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Saturday, I got the spring cleaning bug. I wanted to organize and clean and get things in order. Like yesterday. First on the list was my girls’ shared closet. We had talked about putting shelves in so they could each have a side and reach their hanging clothes. And then we never did it.

Off to the store we went. We only asked like 3 people for help and the girls got impatient. After two sales associates told us about the kid workshop, we finally decided to check it out. (I think they could tell the little people were restless).

Kid Projects at Home Depot

That Mr. Serious. He’s a good daddy. Not only is he holding something one daughter is hammering…he’s actually holding two. And, one of those daughters isn’t even paying attention to what she’s hammering at this moment. Thankfully, nobody got hurt.

Glueing only needs some supervision thankfully.

Kid Projects at Home Depot

Which leaves both hands for the less-attentive hammerer.

Kid Projects at Home Depot

While they were wrapping up their projects, I went and found the last of the screws and washers we needed to get our closet project off the ground. We got home, got E down for a nap and got to work. Even with our helpers, it was only like an hour project, which is great for us (it has taken us like 3 hours to hand a ceiling fan/light fixture).

Our home closet shelving project

And now, they have places for their clothes that is each their own. And not with those silly separators every three hangers so you can’t move them. For now, we are leaving up the back shelf so we can still put “stuff” up there (like that dangling puzzle and game boxes), but eventually, we will probably put another row of shelves and rods above the new ones to accommodate their growing clothes.

Our home closet shelving project

It only cost us $75, too. It’s still we waited so long to do this because we didn’t know how much it would cost or how hard it would be. It’s not perfect (there weren’t any shelves that were the right length, so there’s a little space on the ends), but it works, and gets the job done. And, more importantly, we did it ourselves!

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  1. mrs. hils says:

    It’s very important that young ladies develop an early appreciation for DIY. And building racecars. 🙂

  2. I love a good DIY project, especially if it involves organization!

    P.S. This looks akin to what my childhood closet looked like, that I shared with my older sister, except ours just had shelves on the bottom, and one long rod at the top. But I think we kept our shoes on those shelves. …ok, so maybe NOT the same, then… 😉

    1. We just had to have something to help with them being able to reach. When my sister and I shared, it was just one long rod!

  3. Ooooh! The same bug has hit me! The closet looks awesome! We have such little closet space that I have got to come up with a better solution for the kids – what though I’m not sure yet. I do want to declutter/purge every area though. The urge has even made me go grab moving boxes from a friend. I’m over the clutter! 🙂 Great job tackling yoru project!

    1. It’s crazy how much more space it’s added for us.

      Now the clutter..we’re still working on that.

  4. Not to shabby you all did a great job unlike my family over here we tried to do our entire closet…..let’s just say we have things on the floor for now lol

    1. Oh yikes..I was afraid that might happen, but I try to be confident of our skills.

  5. BalancingMama (Julie) says:

    Cute photos! And brave Daddy 🙂
    The closet looks great – I need to do that to A’s sometime.

    1. It really added so much room and the fact that they can reach the clothes is huge!

  6. I love DIY projects, and DIY projects with little helpers has to be even better. I am VERY impressed you got the shelves up so quickly…and DIY project takes us 3+ hours, even when it should only be an hour tops.

    1. We’ve gotten better. You witnessed one of the fan installations.

  7. grandma pat says:

    Very proud of you taking this on yourselves. Maybe a little step-dad has worn off on you. Cute that Home Depot gave the girls aprons.

  8. Great job, it’s looks great! And I love that the girls helped, so fun! 🙂

    1. Starting and finishing all at once was huge, too! Whew.

      And so glad they can reach their clothes.

  9. i love that they are rocking their home depot aprons even at home on the closet!!

    super fun!!

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