again, WHITE people might not realize their questions are hurtful.”

    One letter *completely* changes the tone of the sentence 😉

  37. OH MY GOOD LORD I AM BEHIND THE POWER CURVE!!! CONGRATS SERIOUS FAMILY! 😉 That is so wonderful for you guys!

    You know people kill me, when Mark and I talk about having more kids they say we are crazy. I didn’t ask them to raise my kids!

  38. I hear you. And I also hated the “Oh. Well. Now, how old is she (looking at M)?” question. Seriously. Whenever someone says they are pregnant I feel like the right answer is “Wow! That’s awesome! Congratulations!”

  39. Congratulations on Baby #3!!! How exciting for you and your family!!!

  40. Congrats!!!!
    Here is to a great pregnancy and a healthy and happy baby!!!!!

  41. Yay baby! I had a stranger once tell me that I looked like I was carrying twins. I wasn’t, and while I’m short so the belly looked a bit exaggerated, I had a very healthy pregnancy and didn’t gain a ton of weight. I was hormonal the day the guy said it to me (in passing at Costco) and I said, “I hate you” and not before he was out of earshot! 🙂

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