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In less than one month, we will celebrate our 10th anniversary. Yes, 10 years of marriage. No, we didn’t get married when we were twelve. We were looking pretty good, then! Look at my tan, even!

Our wedding

(Wow have wedding dress styles changed in the last 10 years. I love mine, but there sure are some new gorgeous ones out there!)

Before our wedding, there were only a couple formal occasions in our lives. You know, homecoming, prom and the sister-in-law’s wedding. Then there wasn’t an opportunity for us to get “all fancy” again until my sister’s wedding several years later. I think we looked pretty darn fancy (despite me being exhausted and 10 weeks pregnant with E!)

DSC 0147

Mr. Serious just attended his best friends’ wedding (it didn’t work out for me to go), and I really can’t think of any other weddings that we will get to attend. So when will I have another fancy occasion to dress up? Because after having 3 babies (with almost number 4 here), I’d like to find myself dressed up, fancy, all dolled up, and looking good.

Originally, our plan was to do something totally awesome and amazing for our 10th anniversary; a trip, a weekend out, with fancy dinners and wonderful entertainment. But, considering I will be about 38 weeks pregnant, that can’t happen. So, now I look around at stores and dream and figure we’ll do something awesome and amazing for our 11 1/2 anniversary? Okay, realistically maybe our 12th anniversary. When that time comes? I’m going to total rock it!

Fun formal dresses dresses

When I was looking around, I found these super cute and fancy dresses, most of them in the evening category. I can’t decide which is my favorite, because they are all awesome and all will work with some slight mommy tummy that might not be good. They come in different colors, too, but it appears I prefer the bright jewel tones.

When was the last time you got all dressed up in a fancy new dress? Which dress would you pick for your next event?

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  1. My next super fancy event is a work party for my husband’s job. Super fancy black tie. I have no idea what to wear yet !

  2. I think most recently would be the two red carpet events!

  3. Ooo! I love the wedding pic! And the family pic is gorgeous too!
    Ya know, when I got married I didn’t really have too much opinion about my wedding dress. I know that’s weird. But I just wasn’t as “in to” style back then. Basically my mom fell in love with my dress and I thought, “okay!” It was a huge gown with lots of beading and eyelets and I always pictured myself in a more form fitting timeless kind of gown. Now I look back and think it is was a pretty dress but just not me. If I picked out my wedding dress today it would be SO much different. Ah well. Styles change.

    Also, the hubby and I always said that we would take a trip to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary. Oops. Life happens. Instead we watched our kids’ spring concert at school. Hehe! Amazing how life can change in ten years.

    Also? You two DON’T AGE!!!!! Amazing!

  4. grandma pat says:

    Wish I would have known about this website before Em’ wedding. I loved my dress but they sure do have some cute MOB dresses on their site.

  5. grandma pat says:

    PS – 10 years later and you and Mr. Serious still look great. Hardly a change in either of you.

  6. I got dressed up last year for hubby’s cousin’s wedding. With life happening, we don’t get dressed up very often.

  7. You look fabulous all dressed up! I would love a reason to put on a fancy party dress right now.

  8. last time i got dressed up was for my wedding…
    i don’t do fancy 😉 lol

  9. I absolutely love that burgundy dress in the photo. I can’t remember when I last wore a fancy dress (isn’t that sad?). My 10th anniversary is coming up next year – sounds like a perfect excuse for a gorgeous burgundy dress doesn’t it?

  10. Top left is totally me a Grecian Goddess!!! Lol. The last event I got really dolled up for was my best friends wedding, but make a point to strap on some heels and a sassy dress for the hubby every now and than!

  11. I like the blue on in the corner. It’s a classy fit. I need to lose a few pounds first though.

  12. My own wedding 6 years ago was the last time I wore something considered formal! We didn’t celebrate our anniversary that much this year either since I was so pregnant. I am liking your idea of dressing up and really going all out for the next year though!

  13. Those are some gorgeous dresses! The last time I really dressed up was a wedding 1.5 years ago!

  14. well, its been 2 years- my nephew was married. but my niece was engaged last friday sooooooooo


  15. I cannot remember the last time I wore a formal dress… my wedding maybe. Almost 15 years ago now. We were talking about our 20th wedding anniversary the other day. Maybe I will do something formal for our 20th. Our wedding was a disaster so we would love a do-over where people don’t yell rude comments as I am walking down the isle… ugh… yes, I need a do-over. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving,

    Mommy’s Playbook

  16. I tend to invite people over to my house because it forces me to clean. 🙂 Getting dressed up would be the same – I buy the fancy dress, and it forces me to find an occasion to use it.

  17. I’ve never been a fancy dress wearer although I look at everyone wearing them and dream of how I would look.

  18. I haven’t gotten all dressed up in a long time. But our 10 year anniversary is coming up in January. Maybe then….

  19. I don’t really dress formally, but my family does enjoy going on cruises so I plan to dress up a bit on our next one. I love the black dress. Super cute!

  20. DressFirst has some very sophisticated fashions. I have seen some of their prom and pageant dresses, but had never really looked at their selection for women. Although I think my next formal event will be my son’s wedding, and he is only 16. I can wait. Seriously, great dresses.

  21. What a collection…. I love your first choice – the sea green grecian drape chiffon – beautiful!

  22. man I don’t even remember getting that dressed up in a long time.

  23. I’ll have to check out this site! Since we didn’t have a formal wedding, I missed out on the super fancy wedding dress. I’m hoping to have a five year vow renewal and a super awesome formal dress.

  24. Great selection, I love the three at the top, my favorite being #1. Its has my name written all over it.

  25. 10 years! That’s a great accomplishment. Hubby and I are celebrating our 8 yr this month. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have something fun in the near future to dress up. That’s always fun to do!

  26. I don’t get dressed up all that often so when I have the chance, I love to go all out! Next time probably won’t be for a while- maybe our anniversary in the spring.

  27. Happy 10th Anniversary! The last time I dressed up was for my 30th birthday. We celebrate at the Trump Hotel Terrace in Chicago. I love all those dresses here and yes you will ROCK it!!

  28. Congrats!
    We will hit the 12 year mark in January…Wowzers.
    Other than our military balls, and the occasional holiday and political functions, I tend to run away from formal wear. I’ve become too comfortable in my comfy everyday wear…I might need to change that.

  29. I can’t remember the last time I dressed up. I would totally rock the black dress. I really like all of them but the black dress immediately drew my attention.

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