Tips for staying hydrated during pregnancy



When I was little, it was ingrained in my being that water is super important. Most of the time, that was what we had to drink, even if we went to a restaurant. Surprisingly, it didn’t backfire. Even now, I will pick water approximately 99% of the time. I almost never will pick a soda, and if I do pick juice, it is 100% and I add a ton of water to it. 

When I leave the house, I bring water with me in the car. Even if we are going to a restaurant. And once I get there, I will order another water. With a lime, please. When I’m not pregnant, I dehydrate very easily so I always need to stay on top of it. I bring it with me when I go on a neighborhood walk. I bring my own water to events. It pretty much never leaves my side.

styaing hydrated during pregnancy

Pregnant? I need even more water, just like all other pregnant women. It’s so important to stay hydrated when you are pregnant. Your fluid levels increase and you are carrying more weight, so likely sweating more, too. Towards the later parts of pregnancy, I can tell I’m dehydrated because I will have more Braxton-Hicks contractions.

styaing hydrated during pregnancy

Tips for Staying Hydrated During Pregnancy

  • bring a water bottle with you always. work, errands, etc. I use a refillable water with a large mouth so I can add water and ice to it throughout the day.
  • avoid sugary (real and artificial) drinks. Yes, there is water in them, but it’s not the same as water. Plus, you aren’t getting empty calories.
  • get water at restaurants. It saves you calories and also money as well.
  • add a little lemon, lime, cucumber or herbs to your water and make it “spa water.” It’s more refreshing and tastes great.
  • try to drink more throughout the day so don’t get to thirsty at night (hello up and peeing all night).

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  1. great tips, i always had a hard time drinking enough water pregnant, i am not a big water drinker. something i need to do!

  2. When I was pregnant, everyone picked on me because I carried a 1 liter bottle of water with me everywhere. I live in Florida and was pregnant during summer, I wanted to be sure I was hydrated.

  3. We’ve always been water drinkers in our family…well, that and decaf unsweetened tea. Once we became a family of five, the realization that our meals out could be substantially cheaper, motivated us to make better choices while traveling.

    Hydration during pregnancy is so very important. I’m glad you mentioned these tips.

    1. Even tea out is pricey, isn’t it?

      $2-$3 for a drink is too much. We will always be the cheap water family!

  4. I never drank enough while pregnant. These are good tips, and even for those that don’t drink water as their first choice, a lime or lemon always helps!

  5. I always had a water bottle with me as well! Miss those days. More pics of you and your sweet belly please! xoxo

    1. I’ll have to work on that. I don’t think I’ve done even one that wasn’t a selfie. That’s pretty bad.

  6. Awesome tips! I drank SO much water when I was pregnant and of course had to visit every single bathroom I walked by!

  7. Great ideas for everyone, but even more so for those supporting another life within them! I like the idea of adding some citrus to water to make it a bit more flavorful, it makes me want to drink it more.

    1. Exactly. Something about adding that little flavor makes it so much easier going down. Especially in the summer!

  8. I always have water with me – it helps combat hunger and makes me feel energized.

    1. Totally on the hunger. I suggest my girls drink some water before they want yet another snack. It’s so hard to convince them to drink!

  9. Great tips! I’m always trying to remember to drink more water myself. I took such good care of myself when I was pregnant but now I’ve been forgetting some of those good habits.

    1. You need to remember again:) It’s so very good for you!

  10. I take water with me pretty much anywhere I go. I guess it is a habit and I just grab and go. I dehydrate easily too, so I just have gotten used to carrying a drink or stopping and getting one if we are out and I run out.

    1. I always have water with me! Thanks for sharing these great tips! 🙂

    2. And, of course brining it with you is so much cheaper, too!

  11. I drink water or sugar free tea all the time. When I was pregnant water was a staple for me. If you hydrate regularly and then don’t one day, you can totally feel the difference in your body. Great tips.

  12. I definitely do drink enough water. I drink soda and coffee in the morning, things that aren’t very good for me. I’m sure I’d feel a lot better if I cut that out and just drank water instead. I need to start!

    1. It’s a rough couple days, I hear, but every one that you can cut is good for you!

  13. This was something I struggled with when I was pregnant since I had morning sickness for like 4 – 5 months.. these are great tips!

    1. I’m very lucky that wasn’t the case for me. Another addition that helped during the “ick” time was ginger in my water.

  14. Great tips! I am going to file some of these away for the next time I am pregnant. I am a water girl, too – hardly EVER drink anything else – but during pregnancy I can’t keep it down. It makes me crazy! 🙁

    1. I would try adding ginger to your water. That might help with the tummy issues?

  15. Really great tips! I love adding sliced cucumber to my water and I like my water ice cold. During both of my pregnancies, I would always have a huge bottle of water with me everywhere I went!

    1. Cucumber is definitely nice…it makes the water taste so much more refreshing, I think!

  16. Great tips! I never drank enough water when pregnant and I used a little lemon most days to help me out.

  17. we need to be better water drinkers…i am so much better now, but marc still hates it… broxton doesn’t have a choice most times…

    1. I do have to remind the hubby. sometimes he’s really good and other times, not so much!

  18. Rebecca F says:

    I find it so interesting that everyone keeps telling me to drink more water, especially while pregnant. When I’m not pregnant, I am ALWAYS drinking water. However, when I’m pregnant, my body won’t tolerate plain water…. that means no bottled water, no tap water, no ice cubes…. nothing. My biggest craving while pregnant…. ICE COLD WATER! After I had my son, that was what I wanted the most… and I drank a ton of it those first few days! I have no idea why I can’t drink it while pregnant, but I can drink watered down juice, flavored water and other drinks just fine. No, it isn’t all in my head….we experimented with blindfolding me and plugging my nose… and I still got sick with the plain water, but was fine with the flavored options.

    1. I totally know what you mean! There were many days where the thought of water made me feel terrible. I had to do it ice cold, or add some flavor to it as well. I would water down 100% fruit juice!

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