A stop at the fire department


I have to write this today, because Thursday will be here soon, and I’ll have to write a nice, sweet birthday post, right?  Right?!?!

Today, #2 got ticked off.  Why, no idea?  But, when she gets ticked off, she misbehaves.  Today, it was unbuckling her car seat.  Not even the one on her chest, but the one at the bottom (the one that’s impossible to unbuckle).  I pulled over, and tried to scare the crap out of her about doing it again.

That didn’t work.


She did it again.  That little turd looked in the front smugly, and unbuckled it again.

I pulled over again.  In a neighborhood where I’m certain if anybody was listening, heard an absolute crazy person.  I didn’t know what else to do.  She thought it was funny!

Click.  That little $hit!  A third time?  Are you kidding me?

About this time, we are passing by a fire department.  So, I found a place to do a illegal u-turn (yep, not sure what else to do, she was unbuckled and not listening to me at all).  I wanted to cry.  I was embarrassed and feeling quite like a failure that my daughter was completely intentionally disobeying me.

I parked at the fire department.  Got out of the car and walked into the garage.  That poor guy probably didn’t know what was coming.

“Can you please come and talk to my daughter about how important it is for her to keep her seat buckled?   She’s not listening to me and I’m not sure what else to do!”

And, he did.  And, she listened and said “yes sir” and “thank you!”

But, the ultimate test?  Will she leave it buckled from here going forward or are we going to have to do something else even more drastic?

She knew she was in trouble when we got home.  She had some time in her room to think about it (and of course, destroyed it).  Then, she colored on the school desk and did several other things just to make it clear that she was going to need a do-over for the day.

Then, before bed, her sister and she played nicely together and all was right with the world, of course until the actual bedtime.

girls playing

As we were headed upstairs and she was crying about losing her book and song privileges for the evening, I reminded her “tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow you get to try again!”

(And, today, I’m reminded that three is in fact hairier than the terrible twos…but I’m thankful tomorrow is a new day)!

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  1. Oh my!!! I know all about those days. Did she keep it buckled on the way home?!

  2. I bet that fireman is LOVING telling that story! HA!

    Some days we just do need a do-over. I like her determination, at least there’s that. 😉

    1. Yeah, and the story probably starts with “this crazy lady walked up to me…”

      And, determination…that’s what I like to call it!

  3. And score one for Mom! That’s awesome you went to the fire station.

    My two-year-old hasn’t gotten so terrible (yet), but his brother more than makes up for that.

    1. So far, it’s worked. Something about almost and now three…..yikes!

      Hope your little man doesn’t pick up this trick!

  4. It must have been in the air today because I had a day like that with my 3 year old, too. She wouldn’t go along with a single word I said. Such a tough age. I’m glad someone got through to your N.

    1. Thank goodness he did, because I wasn’t getting anywhere!

      Hope your three year old is doing better!

  5. One of those tomorrows will eventually mean she’s 3 and this will be over!

    1. And, she’s three now! I think 3 is worse than 2 actually..well, at least the first half of three!

  6. I’m sorry, but I’m totally laughing. Wyatt did the same thing until I started pulling out of the driveway with him waiting at the door. I told him something about ‘leaving him if he cant ride responsibly’… and funny enough, it worked.

    The fire department would scare the poop out of him, lol!

    1. You only get to laugh because you’ve already had to deal with it…and it’s probably going to come again.

      And, I totally used your leaving the house trick…that worked, too, so thanks for that tip!

  7. oh yes. the “awesome” toddler years…
    I swear, they test EVERYTHING and anything just because they can.
    God help us!

    1. No kidding. Totally because they can! And, then they are overly obstinate, too!

  8. Just had to stop by via WW because of the name of your blog alone!

    I remember those days….only my child unlocked the childproof lock on one of the back doors, and opened it while my car was moving. All from his toddler seat. Yeah. That got traded in for a 2-door sports car the next week!

    Hopefully N will remember the nice Fireman’s words and the time she spent in her room thinking about unbuckling her seat – and not do it again!

    1. So glad you stopped by!

      Holy cow, that would have scared the bejezus out of me!

      So far, so good. She hasn’t done it again!

  9. Oh dear Lord, this is where I’m going to miserably fail as a mother! I really, quite honestly, worry about my sanity after birthing my first child – haha!

    You though? I’m pretty sure you handled it well. I would have been a heaping yelling mess of tears and pouty lips…like, full-fledged, holding nothing back!

  10. ooh I like that idea of having the fireman talk to her! Ohh 3 I did not love that age.. but you are right today is a new day!

    1. Three is definitely tough. Like huge tough. But, I’m so thankful that each day is sort of a reset.

  11. Now that is come creative parenting. I hope it works because yes, 3 is much much worse than 2.

    1. So far so good. But, she does tell me every day that she’s “not touching her buckle!”

      I don’t know how you did three x 3. I think you are a saint!

  12. We used to use Britax seats and they are easier to unbuckle. Now I put her in Rumi Air from Safety 1st – they are impossible to unbuckle unless you are an adult and have two strong hands

    1. This is a Britax, too. But, seriously, it’s not that easy for ME to unbuckle…I don’t know how she does it. And, she can’t do the top part which is actually easier. Totally doesn’t make sense.

  13. I pretty much love this (not the whole meltdown part, but the fact that a fireman helped you part). Kudos to you for pulling over and doing that, I think I would have lost my mind. Hopefully today is better for you 🙂

  14. That is awesome that you stopped at the fire dept.! Sounds like something I would have loved to have thought to do! Ava was worse at 3. I thought I had it made when she wasn’t so bad at 2, boy was I in for a surprise!

    1. Yeah, whoever said “terrible 2s” never had a three year old!

  15. No kidding..how in the world did she get that undone? BWAHAHAHA…I wonder what was going through that guys head. Hope she keeps it on for you!

    1. I really have no idea how she did it! It’s hard for me sometimes!

      And, I think that firefighter was probably thinking “what does this crazy woman want?”

      So far, she’s been keeping it on.

  16. Now that was a genius idea – pulling into the fire dept!!! And I am with ya on the threes – so much harder than the twos. yikes!

  17. I can relate. My Mr. G is like that too. What terrific two times…I hope you won’t get too stressed about it though coz you’re still preggy. That was nice of the fireman to encourage her to buckle up.

  18. Threes really are more difficult that two! I got way more frustrated with my 3 year old than I ever did with her at 2. She is now 4 and things are getting better, but still really frustrating. What’s really difficult for me is how it feels to know she KNOWS better and is deliberately disobeying. That’s tough.

    I love that you pulled over and had a fireman talk to her. That was a very smart move!

    1. Yes, that last half of three and four is way better. They don’t test us quite as much!

      I try…I just don’t want her to think it’s okay!

  19. Way to go! I love that you stopped at the fire department…way to put the scare in her! I will have to do that the next time Will unbuckles himself when driving down the highway.

    Hope she is having a better day! You too.

    1. Yes, steal it! I’m thinking that maybe the fire department should come chat with them about safety!

  20. Yikes!!!!

    I wouldn’t know what to do. I just hope that my daughter isn’t that clever when she can reach down there.

    1. I’m not sure it’s clever..but I think she’d take the compliment. My kids figure out crazy stuff!

  21. I think “terrible two” is an absolute myth – we get through it thinking we can conquer anything, not knowing that three is the real year that will test us to our core.

    What a great idea to take her to the fire department – that right there was a genius mom moment! Hope today went better and tomorrow goes outstandingly well! 🙂

    1. Yeah, three is totally worse than two. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn!

      She hasn’t done it again..at least while I’m driving..only when the car is parked.

  22. that is all sorts of hilarious. i mean i know in the moment it’s not (it’s out of body scary) but so funny that you happened to come on a fire station!! sooooo hoping the tactic worked!!

    ps – been thinking of you and all the birthday fun!!

  23. LOVE THIS! What a fabulously creative idea to have a fireman speak to your daughter about safety.

    Is it wrong that in my mind he was a hot fireman? No? Too much?

    Thanks for linking up with #ShowYourWork!!!

    1. Um, sorry to disappoint, but he was definitely the opposite of hot (totally wishing there was a hot one..just to look at). He was like in his late 50s probably and not attractive at all…but he did the trick! Still have to head over and visit the link ups (I’ve got the tab open now).

      1. Well, in my mind he was hot.

        Then again, in my mind the laundry is already done, the dishes are washed and put away, and I’m already laying in bed with a book. Sigh.

        1. I say just jump to the last part about book and bed and call it a night!

  24. I enjoyed reading your moment in a day. Gosh kids sure test us. She must have been enjoying pushing your buttons … until the fireman spoke to her. haha. Good for you. I have a 20mth old and am skeptically waiting for the twos and threes! My boy fared well though, or should I say I fared well, during the 2/3.

    1. Not so much pushing my buttons (this time) but man was she testing me. But, we drive by the fire department twice a day and she reminds us why we stop by there!

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