Growing up Pre-K style


The middle child. There is something so special and sweet and wonderful and loud about her. Everything must be her way, or she needs to be convinced it’s her way before it can be done. In the stubbornness category, she might almost have me beat. 

But, man is she cute. And, starting pre-K this week! And, turning 5 in two months! Ack.

growing up

Lately, she had been bugging me to move up to a highback booster seat like her big sister. But, I wasn’t having it. She was staying in her 5-point harness forever. And, then one day, I noticed that her shoulder straps couldn’t go up any higher and they were actually beneath her shoulders (forward facing they should be at or above the shoulders). One of the times having a husband that is 6’3″ is hard. My girls are tall with super long torsos like their daddy.

So, it was time to look for a new seat (grumble grumble). (The one she’s in in this picture is one of the highest seated heights available, so we couldn’t do another 5-point. Also, she just buckled the chest clip for the picture, that’s why it looks loose. This wouldn’t fly if we were actually going to be moving.)

Growing up | AFFIX Highback Booster with Latch review

This actually ended up working out well because Graco sent us (for review) the AFFIX™ Highback Booster with Latch System for kids 30 to 100lbs and up to 57 inches tall.

Growing up | AFFIX Highback Booster with Latch review

At first glance it looks and feels just like our other booster seats that can be converted to a non-backed booster. But, when you look closer, you’ll see if has a unique one-hand front-adjust latch system. Note, this latch is not for safety of protecting your child. That is the job of the seatbelt. The latch keeps the booster steadily in place (particularly when you are riding around without a kid in it) and also make self-buckling easier for your independent child (no more wiggling side to side while fighting with the seatbelt). This is not a latch that I could tighten within the 1-inch moving margins I would want from a carseat. But, I don’t feel like that is a concern at all because again, the latch isn’t what keeps my child safe in a booster.

  • Side Impact Tested* (*The AFFIX™ Highback Booster with Latch System has been side impact tested for occupant retention with a standard vehicle harness system in high back booster mode. Please consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for more specific information on the performance of your vehicle’s safety belt system.) 
  • Engineered & crash tested to meet or exceed US standard FMVSS 213 
  • Designed with the style and comfort features that kids love 
  • Easily converts to backless booster for years of use 
  • EPS, energy absorbing foam for effective impact energy management 
  • Fully-adjustable headrest keeps your growing child secure 
  • Open-loop belt guides help you correctly position your vehicle’s seat belt 

Growing up | AFFIX Highback Booster with Latch review

When she sat in the seat in the house to test it out, we already had to move the head and back up so that the seatbelt would hit her shoulders in just the right place. Yeah, she’s ready. 

Growing up | AFFIX Highback Booster with Latch review

 Sidenote: admittedly the hardest part about the booster and the back. I can never get these to work. I always have to get my husband to do it, and it takes him all of about 2 seconds. Yes, this irks me.

Growing up | AFFIX Highback Booster with Latch review

Now that’s she’s staring pre-K and almost 5 (I was hoping to get to 5 in the 5-point), she’s definitely mature enough and ready for her seat. She buckles it and pulls the belt tight. She knows that is has to be across her shoulder and her lap. She knows the belt has to go under the arm rests. And, she knows she has to sit upright in her seat the whole time. No leaning side to side or forward just because she can. And, she’s thrilled that she has her own cup holder built into the seat, along with a hide-away storage compartment for her “secret things.”

Growing up | AFFIX Highback Booster with Latch review

(additional sidenote: we moved it down one setting after seeing this picture so the shoulder harness is closer to her body).

I’m sad that she’s growing up, but I know that it’s going to happen. I’m sad she’s in a big girl seat and feeling more and more independent. But, I’m glad she’s growing up into such a great little girl and that’s something I can certainly be proud of.

We received the booster seat to facilitate our review. All thoughts are my own. No compensation was received.

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  1. Awww we have one similar to that for my 4 year old hers is an older version though passed down from her brother. They grow so fast but she is in a big girl seat now

  2. Abbie is only 3 and we are looking at a new seat for her because she is so TALL! Looking for a 5 point harness booster that converts because the thought of her in just a seat belt gives me hives! I think Maggie was in a 5 point until right before she started kindergarten!

    1. Yeah, no way I could have done three. Fortunately, our seat went pretty high, and I knew she was ready at almost 5 instead of trying to find a 5-pt to booster hybrid.

  3. This looks like a great seat!! We have a Britax 5 point harness that converts into a seat belt booster but we are needing something for Tim’s car. This looks like a wonderful option!!

    1. I think I looked up the shoulder height of that one and it was the same as the 5-pt she was in, so I didn’t look anymore. They are so darn tall!

  4. After just one summer they already look SO MUCH OLDER. I just know you’re putting growing magic in their food. For reals. Cute little car seat – the cupholder and cubbies are the best part (of course!) 🙂

    1. I assure you, no magic here, just daddy’s genes. It’s not me!

  5. Ahh, yes, we just graduated to the big boy seat. They grow too fast!!!

    1. Way, way too fast! And, I seriously waited until the VERY LAST MINUTE!

  6. grandma pat says:

    PERFECT LITTLE MODEL – wish they had these when you were younger

    1. I don’t know..I wish I did, because I’d make myself just a little taller:)

  7. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Such a pretty little girl she is. They don’t stay babies forever but they’ll always be our babies. My kids get upset with me because I always say they’re my babies. Seat looks real nice

    1. I know. Crazy town, right? Well, 5 in a month and a half. Close enough.

  8. Deb Meenach says:

    Awesome review! Our lil guy will be 5 in October and looks like we will be doing the same thing safety seat-wise… I just don’t want to admit he getting older?! Lol!

    Love reading your blog!

    1. I don’t either. And, honestly, if he isn’t too tall for his seat (his shoulders aren’t above the top of the straps), I’d keep him in the 5-pt harness. I wish I could have done that with my girls, but they have their daddy’s torso, for sure.

  9. She is just too cute and looks super safe and comfy in her new seat.

  10. This looks like a great car seat. If I needed one for my lids I would definitely check this out.

  11. Great review. Our boys are also tall with long torsos… our 4-year-old is getting closer and closer to outgrowing his 5-point harness. But, like you, I want him in at as long as he can be. Safety first… but, I am really looking forward to the days when we can just buckle them in (or better yet, they can put on seat belts completely on their own!!).

    1. Yes, totally safety first. I really wish I could have kept her in the 5-pt longer.

      But, she actually had been buckling herself in the 5-pt for quite some time (I would just check to make sure it was all clicked into place), which really helped out a lot.

      I still check her buckling of the seatbelt, too.

  12. Aww, she looks so cute and grown up, and proud to be in her big girl booster seat! We will probably need one of these for our 4 year old within the next year too. I keep saying this but they grow up too fast!!

  13. She IS so cute!!! Grace loves her booster seat. I think it gives them just a bit more freedom, although it isn’t as comfortable to sleep in on long rides.

    1. So much more freedom. And, you are right about the sleeping. Then again, the last three long rides we’ve taken (Even in the 5-pt) there was no sleep going on. My girls like their beds.

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